Have Arsenal just cleared the final mental hurdle?

I have felt that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have been the target of some unfair criticism from the football media in recent years. We have been an easy target for people like Michael Owen and Adrian Durham who have conveniently ignored all the problems, such as a crippling injury list and not being able to compete financially with all of the clubs around us, that the manager has had to deal with.

But the only way for the boss and the Arsenal players to really silence the critics is for the Gunners to win a really big trophy like the Premier League or Champions League. Punching above your weight does not seem to cut it these days, but Arsenal have gradually been answering those doubters and putting right all the weaknesses.

From signing big name players to keeping hold of the best ones we have already got, from adding the firepower up front to strengthening the midfield and firming up the defence and then last season we sorted out the big away game blues.

But there was still one big stick being used to beat us, or Wenger at least, and that was his record in games against Jose Mourinho. That has now gone as well after the win over Chelsea in the Community Shield, so is that the last mental block gone? What else can Arsenal be accused of?

Of course we now need to go and win the Premier League but have Arsenal now answered all those little questions about the reason we have not won it in years?

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    1. saw a cheLski fan burn down his Jersey today….. Does this mean he’s now an Arsenal fan? L()L

    2. we’ve had a excellent preseason.
      an we topped it off by breaking the mourinho hoo doo

      i just hope we buy whats needed, truth is we will really go for three trophies ,thats 60 plus games an we have no back up for coquelin…arteta will only suffice in the much less testing ties , its such a vital position for us , makes no sense to hope on le coq staying intact.

      an yes the dreaded cf argument….wont go into names just need an out an out cf that differs from giroud

      1. Steady-on Muff any analysis/critique isn’t tolerated on here after a win, you can only spout hyperbole about how good we are.

        I agree however, Coquelin is not enough at all and Theo again showed he’s not cut out to be a CF vs decent opposition. But that’s ignored on days like this as the usual crowd stir up their unicorns and rainbows vibe.

        1. When Arteta lost his best hair title to Giroud last year its been a snowball down hill for the Spaniard. Unless AW has Bender or Krychowiak wrapped up, Arsenal are in trouble if and when Le Coq gets injured or suspended.

          Theo leading the line against Shitty, Manure, Cheshit, Looserpool, RM, Bayern, Uefalona…..,
          Ill take the physical challenge.

          1. So happy for the Ox. I feel that he needs some performances and confidence to start the season. Chelsea has looked poor this preseason. Hopefully they keep it up.

    3. i don’t want to hear “this is just a friendly” BS. mourinho tried his BEST not to lose, but he still

      did. we had to overcome a psychological barrier. he will try and downplay this, but let s be honest, it s a big deal for momentum. wenger had it spot on and was class after the game.

      no, this does not mean we will win the league, but it means we can beat anyone of the top 5 teams, something that two seasons ago was not a given.

      up the ARSE

  1. Not sure why everyone is against Walcott as ST now after one game against the epl winners and one of the most difficult defenses.
    Sure he needs to get better at keeping the ball but he also gave the assist to ox for the goal!
    He will thrive against other defenses, MOST strikers do not have much success against Chelsea.
    Just my opinion

    1. Agreed.

      He will do good against some teams and not others, same for OG.

      I think Walcott will be good against Man U and Pool, but not Chelsea and Stock.

      OG the opposite.

      There aint a striker out there to give us Walcott speed and runs behind defence, none with OG quality anyway.

          1. thats the thing about being cf- its such fine margins.
            he takes so much unecessary flak on here

            giroud is great player,
            just need a different option

            1. yeah ,,,, that true mate…. bcos as everyone can see ,this match is not for CF…. this is type of match where midfielders r jokers and defenders r d key men…. why do we continue to complain about our player.I think ,is not fair to complain about Walcott…. more over where r Chelsea hazard ,cf ,,,etc

    2. @shah its not everyone…its only the die hard giroud fans but who can blame a person in love??….i am wise enough to know that av seen messi flop against Chelsea not even affording an assist, robben the same, christiano ronaldo at Manchester too to name but a few…Theo had an OK performance and its not a must for him to score every game…but why am i explaining, some people on this site will go heaven and earth to get giroud in the starting eleven

      1. we play a faster style when giroud is not plugging up the 18 yard box.

        he hovers in usually the same spot, attracting 2 defenders. those 3 people then form a crowd/wall in the 18yd box . maybe he can be useful against lower teams, but versus chelsea, no. i applaud wenger dropping his beloved giroud in favor of a pragmatic decision to go with a faster more open style.

