Have Arsenal given up on signing one of their primary targets?

With no further developments emerging in the Kieran Tierney to Arsenal transfer saga the question has to be asked, have Arsenal given up on signing the 22-year-old?

Only this week Celtic manager Neil Lennon gave an update and confirmed that no club has offered a realistic valuation for the player.

Speaking before Celtic’s 3-1 win over Sarejvo in the Champions League qualifier Lennon said

‘I have taken no notice of the headlines,’

‘I am well aware of where we are in terms of the situation.

‘I spoke to Kieran in Austria and to be honest I haven’t really seen much of him because he came back early for rehab, so has not been on the training ground as yet

‘It can be an unsettling period for any player and that is understandable but until a club comes up with any sort of realistic valuation of the player we don’t have to do anything and we won’t.

‘It’s as you were. Kieran is getting on with his rehabilitation and we are getting on with what we have to do here.’

OK, so that is the state of play but it does beg the question why have Arsenal just not offered the asking price of £25 Million? Why are they waiting?

It could be that Arsenal simply cannot afford to spend that sort of money on a left-back when they need the money for central defence. It could be because Tierney is in rehabilitation and there are concerns over his injury.

Truth is, no one knows but what we do know is that according to the Lennon, Arsenal has not tabled a bid close to the Hoops valuation of their player.

Personally, I get the feeling that Arsenal is having second thoughts, I hope that is not the case because I really do rate the young Scottish international but I just cannot understand why this one is not over the line yet.

Hopefully there will be some positive developments this week.


  1. I think Arsenal are having second thoughts about him. I don’t think his current hernia problem is his first either.
    Having said that, I watched a couple of Celtic games last season and he did look a very good defender.

    1. Thank goodness, I worried club had changed. Missing on a top talent for a few million is Arsenal way.

      Should have bid £19million+1, surely that would work.

      Now when can finally chase the mediocre underwhelming players for bargin prices.

      Why settle LB for years when we can have endless parade of frees and mediocre players fill the slot?

      I’m sure Raul has the next Ashley Cole in his contact book already. Isn’t that why we got Raul? He’s supposed to be the guru of transfer deals right?

      Raul is supreme genius ya know, just ask him.


  2. He does seem pretty injury prone.. but then we’ve had a few (ok then more) like that over the years!
    A lot of the rumours have gone quiet now, maybe the media have run out of bs to spout about us!!

  3. No you have got it all wrong-AGAIN.And Neil Lennon does not know what he is talking about either.
    The player actually signed for us weeks ago but there was a deal between Arsenal Celtic The Player His Agent And KEV to not say anything as we did not want the Celtic supporters upset.The medical took place at the same time as the Player had his hernia operation.KEV undertook the medical for Arsenal-that’s how well in with the Club he is.The player then flew straight to London ConleyKEV flew the plane himself.
    So if you want to know anything about anything regarding transfers just ASK KEV-you know it makes sense.

  4. Hilarious comment, but why am I having the feeling we won’t be signing anyone again, please I pray that should not happen. Well we still have about 30 more days to go until the window closes.

    1. well everyone is staying – Laca, Auba, Mkhi, Ozil, Iwobi, Lucas, Xhaka,
      Socrates, AMN, Kolas, so no one is supposed to come in. Chek gone, Martinez promoted, Ramsey gone – reserves promoted. Kos & Monreal are the only likely ones to go, so maybe some dull chap will be signed on the final day as a panic buy.The “catalyst for change” got changed and yet nothing is moving positively for us. Glimmer of hope for the Zaha deal to go through, if there is a revised offer and some jolly Gunners going over to CP.

  5. We are not serious, why haven’t we signed any players to fill the positions we desperately need? Tierney shouldn’t be a difficult deal, so how will we sigh Zaha then? I just saw a video of Mustafi being left for dead in training by an academy player by being on the floor as usual. We are a mess, all the deadwood are still here and we go into preseason without improving the squad. The good thing for me is my expectations of Arsenal is so low, i’m not setting myself up for heartache.

    1. If we don’t spend a lot of money on Tierney, we would be able to spend it on Zaha

      Nonetheless, I predict we’d have at least these two players before the window closes:

      – Tierney – Done deal according to kev
      – Malcom – Arsenal might overtake Everton again, as what they did in Lucas Perez deal

    2. Because we cant afford any of them Lupe.We are only likely to get saliba because of instalments and a loan back.
      Kroenke is Skint,LOL.

