Have Arsenal got BIG problem coming from Southampton?

Arsenal have not had too many really bad days to endure this season, especially if you consider that the double defeat by a struggling Chelsea side saw us get no luck whatsoever and everything go right for them. But the biggest defeat of the season was also possibly our worst performance, away to Southampton on Boxing Day.

So after a run of three games without a win the last thing we needed was to get a third bogey team on the trot for the next Premier League match. The Gunners may have been (we were) unlucky with the officials missing reasons to disallow three of the Saints’ four goals that day but we cannot argue with the fact that we were completely outplayed.

The same thing happened to us at St. Mary’s last season on New Years Day and we have generally struggled against them in recent years. We did manage to beat them at home last time but it was a close run thing as Alexis Sanchez scored with minutes left on the clock after they had gone down to 10 men due to an injury and having made all three subs.

They also knocked us out of the Capital One Cup at the Emirates and held us to a draw the previous year and are coming to north London after more than a week of rest and boosted by a win against Man United at Old Trafford. Having said that, we are often at our best when up against it and proved that by responding to one of the other low points of the season, losing at home to Olympiacos, by thumping them in Athens.

It will be hard but can Arsenal get revenge and a vital win over the Saints?

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  1. hi guys am new here I just join last nit am a big fan of d gunners since 2003 b coz of d greatest playing in d EPL history am talking of king Hendry. I believe this year will b year of d gunners Mark my words

    1. i wonder if the dislikes is because you spelled kings name wrongly or those 10 are utd fans. hurmm

  2. If arrogant I won’t change tactics or personel Wenger turns up then No
    If once in a blue adjust my team Wenger turns up then Yes
    It’s that simple play elneny & coq match saints for aggression and the battle and no no doubt ozil sanchez will do the job

    But if donkey favourite Ramsey and karate kid flamini play then watch saints destroy us again with wanyama running riot.

    Flamini Ramsey Walcott r bang average the sooner that arrogant manager stops treating players like their his kids and shows some bottle and drops them do arsenal have any chance Of winning anything

    1. for elneny I dnt see him play yet I hp he played in d FA cup. d Gud news is dat our players ar coming 4Rom injury one after d other, d EPL is 4 d gunners

      1. yeah, the pigeon english is VERY hard to read; probably 2x slower than normal english.
        it strains my brain and i’ll just skip your comment and not read it.

  3. Liverpool signed caulker and in 10hrs time he’s making a positive impact.
    Newcastle signed shelvy, within 48hrs he created 2 assists lifting his team up from relegation zone.
    Arsenal signed Elneny, fans goes the emirates to watch him sit on the bench while jet Lee play.
    When will Wenger heal our souls from heartache? We smile today and cry twice afterwards. Wenger should at least have respect for Arsenal fans. His favorites are killing the team. We will win over the saints but more goals could be a plus. Up the Gunners.

    1. Mate both Players you mentioned there are EPL proven. They have been in Epl for sometime and throwing elneny wouldnot have the same impact as we all wish. With his signing i see the end of Arteta and Flamini in Arsenal Jersey.

      1. hope he starts el nenny versus bournemouth and also give coq 20mins
        giroud will CF versus southampton, so interesting to see if walcott will CF against bournemouth.

        also , versus south: campbell deserves RW more than walcott does. let walcott CF against bournemouth and put him on the bench for southampton.

      2. See samiora, some people like to view things in angle that pleases them. they wont try to understand the reason behind an action, all they understand is assumption based on emotions. which is sad because not only does it show how ignorant they are, it also leads to unnecessary negative influence on the club and fans alike. sigh

    2. Caulker is second rate, but better than the disaster that L’pool have at the back through injuries and Shelvey blows hot and cold so I think is expensive for 12m … Also he will play regularly for N’castle because they dont have options…. you will only see the decent plays in the highlights

  4. My desire at sis moment is, Arsene Wenger suffers a heart attack and goes into Coma, then wakes when we have lifted d EPL… if only d gods can hear me. Arsene Wenger is a Curse on Us Arsenal fans… He lacks ambition, yet thinks he’s smarter than all… #WengerOut#

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