Have Arsenal given up on Yaya Sanogo?

The young Frenchman Yaya Sanogo arrived at Arsenal as an expected “New Thierry Henry” as he started in Parisien side Les Ulis, where our legend Henry also began his career, and when he burst to our attention with four goals in the Emirates Cup win against Benfica, we began to believe that it was real possibility.

This obviously impressed Wenger too as Yaya started in the Community Shield and also started ahead of Olivier Giroud in the opening Premier League game against Crystal Palace.

But the goals were not forthcoming and Sanogo is still awaiting his first Premiership goal. Even when Giroud was banned and Danny Welbeck was injured Wenger sill didn’t pick Yaya, even on the bench, convincing us fans that the young Frenchman must be injured.

Wenger though told us after the game that Sanogo WAS fit, but was simply lacking in experience. Wenger said after the Hull win on Arsenal.com: “Yaya is here at the moment. Sanogo needs more experience at the top level in the Premier League. He’s ready to play but we have so many options up front that it’s difficult to play.”

Hmmm well I certainly didn’t see many options ahead of yesterday’s game, especially now that Podolski has been moved on, so I can only surmise that Wenger has given up on Sanogo as a first team option, and that is why he is farming him out to see if he can improve elsewhere. Wenger was asked if the rumours were true that Sanogo could be going out on loan at Bordeaux, but Le Prof replied: “Personally, I said that many times I prefer the Premier League. That’s still the case.”

It seems to me that if Sanogo goes out on loan and still fails to find the back of the net, he could be on his way out next summer. How long can you flog a dead horse for…….?

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  1. Dennis says:

    I don’t think there’s another option, he’s not ready to lead the line. He needs PL experience with Crystal Palace with chamack injured. He needs to improve and he needs to do so very fast because honestly doubt he has a chance to come back if he doesn’t improve drastically.

    1. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

      Wenger sees something in him that regular playing in the PL will cure.
      What did the loan spells do for Ramsey and Le Coq?
      No lose situation, we get a better player back or the loan team buys him for a couple million quid.

    2. Am a Gooner u bitches!!! says:

      win-win situation for us

  2. Greg says:

    Honestly eventually i think he will be on his way out!

  3. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

    Sanogo definitely needs a loan spell. The loan contract should include game time if that is even possible, so that he doesn’t switch AFC bench for another bottom table bench.
    Is it also possible to loan out Wenger 🙁 🙁 🙁 he could do with some serious bottom table experience, coz that’s where he’s taking Arsenal 🙁

  4. jhud says:

    I reckon Crystal Palace would be a good loan for him as long as he plays regularly. I actually rate this guy as long as he learns to co ordinate those gangly limbs of his he really could be a real presence. Thing Wengers right on this one. Put him out on loan. Put the pressure on him to perform. It might just work.

  5. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

    Campbell is a world cup hero..but fails at arsenal, Lord Bendtner is his national team’s hero..but consistently failed at Arsenal. Ozil was a hero at R Madrid n for Germany yet fails at Arsenal. Sanogo is France under 19 n 21 world cup hero yet fails at Arsenal. Could it be that the players are not the problem but the team manager and tactician is???
    I highly think so
    #Wenger out ASAP
    #Pythagoras Knows Best
    # 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. dilla says:

      doing well for u-21’s doesn’t mean jack sh*t. and it has nothing to do with wenger, sanogo is just not good enough for AFC.

  6. dilla says:

    Wenger loaning out Podolski and now Sanogo. Another step towards signing Cavani? I have a funny feeling Wenger won’t sign a CDM this window and maybe not even a CB. Not at all what we need, but with the 2 match ban, the Cavani situation seems like too much of a good opportunity to pass up.

  7. ArseneIsYourDaddy says:

    I am always amazed that fans grab unto the wildest transfer rumors as fact.
    Daily Fart: Cavani googled London on his laptop. Cavani to Arsenal.
    Gullible Gooner: Yes, finally Cavani to Arsenal
    Daiy Gossip: Wenger, how much will you pay for Cavani ?
    Wenger: We are not buying Cavani. PSG is NOT selling Cavani.
    Gullible Gooner: See, Wenger never spends, Wenger OUT.

  8. akuma gouki says:

    Where is LEO now? Miss his transfers news.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      LOL!!! Leo now works full time for Caughtoffside.

  9. akuma gouki says:

    FA CUP 4th Round
    Brighton vs ARSENAL.

    Good draw again.

  10. Hafiz Rahman says:

    OUT ALL OUT!!!!

    1. KickAssFan says:


  11. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    How did he even get to Arsenal and to even compare him to the Invincible Henry is an insult

  12. KickAssFan says:

    Funny how Wenger will always say he goes for only “top, top, top” players. Yet, he brought in the likes of this guy and threw him straight into the first team. Imagine a big club like Arsenal with Yaya SaNoGoal as our lead striker!!! #SMH. The lad came from nowhere, injured. Doesn’t even play for the French senior team, has a bad injury record. Meh, it’s not like I hate French fries.

  13. arsenalkid1970 says:

    The boy will never make it simple. He can never get the ball out from his feet. Let him go and do some working on bringing another player in. iPod gone now him so yeah need one in. CB DM CF AND A Utility player

  14. jonestown1 says:

    I’m far from convinced but as a 4th or 5th choice striker, got on the free and only 21 I would take a punt. Might want to denigrate French national junior record but 39 goals in 61games isn’t to be sniffed at and you can’t do that with no ability whatsoever. The guy is as nervous as hell when he plays for us – if he can sort his nerves out and calm down I think he can improve quite dramatically. And “still waiting for his first PL goal” – the guy has played 140 minutes!! Even if he hit the ground running and started off with a goals/min ratio on a Messi/Ronaldo scale then he would only have about 1.5 goals.

  15. odley says:

    Way too soon to be casting a final judgement on Sanogo, although yes he has some improving to do before he’s ready for Arsenal. His clumsiness reminds me of a young Adebayor and had he not turned out to be a lazy dick he could still have been playing for us. As long as Sanogo is blessed with a better attitude than Ade he could well be back in the future.

    As for the question in the article about flogging dead horses….. errrmmm… Diaby?

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