      2. U slated giroud all d way bcos he ddnt score against Chelsea last season….now u finding excuse for walcott…..game against Chelsea is always gonna be different….it’s abt d team and not a player… giroud is still d best we’ve got

        1. @bayjerkoff
          Olivier is our “donkey” He takes the heavy load no one else can and still keeps humpin…He will always be under appreciated by some.

      3. what the hell are you talking about, the people who are slating Walcott based on this one performance are the same people who slate Giroud over and over…

    3. Even though I don’t believe that Walcott can offer much as a lone striker I agree that we should at least give him a fair chance as we do with Giroud. Walcott should play against pressing teams with high defensive line and Giroud against deep defending teams.

      1. Epl is no trial ground. Let’s get Giroud’s upgrade if there is available. But, was that the Remy we were clamouring for sometime back? Eh, I will take Giroud over him.

    4. I honestly think the majority of Arsenal fans are genuine Theo Walcott fans and want him to be a successful and integral member of the first 11. With that said, it is my contention that regardless of sample size Theo is not the quality of striker to lead the Gunners to success in England or Europe. He will score goals from time to time and be proficient against certain oppositions, but can Arsenal truy afford to watch him cut his teeth against the likes of Chelsea, Oil City, Manure and Europes best when a Benzema type striker might be able if the price is right. As has been regurgitated on a thread to thread basis Arsenal are realistically two quality signings(Lacazette/Benzema, Bender\Krychowiak) from being a serious European football power, why would Wenger in the twilight of his career not spend the money thats readily available?

      1. Do you mean that Lacazette I saw against us?? If I have to choose base on one performance, him v us and theo v cfc, then I will go for the latter.

        1. Lacazette with the likes of Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez and Ramsey pulling the strings behind him would permanently place OG, Theo and there $270K a week on the bench.

    5. True – Chelsea just as well sell Remy and Falcao now because from my vantage point they struggled as much as Theo did. Plenty on here bigging up Chelsea’s attacking options but cannot apply the same critical objectivity to their performances. Wenger said it to the world at the end – TW is an option in certain games. He does TW’s limitations, he does get it – that is clear. I actually think he chose this game to start TW to get a proper handle on it – TW won’t have harder opposition in the PL this season than that on offer to today. An assist in a 1-0 is not the stuff of wrist-slitting and angst meltdown.

  2. wenger is one of the greatest managers to ever grace the premier league but he is also one of the most foolish managers that i have ever seen…..These fool doesn’t realize that he is just two players away from becoming the god of English football…i bet no one can doubt that if wenger were to decide to lift the premier league unbeaten again then he would but ooops, the fool cant see these….he is a prisoner of his own rules

    1. Buying your chances doesn’t make you god. Crafting them yourself, well that would be a different story. He has earned his right to win it as he sees fit. Or lose it. But on his terms. You lot got to accept that. Give it a rest.

        1. He has no right not to buy and leave the team short, he has done it last year, starting with two central defenders, and only Flamini and Arteta for DM.

          Now we have the defender situation hopefully solved. But at DM we only have Le Coq and i do rate him highly but what if he is hurt? Our options are Flamini or Arteta or playing without a DM with Ramsey or Jack next to Santi. None of those options are good enough in my opinion if we are playing against a top team. So not buying a good cover for Coquelin even if its Semper the Barca youngster, is not his right, he doesnt have the right to keep the team short, we have seen this play out badly many times before.
          If Coq goes down for a long period and we dont have adequate cover for him then for me it is a criminal mistake.
          All this “deserves the right” talk, is total bs, it is emotional and not analytical and helps no one.

