Have Arsenal just sealed Sterling transfer?

If this game against Arsenal was a crucial one for Brendan Rodgers and his Liverpool team, it could hardly have gone any worse for them. And it could have massive repercussions for the club that their manager arrogantly suggested were bigger than Arsenal and more likely to provide the much talked about Raheem Sterling the chances for trophy success that he claims is uppermost in his mind.

Sterling was probably their best player but will not feel any more inclined to extend his Liverpool contract after Markovic blew the chance to set him up for an easy tap in to open the scoring. Then he had to watch his defensive team mates roll over and allow us to put the game to bed with eight minutes of magic before halftime.

Do you think it crossed Sterling´s mind that he would have loved to be involved in the great link up play and creative football that the likes of Ozil, Cazorla, Alexis and all provided? I am sure he will not be looking forward with too much relish to playing Europa League football on Thursday nights next season.

And with his club in a terrible state and with crushed morale heading into the FA cup replay away to Blackburn on Wednesday, Sterling could see his last chance of winning something this season disappear along with any realistic Champions League hopes.

Time for Arsene Wenger to put in a bid of £40 million and a pound perhaps?

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  1. I’m afraid to ask but I just started making YouTube videos of my beloved Arsenal,
    unfortunately since I don’t have subscribers, they barely get watched.
    If your interested, I just uploaded a video of our Academy players – Akpom, Gnabry,
    Crowley, Bellerin, Zelalem and Maitland-Niles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCJws-wpK_c)
    and one of Ramsey (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlvHUFtcyYQ).
    If you could give them a go, I’d be sincerely grateful,
    if not, I wish I could give you your reading time back, sorry to bother you.

    1. Your right I think.
      On the left we have Alexis and I guess Stirling could shine his boots for him? He isn’t the big CF we play with currently so no chance there plus we have Akpom who looks like a great potential and should be stepping up (hopefully) next year.

      On the right I would say is the most likely place he could fight for but in all honest I want to see Gnabry given time there and Wellington Silva will be coming back to us at the end of the year so thats another wide man who will need to be evaluated. Thats not including Joel Campbell who I dont know what will happen to and Theo Walcott with his contract…

  2. Srsly? When u have Ox and walcott in the team when the latter is struggling to get into starting 11, you want to burn 40-50mil on Sterling? Top talent no doubt, but do we really need him? I certainly dont think so. Also I think we have invested enough in forward department. We need further investmemts in defense. A CB and CDM will be my priority in the summer while sending Chambers on loan.

    1. Interesting thought with sending Chambers out on loan, he does need game time…
      If we buy another CB then we have to think about that player for X amount of years and well… how would that fit? I like Kos and Gabriel, I think they could make a good partnership and Chambers I think would be a good player to have on the bench due to his versatility. Chambers can cover RB and CB.

      Should we also dismiss the thought that Per could become great for us? Yes he has pace issues and sometimes we would do better with him not being on the pitch but other times his experience can be a asset for us, I would be happy to give him another year still before selling him off and buying a rep for him 😉 I dont forget that it was the partnership of Per and Kos that helped Szcz get the golden glove with Cech last season, he has proved he can perform well… could he perform that well again?

      I would like to see another holding CM come, someone to rotate with Coq and to help pass on some experience, this leads me to Khedira ^.^
      Not the fittist but then that plays well for Coq and Beilik, while Beilik is still very young we shouldn’t forget about him, they both would get more oppertunities at game time compared to signing a holding CM who never misses a game. Also Khedira can do the box to box and as such may work exceptionally well alongside Coq and a viable tactic for holding a 3-0 lead, like how we bought Flamini on today.

      Other pos I would be happy to see players come in:
      CF (Welbeck used on wings so much I doubt Wenger trusts him fully as CF… yet?).
      GK (Szcz smoking in buildng was just wrong, he is reminding me of Bendtner with his silly actions and attitude. Happy to let Szcz prove me wrong though ^.^)

  3. Ramsey’s influence in the MF goes so unnoticed. He seems to change positions across the midfield and final 3 every other minute with his relentless work rate and thus always creating confusion in opposition which in turn creates extra spaces in the mf enabling our stars more noticeable players to express themselves more freely. The only thing missing in his game right now is goals. Still a top player for Arsenal!!

    1. where did this come from….gets to far forward and arsenal’s worst player today by a country mile….lost ball all over the park and fluffed early chances which fortunately didnt count thanks to the markovic sterling fiasco….part of reason liverpool had more possession than we did…

  4. Come On. We have a list of players that can do better than Sterling did in any positions that he played. We have to focused on strengthening our CDM, CB, GK instead of what Sterling can offer for us. Having Sterling on RW or any other positions that Mr Wenger plan for him will not get us any better.

