Can these two stars replace Ozil and Alexis?

After Arsene Wenger admitted his interest in the Leicester playmaker Riyad Mahrez, the Sun is now claiming that the Arsenal boss is also looking at the possibility of bringing in Arda Turan from Barcelona, with the Gunners’ believed to have been in touch with the player’s agent for the past month or so.

Barcelona’s new head coach Ernesto Valverde has supposedly given his consent for Turan to leave the club, with the Turkish international struggling to make an impact at the Nou Camp since his move from Atletico Madrid, with the formidable trio of Messi, Suarez and Neymar ahead of him in the pecking order.

Now while both players are unarguably proven quality, I cannot help but wonder whether Wenger is lining up the duo as replacements for Ozil and Sanchez. When you look at it, Mahrez is an out-and-out playmaker like the German, whilst Turan is an agile and versatile forward somewhat in the mold of Alexis.

Despite Wenger making a statement that Arsenal’s dynamic duo will stay at the Emirates irrespective of whether they sign new contracts or not, you would have to believe that there is no way Arsenal Football Club would risk losing around £90 million in transfer fees by letting the players run out their contracts at the club.

But with that being said, I do believe that Arsenal are making every effort to keep hold of Ozil and Sanchez, with Turan and Mahrez being back-ups if their best efforts are not enough. Arsenal fans can only hope that agreements with both stars can be reached as quickly and possible. While Mahrez and Turan are both decent players, they are certainly not on the same level as Ozil and Sanchez.

Would you be happy with those two coming in?



  1. funkyrith says:

    Mahrez is not an upgrade on anyone, Turan is good but he is old and not-so-good as he used to be 4 years back

  2. Jaydawg says:

    First of all told you Wenger was signing. A few people was questioning how I knew.

    I knew the above but this is a pure guess. Sanchez is half way gone and Ozil is staying put.

    Nothing will change expect rubbish summer transfer window, lose the first game of the season, poor november and injuries. Pick up form over Christmas and then out of most comps come Feb and more injuries. Good finish at the end of the season and if we are lucky an FA cup.

    Be realistic we are an average team

    1. Arsenal FC says:

      Yes i’m afraid you are right it will just be of the same.I just hope it’s not Huddersfield or Brighton Arsenal place 1st game of season and lose to.

  3. Durand says:

    Tolisso, Goretzka, Seri, so many other midfielders I think would be a better fit. I just don’t consider 26 million for a 30 yr old Barcelona surplus to be the “top top quality” Wenger was talking about.
    I know Sanchez was Barcelona surplus too, but so are 99% of players behind Messi, Suarez, and Neymar. Turn 3 yrs ago would have been good business.
    If titles and trophies are the goal now, according to Kroenke and Wenger, then please aim much higher than these two.
    Hopefully any interest shown is to mask real interest in Seri or Tolisso or Lemer

  4. gotanidea says:

    Anyone of them is good as the replacement for Ozil, but not for Sanchez. Sanchez’s determination, dribbling, vision and finishing skills can only be replaced by players like Neymar and Messi.

    For faster impact, maybe Turan is better, because he used to play with Barcelona’s football level, just like Sanchez. Turan will definitely improve Arsenal, we already saw his performance in Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. For long term plan, maybe Mahrez is better, because he is much younger.

    I just hope Arsenal will not be interested in Andre Gomes though. He is a typical Arsenal’s midfielder, cannot possess the ball longer and cannot create forward through-balls consistently.

    We need more players that can dictate the game and hungry for achievements. Arsenal has to get rid of players that cannot handle heavy pressure and always play safe in the field.

  5. Jamaican gooner says:

    The guy that most of the Wob has been crying out to replace Wenger and bring the glory was outclassed by a virtual apprentice last night.
    Arsenal may have suffered some heavy defeats both domestically and in Europe, however in a one off game like that on possibly the biggest stage next to the WC final, there’s no way Wenger would’ve been embarrassed in that manner even with a team comprising squillachi n cygan at his disposal!!!!

    That should serve some of us as both a reminder and reality check that we must be careful of what we wish for and be grateful for what we’ve because the grass is not always greener on the other side.

    1. Arsenal FC says:

      At least Allegri got to a final but with Wenger it’s the annual last 16 rapings.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Allegri and Juve had top players winding down their careers, Real had too much athleticism and power for Juve. Both teams have star quality but Madrid as always can get them while they are still in peak. Three ex Madrid players on that Juve team, three of them are around their thirties. Keeper nearly forty, defenders all aging, Mandzukic must be nearly thirty. At the end of a season it played into Reals hands, they have a squad they can rest and they play a league that is a cake walk.

        1. Arsenal FC says:

          Excuses,excuses,and nothing but excuses.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Nothing I said was wrong. You just have to give it to Madrid, they brought it and Juve could not keep up.

    2. Adam Criniti says:

      The master of the FA Cup embarrassed in the CL final?

      Last I checked Le Prof was somehow dropping points to the Watfords, CP’s and Bournemouths of the world to narrowly miss out on adding another Wenger Cup trophy to Emirates.