    2. Yes, because buying those 2 players is so easy.



      As for DM – Coquelin proved today just how good he is. The boy is getting better. Maybe we need cover, but that’s not a WC DM we need to buy and throw into the team – it’s a squad decision. We don’t NEED a starting DM, so it’s not really this HUGE concern. We need a squad DM to cover if he gets injured – a whole different kettle and could quite easily not be an issue.

      You don’t know what is going on with transfers so please don’t call Wenger a fool when the only two positions you believe we need to sign are either unavailable or not concerns for the starting 11. It’s totally just buying into the media talk. YES we need a CF – but you tell me which CF is going to move.

      1. I thought bout it earlier as keeping le coq first choice. What ya think bout mvila as backup. He’s on the verge to Sunderland. Kw we kw he didn’t work out like we thought but he could not be so bad overnight. Arteta scares me.

        1. Problem with a player like M’Vila is that he’s useless as a backup coming into the PL. He’s got no experience here and reading the game is the BIGGEST asset of a DM. Some DMs are just pure great at it anyway, but it would be a purchase with a big risk on the off chance that Coq got injured.

          Wanyama might be worth a bid. He seems to really like the idea of Arsenal and would probably not mind warming the bench and playing when we need him. I have a feeling Wenger will stick with his club captain as the number 2 though. I know it’s not what any of us want but it’s probably what he’ll do and would be a complaint I have of the man. Although he’s clocked on to how to plug our defensive hole, I think he still feels Arteta can play that role and until he is proven wrong then I doubt we’ll see any change.

      2. Fff just what I was going to write.
        People forget that in these transfers there s 3 parties that have to agree. Player selling clun and buying club. One fails to agree and there’s no deal.
        It is not as easy but I guess most fans have never been in a negotiation or business.

          1. Exactly. Because it is easier for a team like chelsea or Aleti to agree with monaco than to agree with Madrid or arsenal. Then you throw the bunch of money they did have at the time and you convince the 3 parties.
            Deals with less historic but money loaded clubs are easier indeed.
            Since business is q big part of football money is important. Only as I any other business there are the conservative ones and the mercenaries.
            Those seeking up mercenaries should simply support city or psg or chelsea….or monaco or Malaga back then just being aware that, as mecenaries any one can leave, be it the new owners or the players.

            1. Come on guys stop the fracking circle-jerk!
              99.9% of professional athletes of any sport are mercenaries. There is no loyalty when it comes to so much money.
              They might make decisions according to comfort, city life, family, schools etc.. but they are not making choices according to being loyal to a club.
              I dont see many football players in the world who would not leave if Barcelona came knocking.
              Falcao and Others ended up in Monaco because MOnaco paid the most money to the club and the player, that’s it. It is not fracking rocket science.
              Falcao could have chosen not to go to Monaco and go to a top club for less salary but he chose the money. Others might choose the glory of Barcelona but I dont see them saying out of loyalty.
              Now if the club you are a part of is a winning club, and is able to pay you a very large salary then like Xavi, you will probably stay there until you retire or go to Qatar which is the same thing.
              All our players left for years, beginning with our legend Henry.
              There is no loyalty in football

  3. Let’s be honest – we just watched a game where Remy and Falcao were the two worst players on the pitch and the pundits still wanted to say we needed a new striker. Their main striker was missing, but then we had Alexis missing and that didn’t seem to stop us playing the better football.

    The problem Arsenal will have this season is that our starting 11 is STILL not quite as good as City or Chelsea. We have more spirit and more passion – so on our day we can beat anyone – but just on paper we are NOT the better team. If we’re talking squad…we’ve got the best IMO. BUT in terms of quality all our players are just a shade off being as good as other teams’.

    All we can do is try to add any super quality players we can (RB + RW being the 2 positions to avoid signings) and hopefully keep playing to our best in the big games. We’ll remain underdogs due to our financial restraint in comparison to United/City/Chelsea BUT we certainly won’t be far off the mark this year.