  5. Chelsea still have to play

    Man United

    Other games are against relegation strugglers who will give it 100%
    It’s not over

  6. Proud of my fellow gooners. Emirates was rocking today. We were so loud today and the players heard it.


  7. Hats off to Giroud his a great striker ,Welbeck needs to polish his final product I still prefer Wallcot over him ,with the latter being more of a goal threat ,and MAN CAN THE COQ tackle !!!! Great game,great win ,great Gunners .OT Ozil’s body language still irks me awesome goal from him though.

    1. Walcott over Welbeck and disappointed in Ozils laid back demeanor? Let me guess Ramsey MOTM.

    2. Last season I would argue that Giroud would do better with rest and/or competition and I can’t say how happy I am to see him perform, he shows so much passion and dedication that I didn’t want to think he would be a flop.

      The way he is currently performing I dont want any other CF in the world! If he keeps performing like he has since the Monaco game (and to be fair before that game, that was just a bad game by all the team) then I hope we don’t buy a CF unless that CF is younger than 23 and happy to wait a couple years before being the main man, train a successor and not a replacement…. and we do have Akpom who might be that man…

      Walcott/Welbeck… they both frustrate me, can’t we just merge them together into a Walbeck?
      Walcot is better in front of goal but Welbeck is better with putting in a defensive shift. I like to see Arsenal defend from Giroud backwards 🙂

  8. I see lot of comments like”where will he play,will replace Walcott on the bunch”,”we don’t need him”,etc,Wrong!Sterling is a great,young and most important INTELIGENT player.Walcott in my opinion is a runner and that is all,I see Sterling passing the ball well,create oportunities and have lot of assists.We need him!Walcott have his chance to prove,now is time to leave,and yes,maybe Liverpool will make a great attack with Walcott and Sturidge,but a “no-brainer”one,a attack who will score against little teams,but not against bigger one.Cazorla have already 30 yo,he will play great a while,and will dropp like Arshavin after a period,Sterling and Sanchez would be letal for us.We need this guy,will be a great player for us and the national team in the same time,we can have in few years the best players of national team(Chambers,Sterling,Wilshere),obiosly if they will progress.If we buy him,after this we will need just some great defenders,and can challange the title again.

    1. How about Alexis on the left and Gnabry on the right?
      Wellington Silva will be returning and he has been showing he can run and pass quickly and smartly… although a bit too inconsistant IMO to be a starter, still a squad player though and one with talent and happy to work hard and try to force his way into the team.
      Although the Ox has said he would like to play more centrally, he is good on the right as well and having to fight for that spot against Gnabry, Wellington Silva and Theo will only mean good for Arsenal FC.

      Thats not thinking about Alexis on the right and the other options that could work as I just like to see Alexis on the left, he works so hard, cutting in and only thing that lets him down is his successful pass % but that’ll increase under Wenger ^.^

      1. What Gnabry or Welington ever do in BPL,in the first league?Nothing!They are good prospect for the future?Sure,but they need to be loaned out for a season,to play in BPL constantly to see if they are or aren’t good players,if they confirm,how are they against real players.At U21 are very mutch good players but just 20% become good/decent players,others”born as talent and die as hopes”.Sterling already confirm in the first league,he is a certitude,we don’t need another Walcott to keep 4-5 years and not confirm.I don’t understand that part of fans who want that team to play with no name young players,but to win trophies.This is a young and a player who will play sure in the first 11,not who come to get some chances and play a match he,another Gnabry,another Welington,etc.Let’s have a great first 11,and on the bunch young players,to can win something,not just play the game for fun,we have a profesional club,not an amateur one.

    2. You seem to be a fan of sterling which is fine but has clouded your judgement on him.

      What do we know about him?

      He is creative but is poor in the final third.

      Where does arsenal have an abundance? Yes you have got it, creativity. You may laugh but we have ozil, Sanchez, carzola, Ramsey and wilshere.

      Where we can improve though we don’t lack is in the last third.

      Sterling can’t help in that department.

      In truth sterling needs to improve to get into our team.

    1. Shame of you honestly. Thats how low your mentality. Instead of enjoying our success you want opponents players to injure themselves.

  9. He is good. No doubt but not worth the money
    Liverpool will want (probably) over £40mil (maybe 50). It’s a waste because we have a budget and need another DM and striker. Also, I believe that
    We can get as good cheaper or better for that price.

