Have Arsenal just done England big favour with Vardy transfer bid?

Just about all the talk among Arsenal fans right now has got just one topic, the reported transfer bid for the Leicester City and England international star Jamie Vardy. There is still the unexpected boost of the Gunners finishing above Tottenham and other incidental things to occupy our thoughts, but I reckon it must be about 99 percent Vardy right now.

We have not got him yet, of course, but if the BBC report is right about us having bid enough to activate a release clause in his Leicester contract then it is his decision. Some might say that something like this is the last thing a player needs going into a major tournament like Euro 2016 and they might well be right, but I think this could work the other way.

Surely Vardy will be feeling happy and flattered by having one of the biggest clubs in the world trying to sign him and he may have already made his decision to become a Gunner. At 29-years old this could well be the last chance for the striker to get a big move while at the peak of his powers and I feel that the biggest beneficiaries of this Arsenal transfer news could be Roy Hodgson and England.

Vardy is clearly a confident lad but the international stage can do funny things to even the best players and we should not forget that he has only just been called up and is now expected to shine at a big tournament. Having the Gunners come in strong for him can only boost his self confidence and that can only be a good thing for England.

Plus if he makes a quick decision then he can fully focus on playing well for England, so have Arsenal and Wenger just given the three lions a huge boost in the quest for Euro 2016 success?

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  1. Good thing is Vardy can shoot at anything. Only if he can shoot us to glory tha better. Liked him at Leicester, dont know how he will look in our jersey.

  2. Vardy wins his 2nd premier league with another club. He did it for Leicester and now He has done it with Arsenal.

    Vardy: I’m happy and fulfilled. I know how I started my career in a small club. I had to sign for Arsenal earlier on. At my age, one only wish to have a stint with a big club.

    One can only wish….

    What’s the little boy in Vardy’s mind saying?

  3. If this deal is done i would like to see arsenal playing 4-1-2-1-2 next year
    Sanchez is not a pure striker in this formation he can exchange positions with vardy or come from behind

  4. Thumb me down, But I dont mind Vardy at all. Some saying He doesnt suit Arsenal’s possession based game. guess so. Call it hypothetical, but I guess Wenger is going to change our style of play a lot this season. All these players also provide opportunity to use different formations, tactics etc.

    Also, looking at the signings, Xhaka (35 mil), Vardy (29 years), looks like this is Wengers final give it all season. WengerOut guys can have something to cheer about. No way Arsene would have bought these players if he was planning to stay on longer.

    Peace guys

  5. It appears to be true that we did activate his release clause but again why would he leave Leicester? That’s the club that brought him out onto the international scene and believed in him when he didn’t even play in the Championship. He won the Championship title and the Premier League title in his 4 years there and we now expect him to move to Arsenal when he can play Champions League football with Leicester? Unless we offer him astronomical wages what other reason does he have to join us?

    1. You forgot a very important aspect. His Partner. A person can have any morals/beliefs, but they go down the drain when you need to keep your partner happy.

      Have heard she favors a London life. Maybe thats a reason. Who knows.

    2. Don’t need to offer “astronomical wages” . He will be happy with £30k-50k more per week, live and playing in London, Champions league every year, Leicester wont maintain winning ways, loyalty doesnt exist in football with players

      But higher wages alone will be enough. Footballers are greedy

      1. @Darwin, i guess you are right about his partner. The thing is all sorts of rumors started flying around as soon as we triggered his release clause. Even just read he’s flying to Colney lol.

        @Robertthegooner, why the hell would he be happy with 30k-50k a week after moving to Arsenal? Leicester are probably already trying to increase his wages. Would you be if you’d just won the EPL, were second best scorer and broke a EPL record? Makes no sense at all. Plus we were all saying Leicester’s run will eventually end then they went on to win the EPL.

        I can see people are already jumping the gun as we’ve all done so many times over the years and expecting him to sign when there is no proof he will or wants to. Plus his style is completely different from ours. We’ve all seen him thrive with Leicester’s counter attacking football and you expect him to want to come walk the ball in the net with us?

        1. haha i understand your arguments but you just made a small mistake ^^ he wrote 30k-50k MORE, meaning that an offer which is higher than the offer from LC by that amount should be enough motivation for a lot of the players and i dont disagree with him ^^

    3. Ras, come on, we are Arsenal. We are one of the biggest draws in the wold. At his age it’s now or never, he would look back and totally regret not trying it at the biggest clubs. At least he can look back and admire what he’s done at lei ( cant take that away), Alexis Ozil Cech all chose Arsenal, of course Vardy should jump at the chance.