    1. Downplaying your team won’t help at all. What was wrong with the Arsenal you have seen today? I can telly you they pretty much upset a first Chelsea 11. Hazard did not played, Fabregas contained, Matic made a full laugh by Cazorla. We won a trophy. Where’s the issue? We kept clean sheet. We were better. Seriously, what’s wrong with that?

      1. Because I clearly watched a different game to you. We were the better team – but it would have only taken Ramires or Hazard to score and the perception is changed. Our team had to fight tooth and nail in that game and we were still losing out on possession and not creating too much up top until the counters towards the end. I’m not being negative so much as trying to address where we can step forward in the season. Every game has positives AND negatives – as did my response.

        Note I said “We played the better football”, our squad is “the best IMO” and “on our day we can beat anyone”. Doesn’t mean I believe we are the best team on paper. I’m in both camps – I believe we should be looking for signings but I’m also delighted with our current team. I believe Theo will be great up top and out wide during this season, but I still feel a truly WC striker would be the best possible signing, even if I think it is an impossible signing to make.

        My point being – there was no issue with the result today. There was room for improvement in the performance and there is room for signings. My only point is that while we COULD win the premier league this season, on paper we would not. If we can find a couple quality signings though, we probably would be able to win on paper.

        Actually for me one of the best sights today was Ozil smiling. Our team is HAPPY. It’s great to say. I enjoy watching this Arsenal side. I am totally and completely excited for the season to start. Just think it’s worth being both a supporter and an analyst if you want to keep your belief in check. I won’t feel like we’ve failed if we don’t make signings…and I won’t feel like we’ve failed if we finish in the top 3. I just see us as being VERY close and feel it worth pointing out where I think it’s worth looking to try and improve to tip ourselves over the edge.

        1. It’s all in the little details which we actually prepared it better. That was it. Gibbs or Cazorla could have scored as well. There’s always room for improvement, nevertheless we bested them without a doubt.

          1. As I said, we played the better football. Think they had more possession and more shots (though mostly I felt they weren’t threatening).

            Just noticed I deleted a sentence from my original post though. I was TRYING to say that even though we won, and had the better strikers and players on the day, the pundits still wanted to big up Falcao and say WE were the one’s needing new players. Quite the contrary – we’ve got a team working for each other and able to win games for each other. Even if we’re not better on paper, over the course of the season we can definitely win. That’s not to say we shouldn’t try to add a bit of quality though, because then we’d win on paper too!

        2. Hey FFFanatic – always enjoy your posts but a bit disappointed with this one! 🙂 We are probably the only set of fans in the country who could re-live and home in on the negatives on a day like today. The way guys on here point to missed chances by Chelsea or isolated errors by certain Arsenal players is truly a sight to behold. It is though everyone is looking for the perfect game with no errors, no dodgy moments, the opponents not given a solitary chance – ain’t gonna happen ever, and if it did there would be guys on here all over it like a rash – the other team didn’t turn up, we still need to do better, we were lucky, it wasn’t a real test blah, blah, blah.

          My overriding feeling about today is that we beat Chelsea in a game that mattered – don’t anyone believe the BS that no-one cared – and we didn’t play particularly well. I like that.

          And the noise and venom about Per on here is a f***$% disgrace. The media rent-a-gobs has gotten to you gullible boys – PM and Kos are our best CB pairing in a decade by a big margin. Per could hardly speak after the game because of his in-match shouting and he summarised the game perfectly. Every player on the pitch had their wobble – only PM’s wobbles makes the headlines on here. His embrace with Cech was very telling. Two leaders at the back – can only be good.

          1. If I viewed the match as anything more than a glorified friendly and a tester for the season to come then I probably WOULD be being a bit more optimistic instead of looking for criticism. The fact is though, despite giving it to gobby, this wasn’t the most important game we’ll play in the next week and it won’t be something we look back on at the end of the season. I am jubilant for a great result, but like any pre-season I’m looking for the elements we need to improve before the season MORE than the result itself. That was just the icing on the cake.

            You say we didn’t play well…but I disagree. I think we actually defended, for the most part, very successfully and attacked with fluency when we got things moving. Our movement was excellent and we just looked a little rusty. ALL good signs.