  6. Tierney is not injury prone Sue.He played through his hernia problem last season and is now recovering from what is a straightforward, minor operation.He is scheduled to resume full time training shortly.Prior to the hernia trouble he has hardly ever been injured.If Arsenal fail to get this deal over the line they will have missed a great opportunity to resolve a problem position .

      1. TBH Grandad, the only time I watch Celtic is when they play Rangers. So you’re in more of a position to know more about him than I am!
        I was only going by an article, I saw, about his injuries & how long he’d been out for.. a couple were pretty lengthy, according to what I read. But I wasn’t saying I didn’t want us to buy him though.. hope that makes sense ?

  7. People trying to ridicule Kev. He’s entitled to his views and as such u should respect that. He believes his info is solid, so if u don’t just keep your view to yourself. Trying to belittle what he says is infantile.
    I’ve the believe that we’ll sign the players to fill the problem positions.

    1. What like he keeps it to himself lol really?? Hes constantly on here telling people there info is wrong and his is right, respect is a two way street and he shows none so why the hell should we give it? And the fact that you cant see he does that is infantile… get out of the mans araehole already,

  8. Tierney, Grimaldo, even Ricardo Rodriguez would do just fine.

    Most urgent position we need is CB! Calamity-Mustafi and Koscielny who will leave for free next summer are on the chopping block!

  9. I hope Edu coming in as technical director he will be able to use his contacts in South America to get some emerging young talent to the club early before they get noticed.

    The South American zone is untapped and could be a gold mine for us. It would be amazing if we could get the next Malcolm or Neres before they become known.

  10. I don’t get the wishes for Malcolm to come. He is probably the most over rated player I have seen playing in my opinion. He had a good half season for a mid to bottom table team in France. Barcelona took the chance and he flopped big time. He is absolutely not what we need now. My fear is because he is Brazilian and with Edu that there may be some truth to this. I hope not. We need a proven winger with PL experience. Only exception to that may be Ziyech from ajax, but is he an out and out winger.

    I also hope that we get Tierney. Probably playing a waiting game and see if Celtic will concede. But i cant understand why more clubs haven’t swooped in with €25 mill and buy him. maybe there is something with his recent injury…

    1. G1979, don’t give up on Malcolm’s future career yet, as he went to Barcelona (a pressure cooker) too young and is still only 22.

  11. I’m not too concerned
    A left back is not a priority for me.
    We have Monreal, Kolsanic and other players who can play LB or LWB if needed. We may not even play 4 at the back next season

    Priority should be given to
    1. WINGERS (desperately need them)
    2. CENTRE BACKS (need to upgrade Mustafi at least)
    3. Ramsey replacement
    4. Backup RB
    5. Upgrade to Ozil (ie Fekir or another CAM)

    After all that is done then we can sign a LB

    1. What is this obsession with wingers there the least important position to fill.we have lots of players that can play there Rowe, Nelson,willock,ibowi, Niles,mhkataryin,aubanyang will have to play there if we play 4231 or if we play 3412 we don’t need them anyway.get a centreback lb and back up rb if like to see xhaka go for doucoure.plus fekier.get brahima if we get a wingers .

  12. £25M is a lot of money! Why does Admin keep acting like it’s pocket change? Could we get that figure for any of our defenders if we wanted to? If the board is playing hard ball over the fee it only means it has finally sunk in the club’s resources are precious and should be safeguarded. That careless and wasteful culture of mishandling the little resources we have that Gazidis and Wenger introduce is exactly why we will be in the Europa League next season.

    OT: I watched the AFCON 1/4 finals yesterday and Iwobi and Chukwueze were on fire! Credit where due.

    1. Yeah….. Those two did play well….. my only worry now is, that might be Iwobi’s only shot at a trophy this season….. if only Arsenal would show some true ambition…. well, there’s still time before the window closes…. we can only hope for the best.

      1. I forgot to add… Iwobi played in the no. 10 position yesterday. Özil is way more talented, but he hardly ever seems interested in putting in any meaningful effort for the team…. but rather than have Iwobi replace him, I’ll prefer to see us get Ziyech and a good winger. Iwobi can challenge either for a starting position if he wants it badly enough

        1. But let’s just remember he played No10 against a team the standard of Hartlepool United Reserves.Would you seriously expect him to do this week after week in the EPL?He can’t pick a pass to save his life.He has the football brain of a four year old girl and the shooting ability of her younger sister.Even the cross he put in for Nigeria’s first goal against SA was a scuffed effort.
          Why experiment with this clodhopper when he has proved he can only run around a bit going nowhere.
          Just give him away now and put us all out of our misery

          1. Like I already mentioned, I’m not suggesting that Iwobi replace Özil, I’d rather have Ziyech. And as for performing week after week, that is the main problem most people have with Özil, and what puts me off even more is his apparent lack of interest…. and putting “us all” out of our misery would be to give them both (Özil and Iwobi) away.