    BUT We have Alexis, Walcott, Welbeck, Oxlade, Ozil (and even Cazorla and Ramsey) all of whom are quality players who can play winger.

    So I don’t see the need or sense in getting him.

    We should focus on another DM and another top striker because we need at least two top quality players in every position

    Anyway, that is my opinion

    1. Totally agree, good player or not, he’s not a priority. We’ve the Ox, Theo, Gnabry, Alexis, Welbeck, Silva, even the forgotten whatshisname …and when needs be, both Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky who can play wide. CDM and poss a CB or striker are the priorities.

  10. Let us not focus on sterling but cherish today’s win. Our finishing was amazing, wish we were like that Against Monaco

    1. That’s true. It’s just another silly rumour anyway

      It’s more fun thinking about our Win
      Can’t wait for MOTD
      I’ve seen the goals on YouTube
      All great goals.

      We played really well in second leg but just played pathetically in 1st leg. Really a waste of a great draw.

  11. A World Class Striker isnt priority atm
    A World Class DM would be second option but with Le Coq in this form doubt he would play better than him
    I would go all out for Cech he wants to leave and stay in london, he would bring leadership and command in the box a briliant keeper at 32 could become the next lehmann

    1. I will begrudgingly agree with what you said about Cech, Ospina is great though and I would be sad not to hear the Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooospina chant.

      I wouldn’t be sad to see Szcz sold and if so then Cech would be ideal, not the youngest so Ospina still has a reason to fight rather than feeling frsutrated. We need 2 world class GK so 1 towards the end of his career for a couple years. By then I hope Ospina would of improved the little bit he will need to be a better GK all together and we can look at either promoting a talent or pinching a young talent to develop.

      Saying all that, I will be happy to see Szcz stay and fight for his spot, lose the attitude he appears to be developing and become more like the Szcz who was eager to prove himself. I am put in the same mindframe when thinking about Szcz that I use to be in when thinking about Lord Bendtner.

  12. Come on Stoke.
    Give us a chance

    Damn United. Wanted to break free of them

    Remember City played Burnley twice and didn’t win either
    Burnley beat City
    Burnley drew City
    Burnley drew with Chelski

    So we must not let today’s Win go to our heads. Yes we beat Burnley at home but away is always tougher. So hope we don’t underestimate them and play well for 90mins +

  13. Ooh. Costa on for Chelsea at half time, now off injured….could be the end of his season. Stoke scored from 60 yards! Haha. C’mon you orks…didn’t think I’d ever say that.

  14. Sterling will go to Man C, as he said it’s not about the money lol. If Liverpool can get £50m for him then good luck to them, another bundle of money they will waste on part time players! Sterling is a young lad with talent, but not £50m plus mega wages talent

    1. We would regret giving away wilshere. He has great chemistry with rooney and sterling.

      Lose him to another top four team will strengthen them. He would add something to all our main rivals.

  15. We d’nt need him,will rather have reus.Can play no10,striker & winger.He is a more all rounded player

  16. I really like sterling but I don’t feel we really need him. If you think for the wide Attacking positions we’ve got Alexis, Welbeck, The Ox, Walcott & Gnabry fighting for those positions not to mention another 3-4 players who can play there. We’ve also got the possibility of Wellington & Campbell coming back next season. Also I can really see Bellerin moving into a more advanced position in the future. He 100% a quality player & a big chance of him becoming world class in the future but I don’t see him as a main striker and like I said we’ve got many players to play on the wing and I honestly believe the likes of the ox and Gnabry could Oslo become world class.

    Plus for what he’d cost you could easily get players like Lacazatte, Vietto or Dybala for much less who all have as much potential and would all be more what we need which is an alternative striker to Giroud who’s versatile so that it ensures you can keep all players happy with plenty of playing time. For me if your talking 50m for Sterling just add another 10 to that and get Muller who in my opinion should be the main target. Very very unlikely but you never know.

  17. Sterling is doing to Liverpool what Van Persie did to us. Van Persie accused us of not having much ambition towards winning things. Sterling is not very far away from making the same accusation against Liverpool. We better stand warned that once he is here, he will treat us the same way, forcing us to sell him where he thinks there is more “ambition.” Besides, he wants higher weekly wages than we are comfortable to pay. We have built a formidable team of players with cohesion too good to be disrupted by one greedy, over ambitious player. Let Sterling go to Real Madrid where media rumors first linked him.

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