            As for the Per venom…well I can see where it comes from. I think he is our weakest link as a player, but he works well in the team. He makes BIG mistakes – not little ones. He makes unforced errors that are really concerning because they’re not momentary slips or miskicks – they are complete lapses in concentration or decision making. They won’t disappear in the next game. That said – he makes Kos play 10 times better and organises our defence well SO I don’t want him booted out of the team either. I just think that long term, he’s a problem to solve.

            I guess that’s me being negative aye? I feel it’s more being realistic. Haha I had just as much fun laughing at Chelsea’s mistakes mind you. Mourinho got showed up for his biggest mistake though – a RB at LB cost him that game by showing an attacker inside. I analyse everything – I come on here to discuss what I see about us – good and bad. I just ignore mentioning the absolute joke that was Chelsea.

            P.S. Ox playing like he has in pre-season will probably be the best player in the PL next season. The boy is on fire and is by far the most exciting thing to come out of the pre-season. Finally might be hitting his potential.

            1. I too thought we played well enough in patches – never like to go overboard on here. Seen us a lot more fluent though.

              Personally I don’t see all these constant recurring errors. I can only recall a couple of foot races he has been dragged in to. I don’t see a procession of CFs owning him time after time. I just see a CB partnership that I rate. I think PM is generally underrated for what he does for the team and Kos’s ability is slightly exaggerated. I still rate Kos as excellent but he is a long way from a one man defence constantly covering for Merts as often portrayed. Having said that covering Merts lack of pace is part of his job – in the same way that shouting and organising the defence is Mert’s job with LK’s reluctance/inability to lead vocally. I don’t know the stats now but the LK/PM stats when played together are pretty damn impressive.

              Fair comments. Funnily enough I mentioned the other day about Mourinho playing an inverted full back to help counter the fad for inverted wingers cutting in so the FB is able to duel with the stronger foot. No-one told him Ox was about to hit a thunderbolt with his wrong foot – caught him completely unawares.

    2. Can y’all stop being ungrateful for what we don’t have and start being grateful for what we have? On paper we can’t stand chelsea? What a joke? We have Cech, they have Courtois… They have Cahill, we have Koz… They have Matic, we have Coq… They have Fabregas, we have Ozil… They have Hazard, we have Sanchez… The only way I think they have advantage over us is CF and they have no quality back up like we do. Tell me who do they have as back up for their DM? Mikel? I’m a nigerian but please that dude is way worse than both Flamini and Arteta we all slate. Who else do they have as defender aside Zouma on bench and you can’t tell me he’s better than Gabriel. Chelsea are the ones the media should say are 1 or 2 injury to concede the title, if Ivanovic or Azpilicueta gets injured, tell me who they have as back up? But look at us we can handle that if both our RB and LB gets injured with ease and now I understand why Wenger said Mourinho is the media’s darling. Player for player we are head, neck and shoulder with them, plus we just bested their best 11… Cut the Costa didn’t play crap coz Sanchez didn’t play either so that makes it even. A new wc CF and maybe a good squad DM (i don’t see coq going out of the squad at the moment) would be welcome tho…. But y’all should give the players a break and savour the moment…. I mean these boys just did what even the invincibles couldn’t do, I mean they won against a Mourinho Chelsea…. Y’all should give them a break.

      Opinions divided… What do y’all think?

      1. I said we have the better squad. I said that they have a marginally better starting 11. AND they do. Our worst players stick out like sore thumbs if you line up the team sheets. Not because their players are more expensive – the players are just better players.

        Let me add another comment though – Chelsea have a team who are already at their peak with exception to Hazard/Oscar. Arsenal have players who are constantly improving. Chelsea as a team don’t change, we do. It could quite easily be that this season Ox comes good, Bellerin steps up even more, Jack + Rambo have worldie seasons and Theo finally gets his chance at CF and storms it. We don’t know.

        ALL my original point was is that on paper we still have a slightly weaker team so we shouldn’t take this single win in a friendly (even if it was played competitively) to now mean we are going to be able to outplay Chelsea any day of the week. We are not there yet, but we’re extremely close.

