Have Arsenal found the perfect Theo Walcott replacement?

Perisic set to replace Walcott?

Arsenal have been linked with many different players who are currently with their national sides at the European Championships. One of these players is Croatia’s Ivan Perisic, who according to today’s media reports, could be set to replace Theo Walcott at Arsenal.

Croatia crashed out of the Euro’s last night in unlucky fashion, losing one-nil to Portugal in the very last minutes of the game. Transfer target Perisic has been a star at the Euro’s in France so far this summer and was one of Croatia’s brightest players as they reached the round of 16.

The Inter Milan winger however could be ready to leave Seria A for pastures new, with Arsenal, Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund all reportedly interested in his signature. Predominately a winger, Perisic has had the odd appearance elsewhere across the midfield, showing his versatility.

His price before the Euro’s was likely to have been around the £15 million mark, however after such an impressive competition for the 27 year old, it is sure to have risen a fair few million more.

Now the last thing Arsenal need is another midfielder and so Perisic won’t be the player that fans are most excited about. However if Walcott is set to leave Arsenal this summer, with both Liverpool and West Ham interested, could Perisic be his replacement?



  1. No because Walcott won’t
    leave when he’s on 140 k p/w
    for the next 3 seasons
    whether he plays or not.
    Second Arsenal does not buy stars we make them.
    We have Sanchez Walcott Iwobi Campbell Chamberlain Adelaide Willock+ Niles
    all of whom will become world class because they have Arsenal DNA.

    1. Yep! Congratulations to him for bumping up his valuation!
      Stick that in your pipe Juventus ?

  2. I prefer Mikhtaryan all day. I heard he’s closer to ManUre. Didn’t know what EPL season they’ve watching there at Armenia, Mikh doesn’t even care of ECL involvement. Plus the chance to work under the Sacked One make it hard to resist. Maybe this was Dortmund reason to check on Perisic as well. However, I think it’s worth to try to compete with ManUre for Mikh signing. Better European involvement, simply better football and salary of at less 100 K a week, we can hijack him under Sacked One nose. Of course, first thing first TW14 must get rid. His career is ruining here. I believe, he should maintain his dignity. I mean what’s the meaning of 140 K if you’re loosing reputation in the club and out of national selections. What’s your proud as footballer Theo?

    1. Or we can kill two birds with one stone by getting, Draxler, a top class winger who can be moulded into a top CF

    1. This one is confusing me fatty, whether you are serious or joking.
      Well, to see your habits, this must be joking. Ten years and more with Arsenal, what are we should expect from him? What’s still left on him anyway?

  3. Liverpool got Mane …
    Manchester got Mikhtaryan …
    Arsenal … Please wait …

  4. Liverpool always get every players and still fail…
    If Man U gets Mhik no problem…

    But we have gotten Xhaka too and we would have gotten Vardy if he wanted to come…
    Don’t be harsh on us…

    Concerning Perisic,we can’t every decent or good player at the Euros, we have dicussed Draxler and I will have him ahead of Perisic,,, and remember,Walcott is going nowhwere!

  5. What’s the possibility that Walcott or chamberlain will leave? We need to discuss that before talking of bringing in other wingers.

  6. A couple of good games, and all of a sudden he’s on everybody’s radar? Inter is my team in Serie A, and I watch a lot of their games. This Perisic kid is good. Good, but not great. Not only that, but his price will be highly inflated now as well. Arsenal need someone like Mkhitaryan, Draxler (amazing player, used to watch him play for Schalke), or even Goetze. There’s plenty more above average wingers out there that will not cost an arm and a leg. So I really do hope it’s nothing more than a rumor, and we pass on this guy.

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