      When was the last time Wenger ever prepared for a round of sixteen, let alone semifinal CL draw.

      Would hate to have that one hit wonder Allegri, 3 Siere A titles, 3 CL deep runs and comprehensively thumping Barca on the way to the CL final this year JUST ISNT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ARSENAL.

      In Wenger we Rust

      1. Jamaican gooner says:

        Allegri is tactically inept.. There’s no way Wenger would’ve gone into match with two target men higuain/mandzukic and sacrificed the midfield to Madrid.. Common sense should’ve told him to go with one and flood the midfield to neutralize kroos and modric.

        1. Arsenal FC says:

          Overall i would have Allegri over Wenger any day but your right he did get his tactics wrong in the final on the day.Defo should have flooded the midfield and choked RM but that doesn’t make him inept or any lesser manager and he will probably learn from it unlike Wenger.Off topic i would love to see how many absolute hammerings Allegri has had compared to Wenger both domestically and in Europe.

    3. AndersS says:

      Bit of an own goal, Jamaican Gooner.
      In 3 years Allegri has collected more national championships and more European success than Wenger has in 20 years. And he has done it with budgets lower than Arsenal’s.

    4. Durand says:

      What an incredibly short sighted and narrow minded conclusion. Put the Kool aid down immediately son.

      Dude won his league, did our manager?
      Dude bossed Barcelona tactically in both legs, has our manager ever knocked out a Messi Suarez led Barcelona?
      He went out a got a striker (huaguin) he felt would improve club, and paid the money, done dusted. Meanwhile Arsenal still waiting for a striker since RVP left.

      Cherry picking can prove any idiotic point everyone K own that. But in context of bigger picture and track record over time your conclusion doesn’t hold water.
      Jeez what next, you bringing up king henry and pires, to justify his transfer activity?

      Sad thing is you probably still won’t get my point. Take your head out of the sand for another sip of Kool aid and deny reality when it doesn’t suit you.

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Backups YES
    Replacements NO

    Mahrez and Turan should be additions to the team not replacing Alexis And Ozil
    Mahrez could be an upgrade to Theo though

    To me replacements for Alexis and Ozil would be Mbappe or Greizmann AND Isco
    Which are highly unlikely

    So best thing is for us to somehow keep Alexis and Ozil

  7. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Who the Fork is Sports Mole??? Well, according to them Turan has agreed personal terms with Arsenal ?
    Oh and Barcelona’s new Manager has given the green light to bid £50 million for Bellerin… ?? that’s nice of him, how thoughtful.???? there’s also talk of a player (Turan) plus cash deal for Bellerin.
    What else.. Yeah & Giroud says his staying put and ready to fight Bellotti for the strikers role ???? he obviously knows something that we don’t.?

  8. ruelando says:

    Turan should not even be considered, so i am hoping its just the agent trying to hype up is client, Mahrez is an acceptable addition.

    In regards to replacing sanchez or ozil, it would be harder to replace sanchez than a over hyped Ozil, presently in the league we can actually find replacement for ozil, Mahrez and Gilfi could easily do that, in terms of Sanchez style of play there is no replacement , but in terms of a goal scorer many are available, Dembele of celtic, cant remember the other top goal scorer in belgium other from the one we are link with he is also available and ofcourse the big money group, laca, lukaku, morata, and aub

  9. HA559 says:

    Turan is not good enough. He even rejected Arsenal before, so why go for such players?

    There is no replacement for Sanchez available in Europe. Involved in 45 goals in 51 apps this season, who can you get of equal equal if not better quality?

  10. HA559 says:

    Giroud claims he still has titles to win at Arsenal. Great all we need now is Walcott to say the same thing, then I guess we won’t need a striker because Wenger will be convinced these two will fire Arsenal to glory.

    If you have to keep one then keep Giroud, but man Walcott has been here 11 years and there is only little to no improvement in his play. Deluded fans say he is loyal to the club stuck through thick and thin. Well I call them deluded because is he really that good that he turned down other clubs? No. He can only go to mid table teams and lets not forget the huge pay pack that comes in weekly for rubbish output during games.

  11. amb98 says:

    Personally like both players particularly Arda Turan as he has a fighting mentality to go with his class on the ball however he is ageing. Don’t see Ozil leaving but if he does I would like us to sign Sigurdsson/ James Rodriguez (a bit unrealistic) as his replacement. Sanchez is a lot harder to replace and I feel he will leave. If Sanchez does leave then I feel we should exchange him for Douglas Costa and Coman.

  12. HA559 says:

    Every other season he says it is injuries and referees decisions in key games that cost Arsenal title.

    Mid way through the season he said there would be no excuses for failing to win title this year. Apparently it is becuase of the uncertainty that affected the players. If that really is the case and I really doubt it, that means the players are mentally weak, but no, you will be told they are mentally strong by Wenger.

    Uncertainty affects players? yes > players mentality weak? no they are strong mentally.
    How does that even add up?

  13. orgiers2008 says:

    Wenger should do everything possible to retain the two valued players.

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