Have Arsenal found the perfect replacement for Mertesacker?

Most of the Arsenal transfer rumours this summer have been about possible incoming strikers as we are all desperate to get that fabled replacement for Danny Welbeck, starting with the failed bid for Jamie Vardy, and ending (we hope not!) with the purchase of the Japanese striker Takuma Osano.

So it is refreshing that the Gunners are finally being linked with a topclass centre-back, which, as any Arsenal fan will tell you, is another of the positions we need to fill as Per Mertesacker gets older andslower every season.

The defender in question is the Dortmund star Neven Subotic, who has been linked with Arsenal many many times in the past, but is surely now approaching his prime at 27 years old. The Serbian international has been at Dortmund for the last 8 years so it is time that he sought new pastures, and has already informed the German giants that he is looking for a new club this summer. He has long been acclaimed as one of the best in his position, but he was supplanted in the Dortmund side by Sokratis last season, playing just six times, and is not the type that enjoys sitting on the bench.

He said last month: ‘I don’t want to get paid to sit on the bench, I want to take an active part – which is the way it had been up until last season’,

‘Over the past year I’ve realised that my love for football and for playing an active role on the pitch is too big for me to just watch from the outside.’

I don’t believe at his age he has suddenly lost his ability, I just think the new coaches have preferred other starters. Who thinks he would be good to bring in this summer?



    1. I agree with you,he lost out due to injury and others got ahead of him,ala Bellerin-debuchy…

      I might be wrong,but I don’t think he is good enough for us seeing as he can’t even get game time at BVB…would prefer KK from Napoli….

    2. We also heard Vidal and Khedira had bad injury records…but see how top notch they are for their present teams.
      Just saying.

  1. From 19 to 24 he played
    34 plus games a season
    for Mainz then Dortmund.
    So he is class although only
    lightly used the last 3 years.
    To me he is definitely worth
    getting for around 12 mill.
    If he his really focused on doing well
    at Arsenal I see him as a sound investment

  2. If we buy Subotic from Dortmund after not even attempting to get Hummels (who there’s a very good chance we may actually have been able to sign if we had done), I will be properly mad. Don’t care how good Subotic is, Hummels is far better and was available, yet we didn’t even try to sign him.

  3. Yes Hummels is good but he operates at the same side as kosilney now had you said boutang it would make more sense I reckon Subotic would play next to koscilney well at least I hop so

  4. The rumour mills………. Spinning stories around and playing with our heads

    while wenger is busy signing Asano!

  5. give asano a break the guy is himself n shock

    what a lol moment fr rival fans.while we wer being linked to top players wenger bought asano…the questipn in my mind is does he understand English

    1. You would think deals to be more difficult from that continent compared to America. I mean, like how many Americans are actually fully fledged natives. Brazilians are all Portuguese descendants, Argentinian Spanish, etc etc. Yet when an opportunity comes up from a playing aspect and commercial aspect both, no flies on us. Maxi Romero, what happened?. I believe it more likely that Maxi is a bigger prospect than Asano. And what about our next Neymar, or the other one?. Or any hopefuls hailing from that side of the world?. Contracts are third party allot of the time, I get that, but it wouldn’t be our first and other clubs deal with these situations often. You’re right not to take it out on Asano. Some are probably thinking, why are you so surprised. For me, this was a real curve ball. I felt Arsene understood why fans were beginning to get very annoyed. But am not so sure now. I don’t mind signing future stars, the thing is, we have all season to do that, there is no window for signing youngsters. But we do have a window to get in what is very vital right now.

  6. You are forgetting one big detail. Sokratis might have been ahead of him there last season but Hummels is not there now. They’ll want an old head to steady things, with Subotic they have that. Unless Dortmund buy a player who only signed on for game time and money, I see Subotic being reinstated. I believe Dortmund have either gotten, or are looking to get, a young CB to groom.

    1. They got Bartra from barcelona and a new left back. This means durm will go rb and ginter back to CB
      1 sokratis
      2 bartra
      3 subotic
      4 ginter

  7. Not ambitious enough IMO- need someone superior to Mertesacker & Gabriel to partner Koscielny- in that imposing, positional centreback mould of Mertesacker & Subotic; a Manolas or Koulibaly (if it’s not a done deal with Chelsea)

  8. Finally some good news.. Brilliant signing, Serbians always make good defensive players in EPL..
    Plus he has so much xperience at all levels and is just 27.
    and those talking about Injury, Hummels have a far worse injury record ; in fact up till last season he has been the most consistent CB of the two.
    now let’s add Mahrez and Aubameyang.

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