Have Arsenal given up on signing our third keeper now?

So it appears that David Raya has signed a new deal at Brentford this season, removing all rumours linking him with a move to Arsenal for this season or any future one!

He has signed an extension that will see him stay at Brentford for at least another four years after joining them from Blackburn, and this now altogether quashes any chance we have of even signing him in the long term future. But why wouldn’t they do all they could to keep him, after he had a really impressive debut season, where he kept 16 clean sheets and so far this season he has had two successful winning appearances, both coming in the Carabao Cup, where he has helped Brentford to wins over Premier League sides West Brom and Fulham, helping his team to reach the last eight of the competition for the first time in their history.

Even though we signed Alex Runarsson, I still thought that there would have been a possibility that we would have signed another keeper, given that Matt Macey was reported to want to leave as he isn’t too keen on playing back up to both Leno and now Runarsson, but I guess it seems that we are now set in the goalkeeping department, no more additions will be coming in and nobody will be going out.

And who knows after the performance of Leno against Liverpool in midweek, adding another goalkeeper may now be a thing of the past and may no longer be needed especially if Leno can keep up with these types of performances and take it with him into the rest of the season! Only time will really tell at how set we are in that deparment. Gooners, how do you feel that we lost out on another potential transfer target?

Shenel Osman


  1. So…. there are these “rumours” doing the rounds that Aouar won’t be leaving Lyon, during this window. I do hope it’s not true…..

    1. His odds have just gone right out 5/1 now
      It was 1/10 on yesterday .
      But we have been told it’s a done deal so we shall see

      1. @Dan kit,
        I’m not sure we’ve been told that Aouar deal is a done deal.
        Except you are referring to few rumor mongers who cannot manage their emotions and expectations.
        We know some journalist like Ornstein have not told us about the deal bring done.

        1. That’s what I’m pointing to the twitter experts ,I’ve noticed some of them are starting to make excuses because they jumped the gun per usual .
          Not sure why they make out that they have inside knowledge ,it’s just attention seeking to me .

          1. As well as Atletico feeling confident Partey will stay 😱

            Dan, have you or your missus watched ‘Ratched’ on Netflix?

            1. Yes started last night
              Quite bloody, for her anyway ,I like all that stuff 😂
              Not to bad so far .

              1. Seen clips of it, does look pretty bloodthirsty – will have to have a butchers!

                Partey is playing for Atletico as we speak… argh it’s all gone pete tong…

              1. He just played the whole 90 for AM… I’m beginning to feel like we’ve left it too late, even for our plan B, assuming we have one!! 😩

  2. I don’t think the last word is said about Aouar. But personally, I prefer Thomas Partey. If HA is gone, I hope all that can be done to get TP will be done. We need him. Badly. With Partey top 4 is possible. Without him, no chance.

  3. I’m not that fussed tbh… Runarsson may turn out to be a gem…

    OT.. Watching Jorginho score both of his penalties with that skip… he still ain’t got a thing on Ainsley!!

  4. The same Aulas that said he’ll accept nothing but 60?
    Went on to demand above 40?
    Had RMC’s Bouhafsi linked us with Juventus? Link got denied.
    Next day, had PSG linked to Aouar… PSG denied it…
    The following day told L’Equipe he has a good relationship with Madrid and that he would consider a loan with obligation to buy offer? Only for Madrid’s correspondent to deny it immediately?

    Yeah well, you’re right on the last word.
    30 minutes after L’Equipe said no player would leave, the same L’Equipe still says something about there being a slight chance for teams that are keen on the deal?

    1. 😄😄 love it, Eddie! Great when you’re about to keep us in check, with regards to all these ‘rumours’

  5. I think it was Runarsson or Raya not both, we got one so that’s it.
    Off topic, Everton looking really good this season, the Ancelotti effect maybe.

    1. Declan,
      I was just thinking that as he is an attractive manager to introduce new players in due to his former success.
      I then thought that Everton have a sugar daddy…and we don’t unless out of the blue Kroenke sticks his hand in his pocket
      I many respect Arteta is hamstrung

        1. I think you’re right and I also think James is the Best Buy of the window so far, just got two goals so far today , top of the assists league and Everton top of the table. I’m feeling jealous.

            1. They’re flying, Declan! I agree about Rodriguez… he’s been superb for them 👌 Who would’ve bet on DCL scoring that many so soon into the season??!! Speechless….

                1. Can’t see the derby at GP being 0-0 this season. They have a great chance of finally beating them…

  6. I try not to get too hung up on it. 😳 It’s not a case of que sera, sera as I have to believe that something will happen and I’m sure it will. Monday night will be interesting 😬😬😬

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