  4. Theo competing with giroud is good, it’s going to make them both a lot better, they are settled and confident. Unless we get benzema I don’t really want another striker. If Walcott is playing CF tho I want reus, despite Alex’s goal today we still need a WC winger and chambo isn’t there yet. If we sign anyone I grunted it will be a winger.

  5. Theo competing with giroud is good, it’s going to make them both a lot better, they are settled and confident. Unless we get benzema I don’t really want another striker. If Walcott is playing CF tho I want reus, despite Alex’s goal today we still need a WC winger and chambo isn’t there yet. If we sign anyone I garunted it will be a winger.

  6. Mourinho: I told Roman I don’t trust these yokohama tyres. The bus is sliding when u apply the breaks. The handbrake is also failing to stop these tyres


    1. Did there striker score? Can u gaur tee Costa would of scored. No and Chelsea just won the league. Give some kudos to your team man!

        1. I do understand what your saying. However I disagree with you, I have a lot of faith in they, giroud however he’s my number two. Today arsenal played the best defence in the league, just because our strikers didn’t score doesn’t mean we need a new 1. Now pipe your CAPS down!

          1. @tojo

    2. Who do you suggest we buy? Who is available and wants to move? Which WC striker is a possible signing at this point?

  8. Definitely a great start and great confidence booster for our players. We look really good at the back and it’s in part thanks to Cech! Great strategy by Wenger, we had to start fixing our problems from the back then focus on our attack. 1 or 2 quality signings would be great to add some more depth to the squad but we have been looking solid recently. COYG!

  9. I don’t blame Wenger for not shaking hands with Maureen. I would not shake hands with someone who continuously insulted me. Calling him a “voyeur”, “success at failure”.

    And Wenger NEVER stopped to his level

    Wenger is a bigger gentleman than Maureen will ever be.

    1. Fred,

      Couldn’t agree more, Maureenho is lucky Wenger oozes class and sophistication. I personally would of knocked his punk ass out on a number of previous provocative occassions.

            1. Pick a home fixture, well meet @ a pub near the Emirates and go shot 4 shot……then watch the Gunners roll. Lol

    2. Mourinho only stood there shaking hands because he knew what would happen and try and appear to be a “victim”. Everything the guy says or does is calculated and has a purpose – and it is rarely for reasons of sportsmanship/courtesy or respect.

  10. Yes Arsenal cleared the mental hurdle. Likewise Chelsea broke down mentally near the end.

    I think every Chelsea player’s has been shaken from the keeper on down.

  11. Great result today and like everyone putting the Mourinho hoodoo to rest is a result in itself. Well done AFC and AW.

    Bottom line we just beat the favourites for the PL, having already stuffed the French and German league runners up. Costa was missing and probably would have scored (considering the chances that Ramires and Hazard had..) but we were missing Sanchez so pretty even.

    So ‘the old fool’ (Wenger) beat the ‘serial winner’ (Mourhinho) and AFC who some see as incomplete and unlikely to compete for the title, beat the league champions best available eleven. It may still be pre season, but it DOES put down a marker for this year. AFC CAN and WILL compete, whether we buy or not.

  12. I have said it here time and time again that Theo Walcott has everything needed to play as a striker except for strength and aggression.Theo Walcott will always lose the physical battle when his back is to goal.That is a huge concern because its reduces the potency of the attack.I would really hope he stays on the wing and Wenger should sign a Centre forward.You cant just be rotating week in week out just like that you need your players to play so they can find form.Theo should stay on the wing.

    1. Except the job of a striker isn’t to JUST play with his back to goal.

      I think people underestimate what having a player like Theo against you does to a defence. Yes, if the ball is up high in the air you know you’ve got it covered but as soon as it’s on the deck you are back peddling. We saw that today numerous times. Then all it takes is a good bit of movement and space opens up.