    1. Since the news broke of Arsenal triggering Vardys release clause, there seems to be pretty much a 50:50 split between gooners as to wether he is the right choice.
      He wouldn’t be my first choice of striker, in fact probably not even in the top 5, but he is still an upgrade and something different to what we currently have. He has a hunger and some fight in him and added to Sanchez, Wilshere and the newly acquired Xhaka, it looks like we could be building a team of battlers, with some fire in them. Which we haven’t had for a while. Plus he clearly knows where the goal is and has premier league experience.
      If paying 20m for him instead of 50m on some of the other strikers that have been linked means that we have the cash to also strengthen the right wing with another hard working, hungry player. Then I personally think it could be a very good piece of business.

  6. I think the thing with formations is it changes as the game goes on. I love the 4312 formation. My interest in the diamond 4 is to have Ozil playing close to 2 strikers(Sanchez and Vardy) a DM(Xhaka, Coq), A deep lying playmaker(Cazorla,)playing close to the DM who can dribble and play long balls, A box to box Midfield general who can run and cover grounds. One with Energy to burn(Ramsey, Wilshere) who also contributes to the attack. He chases every ball and every opponent.

    Campbell, Walcott, Iwobi, Giroud all fighting for the 2 places upfront. Iwobi will have a big season next year. Xhaka at times to replace Cazorla(who can play in the Ozil role) in the CM.

    Ballerin Gabriel Kos Monreal

    X. Xhaka. Cazorla Ramsey/Wilshere.


    Sanchez Vardy.

    Our fullbacks to provide the width.

  7. I have DAT feeling that he will fit well in an arsenal team… We have as much quality midfielders than leceister…goals will be flowing in cos of his speedy movement

    1. Unless we change our playing style to suit him, trust Vardy to end up like Walcott. Just like Walcott he thrives best in counter attacking football and exploiting space with his page like we’ve seen him do countless times. We all know Arsenal pass A LOT and try to walk the ball in usually which every team knows and simply sits back to give us no space.

      We all seem to forget the main reason why Leicester won is because they defended very well as a group and countered with deadly force which is why they usually won by a small goal margin. Before we all get super excited we need to analyze all these factors.

      1. Some think Vardy cannot suit Arsenal system. It is precisely because of Walcott that I think he can. We all seen Walcott begin to work out early in season. Wenger would choose Walcott for some games and Giroud for others, until Walcott stopped running, stopped scoring, and wasted whatever came his way. Vardy is a finisher, a better one than Walcott or Giroud for that matter. Going by last season of course. Also Vardy is a fighter, we didn’t get that from Walcott. If Arsene thought a player like Walcott could work out up top, well then this signing is the same picture, taking a second stab, but with a player who has necessary tools which Walcott just didn’t have.

  8. Pep guardiola targeting bellerin which is highly unlikely. Arsenal have stated they to Barca that he won’t be sold now Man city are trying their luck which is improbable. Funny how city think they can still buy Arsenal players. Only Sergio Aguero can entice Arsenal.

    1. I don’t think they realise, that it was always our decision. With Barca it’s different, and Madrid, in England it was always down to us.

  9. Been reading a few articles about Vardy since the news broke and I must say the comments from other fans were just flooding in. They say Arsenal fans always moaning and are step down for Vardy but that’s a joke and I can tolerate that. The thing I despise though is when they post some truly vile comments and it’s mostly Man Utd fans. It’s disgusting and and disgraceful to their fan base but I guess that’s normal to them. I’m baffled how they would take time out of their day to comment on a post that has absolutely nothing to do with their club. I guess some people’s life is just that pathetic that the only attention they can get it to sit behind a computer and type such disgusting things to get a reaction. Sad!

  10. ———–Cech——

    I like it already. Was a little hesitant at first given his age and meteoric rise, but he’s an EPL winner, has fight in him similar to Alexis and most imporantly can score goals. I imagine his numbers can only go up with ozil/cazorla/alexis feeding him. Finally someone who can put away our chances, I welcome Vardy (if it indeed happens) with open arms!

  11. In all this euphoria over Vardy’s goalscoring, do not forget that five of his goals were penalties and he played more time than giroud. In terms of minutes played per non penalty goal in the PL his stats are the same as giroud.

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