    2. NO – QD…The reason we are in the europa league next season is because Unai Emery messed up in his last six games.
      You will be blaming him if we miss out on Tierney next…what is it with you and him?

      AW announced he was leaving nearly two seasons ago and gazidis left 18 months ago, so get over it and, if you need to blame anyone, then blame the right people.

      1. I think he’s not solely to blame, the players under his disposal were not good enough and clearly let him down. I hope by learning from the failure of last season, he will get a better picture of how to shape this team next season.

        1. Ken, the bulk of these players have failed under pressure over the last three seasons for two well credential led managers in Wenger and Emery. To Emery’s credit he did at least have Arsenal to compete towards the end of last season
          No one need worry about Emery being here too long, as his contract finishes at the end of the 2019/20 season, with Arsenal holding an option to extend. Should Kroenke and the Board not support him in the transfer market, does anyone believe he will extend and stay on? Unlike others he will not be an apologist for Kroenke and given his age and CV he will get other suitors.

        2. 350oz, UE bought in six new players, motivated the “dross” that AW supposedly left, reached a europa cup final and finished fifth in the league…when it was easier to finish third.

          So tell me then, why does everyone keep saying that the players were not good enough?

          If we only finished one point behind the best spuds team since the 1960’s and two behind moneybags chelsea, this notion that the players weren’t good enough is completely wrong.

          Of course we need to strengthen and that is, I assume, what Raul and UE are trying to do at present.
          Our defence neede to be overhauled for ages, but to go on and on and on about it being AW’s fault that we didn’t qualify for the CL is absolutely ridiculous.

          ozziegunner, why do you keep on telling everyone that UE might leave don’if he doesn’t get the backing he wants?
          He knew EXACTLY what the score was whenhe took the job and, correct me if I’m wrong, produced a folder on every single player that he inherited and declared he was very happy with what he saw.

          I don’t want him to leave either, but if oyu think that the club will come tumbling down because he might not renew his contract is mind numbing!!!
          He is not the last gasp top manager that we desperately need to keep and this group of players went out and followed his coaching tactics and, from being in prime position to qualify for the CL, those tactics failed.

          Nothing to do with kronkie, gazidis, Dein, AW, GG, Albert Einstein or even one individual player…it was the tactics and selections made by Unai Emery with a squad of players who had reached a european final and were lying third in the league with, it was claimed, the easiest run in of the top six!!!

          These are the facts and all the rest is made up of personal views…let’s get over it, move on and stop this constant excuse of AW as a cover to what really happened last season.

          By the way, can you remind me who was battling with us to get his signature when he was appointed?

          1. Good points Ken. Let’s not forget team only got 6 points from last 5 matches if I remember correctly.

            Emery fielded sketchy lineups, employed questionable tactics, and could not motivate players to finish strong.

            He gambled by putting all his eggs in Europa final and failed.

            It’s reasonable to question his decision making, and new players weren’t excluded from criticism, neither should the manager who “lead” them.

            I’m also tired of AW getting blamed for last year. He’s been gone so people should let it go.
            Blame AW for bringing Mustafi and Xhaka, but not their performances last year.

      2. Blame Xaha for giving silly needless penalties away for not being in champions league, not Emery

  13. So, the Mrs is a die hard Celt meaning I’ve been watching KT since he made his debut…. By far one of the best left backs going imo (almost but not quite as good going forward as Robertson but his defensive work and positioning is better) and an absolute steal at 25 mill.
    For those worrying about his injury record…. Even with his injuries he has still been one of the most played players in any league the last few seasons plus this is the lad who suffered a broken jaw midgame,was taken to the hospital, told the docs treatment could wait all so he could run back to the stadium to lift the trophy with the team.
    I’m quietly optimistic we will get this deal across the line before end of the window as long as we can get him to turn his back on making history with the 10 in a row run…. There’s no rush just yet as KT is still undergoing rehab from the double hernia op so not fit enough to play in pre-season just yet anyway.

  14. Arsenal will sign him the longer celtic are paying his salary the better for Arsenal thats how we look at things if we had signed him 3 weeks ago that would have cost us more money by paying his salary

  15. Because we cant afford any of them Lupe.We are only likely to get saliba because of instalments and a loan back.
    Kroenke is Skint,LOL.

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