      Watch our goal and you’ll see what I mean. Theo runs the defence deep – creates space for Ozil. Theo stops his run and Ramsey overlaps – the defence have to track him leaving space for Theo. Theo lays off to Ox and Ox scores. The fact is against Giroud they could have compacted earlier because the run in behind wouldn’t have been as deadly.

      There is benefits to Theo’s play and there is benefits to Giroud’s play. There are also players with combinations of both. They are (currently) unavailable. Theo as CF is a good weapon to have in the Arsenal.

  13. Hahaha I can’t believe Maureen has actually come out on sky sports and questioned our defensive tactics? That’s rich

    His quote: jose Mourinho said Arsenal left “their philosophy in the dressing room” and labelled the Wembley pitch “a disaster” after Chelsea’s Community Shield defeat

    Oh dear, someone’s obviously very sore after losing at Wembley

  14. Reading many articles claiming the community shield is not a trophy, Chelsea players and Mou did not take it seriously, Chelsea still have 1 preseason game which will get them ready for start of season, they flew many miles so are jaded, mou was dressed casual cause this match was joke etc, etc, etc.

    Another article claiming Wenger is mous biatch, deluded people, we won suck it.

  15. Even when having a terrible game a great CAM/no.10 is always able to pick atleast one magnificent pass to create a goalscoring chance…

    Fabregas was pretty much taken out of the game today by our good defensive work but he still managed a great ball to Hazard.

    Cazorla was out of position and looked pretty average until that intelligent pass to Gibbs.
    Ozil played pretty okay today and did make good passes but for people to rate him more than the two listed above is insane…not the ozil of arsenal maybe when he was at Madrid.

    That being said he’s got a full season to prove me wrong.

    1. TBF to him, Ozil played the defence opening pass for our goal. Theo made some good movement and Ozil found it. Ozil was consistently good today and only really showed himself up by, once again, not being more direct when in front of goal himself.

      I feel like he is too much of a different player to compare to Santi and Cesc but he certainly was better than Cesc today. As for Santi…well Santi seems to be getting better. His technique is so perfect most of the time it’s just whether he gets the decision making right most of the time these days! If he keeps up he’s gonna be the best CAM in the country playing at CM!

  16. We are slowly getting there.
    Wenger beating Mourinho is Def a good start.
    We just beat the league champions and the cups winners of Germany and one of the top in France .
    I think w e Re in a very good position and Def think that a psychological barrier has begun to disappear.
    Still a long way t go but a great frst step

  17. I was genuinely surprised by some of the Theo comments today. I mean off course he won’t play well as a CF if it is Ramsey and Ox either side of him. Both of those are essentially midfielders (but different types). For Theo to do well he needs a second striker (not necessarily an out and out striker) in the top 3. His best performances in the centre have always been when another striker is playing wide.

  18. Why are people hating on Theo today? Go watch our goal and notice Theo’s movement that allows us to score it. Theo was running like crazy out there to create space – the problem he has is that he can’t win a high ball against Terry/Cahill…so don’t play those balls! When Wenger saw this had become a problem in the second half after we’d been pressed back he switched it. Isn’t that exactly what you want in a team? Theo’s not perfect but he was the best striker on show today!

  19. Our main objective needs to be to bring fear into others. It should not be can Arsenal prevail, but can the others handle Arsenal? To do so, we need to keep on trashing good teams. Only by beating Champions we earn our status as Champions aswell. I felt shame during the past years bec of others humulating us, but nowdays i am full with pride. It sure feels good to see us win.

    Wenger needs to continue and push as long as we have a chance to make the differance. I am not eager to see Coqueling pick up a serious injurie and then see us fight amonst us bec of Wengers desicions. And also remark to some situations today.

    Merti is not getting any young and faster. But we have Paulista as back up so i a not worried that much.

    Theo and Oli are both not good enough to be our main strikers. Both of them have something to give for the team, but both of them are talentwise incomplete to lead us upfront. I hope we can sign an another Striker, but how i look at it i doubt it.

    Coquelin is a blessing. He has passion and agressivity. I love such players, and there for i am crazy about him and Wilsher. He needs a back up, as his style of game will make him pick up a lot of injuries for sure. Coyg

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