Have Arsenal got any players left to face West Brom? Full injury update…

West Brom must really be relishing playing Arsenal tomorrow lunchtime. Not only have the Gunners had to play a crucial midweek Champions League match while the Baggies have had a weeks rest since losing to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, but it looks like Arsenal are down to the bare bones of their squad.

For starters in goal Wojciech Szczesny is out with a pelvis injury, and with David Ospina not expected to be back until next year, we are going to have to hope that Martinez has another assured performance between the sticks and that is just the first problem!

Wenger’s team news this morning makes for grim reading. He reported: “I will have to check this morning how available everybody is. Szczesny (pelvis) has not practiced yet at all. Arteta is out for sure of course and I think Sanogo (cramp) has problems as well because I had to take him off. We have a few other players that we have to check.”

“Danny Welbeck will have a test this morning. He has not practiced yet. I can’t tell you at the moment if he’s okay.”

“Arteta has now had a calf problem for the third time. It’s always a small grade one but it’s minimum two to three weeks.”

“Theo is not okay for the weekend, he has an inflamed groin coming back from England and has not been available since. He will not be available for this game, nor Wednesday.”

Other than that everythings okay! Well not really, as Wilshere, Diaby, Mesut Ozil and Mathieu Debuchy are still long term problems, BUT Wenger did have one bit of good news. When asked about Laurent Koscielny, he replied: “He is well. If I want him to start, he will start.”

What does he mean if he wants him to start? Surely Wenger doesn’t have than many players left to choose from!

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  1. Just saw a documentary on Thierry Henry. And Wenger was speaking about him-
    “When we used to go a goal down no one panicked. They would think ‘Wait. Thierry hasn’t scored yet.’ He was that reliable.”

    Offtopic- Can anyone provide a link about that 8million salary thing? I did my research and they are showing some site called ‘PayWizard’. Can anyone bust this myth/fact for me?

  2. LOL, reading some comments here, some of you guys think we can win UCL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHA OMG
    win against 16th team in bundesliga and we can win UCL, pathetic, look at table in ucl, who is first? ohh yeah we gona win it !!! LOL WENGER I LOVE YOU

  3. He is saying, Nacho Monreal is now a trusted servant at CB…. hahahahahahaha,,, Wenger will die early due to stress… (self-induced).. On Sanogo I don’t think we will miss him,,, chance fo Pod 9 n probably J Camphell to shine….

    1. he has lost it ages ago, dont waste your time on his stupid comments, just as i predicted, all our injured players are back in january which means no new players, which means more stress for very inetligent fans, all hail master Wenger !!!

  4. Why do we have a youth squad if we never play them?

    They are needed to step up now, Belerin looks good Akpom and Gnarby could get some game time against West Brom.
    Cesc was playing at 16.
    Come on Wenger, you have a squad, USE IT!

  5. Wenger gets millions each year
    It’s his headache dealing with these type of problems

    We need a win to remain in contention for 3rd or 4th place

  6. In thee photos released today of training, Welbeck, Theo are training. That’s a good sign. My predicted lineup tomorrow:

    Chambers Mert Kos Gibbs
    Ox Ramsey Cazorla Alexis

    Subs: Huddart, Monreal, Bellerin, Rosicky, Pod, Campbell, Welbeck.

    Injuries: Wilshere, Arteta, Ozil, Debuchy, Diaby, Szszcesny.

    1. Oh I forgot Sanogo, in the pictures of the training session, he was training with the squad so maybe he’d come onto the bench instead of Campbell?

  7. 15 points behind chelsea and it’s only 28 November
    I am depressed

    I could have been hopeful of a turnaround but that ain’t gonna happen
    Important players are always injured

    We would have two go on some sort of unbeaten run and expect chelsea to lose 15 points


    1. I’d rather be 18 points behind in November rather than 18 points behind in May. Not that I think we’ll make up the gao, just saying…

  8. Arsenal FC have placed a bat and cricket cap by the training centre front door as a mark of respect after the 25-year-old Australian batsman Phil Hughes died on Thursday.
    Phil was a gooner. RIP bro

    1. I think when he heard he’s fit to play for the senior squad, he got little scared and injured himself while doing it.

  9. what about gnabry, campbell, poldi, akpom and even hayden? Van Gaal played us with rookies and beat us rather than play a LB as a CB… I am at a loss for words with this manager.

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