Have Arsenal already slipped into same old rut?

I am one of the Arsenal fans who thought that our long serving manager did a brilliant job keeping us at least in the fight when all the crazy money from the likes of Chelsea and Man city came about just when Wenger had to make do with less due to the Stadium move.

So while many of you were calling for a change of coach I waited with confidence for the time he would be able to prove you wrong. The problem is that I am still waiting and instead of getting closer to the Premier League title we seem more distant than ever.

If there was ever going to be a kick up the arse I thought it would be us dropping out of the top four but even though it did happen this season and with the protests and endless media speculation I am struggling to see any difference.

Are we really going to go through the same old thing this summer? Is next season going to be yet another carbon copy where the Arsenal fall apart at some point and we end up chasing 4yh and perhaps a cup?

I hope not but is it just me or does it feel like nothing has changed?



  1. It doesn’t look good at the moment
    It’s not just Ambition we lack but the ability to pull off big signings. Other top teams do a better job than us.

    I don’t know what the heck Wenger is doing Other teams seem to be more active

    Liverpool are after Mbappe and Lacazette
    United after Belotti, Greizmann, Morata, fabhino
    Chelsea after Lukaku and Mahrez
    Ibrahimovich going to MLS

    If we don’t get Lacazette and Mahrez minimum or better, then we are screwed and confirms we lack Ambition

    I am hoping and praying for the besg
    But I’m not very optimistic

  2. Arsenal as a team need to buy for present and plan for the future same time. We have like 34 players on board, so at least sorting out some loans and sells asap should be a good start. Make way in the wage bill for no-contributors is a must.

    Then comes transfers.
    The club needs some vision to sustain this exponential growth in player price in transfer market. Each year, we should have 20% of transfer budget set aside for youth players, 17-21 years. Below this age they will be anyway academy prospects. They can be part of Arsenal youth setup, go on loan 6 month at a time or stay as a backup. That should be 4-5 players each year. Else why hire and pay scouts a salary?
    Then the rest 80% each year should go to buy 2-3 top players. Depends on requirements ofc. Add that up to any sell and we will have a good transfer kitty. Do this for 3 years, combine that with our academy prospects and we will have chance to promote 1-2 players per year from within who will be ready to play in EPL.

    With all its TV money, EPL does not have the best pulling power when it comes to stars, either we overpay (The English Tax as they call it), or miss out. Long term it will be hard to sustain the current model.

    1. Best article so far someone else finally talking the truth we are a team regressing. Not progressing a joke of a team and club even Tottenham as past us we are dropping like a stone in water.

  3. The definition of Insanity is, DOING THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS. We used to be a club off passion and ambition but we have turned jnto also rans. I blame Wenger a little and I’m 1 off the biggest W.O.B’S out there however most off the blame has to be with the owner. To be an owner off a successful club you have to be ruthless. This guy Kroenke has no balls. I don’t understand how a guy with no balls like him can become a billionaire, anyways this club will continue to backwards until somebody like Usmanov or Dagnote or someone else passionate about AFC and has his own money to invest takes over. I would have liked to see Wenger get 1 year under a new owner to truly see if it’s his philosophy or Kroenke that has held him back with this self sustaining model crap. Anyways you fans over you in the UK have to do everything you can to rid our club off this cancer that is Kroenke. If you see a Kroenke out banner in the stands when my Goodness come to Australia next month that will be me there.

  4. Whoever was expecting change must of been on another planet since the team moved stadium! Why will this season be any different to last season or the season before that and so on ? Arsene Wenger has already stated his team is special loaded with world class players and only one or two additions is needed but they must be better than what he has at the moment.. We have heard that for the last 10 years the man is like a broken record I don’t even take his interviews seriously anymore, truth be told we already know what he’s gonna say before hes said it.. Poor refereeing, I didn’t see it! If we find the right player we will do it, we have a responsibility to win games one day when when I’m not here you will see that.. The club is run like a circus Arsene Wenger is the top dog and what we’ve learned this season is the man is bigger than the club and will leave when he decides and that’s that. We can protest until we’re blue in the face but fact of the matter is Wenger wont change and wont be going anywhere soon champions league or no champions league in his mind he built this club and its his.. Us fans will just have to continue to support the team regardless its in our blood.

    1. well said. my sentiments exactly. out of your reasoning flows what I have been saying for a while, hope for a top 4 finish because reasonably that is the best we should expect and will be difficult as it is. Don’t buy the hype that we can win the PL because it will only sour the mood when reality sets in.

      Sad reality yet reality none the less.

  5. I think Arsenals days of being a mid table club are here,you can thumb me down all you want but it’s the TRUTH.

  6. I feel sorry for fans who thought things would change. Why would things change? What has changed to suggest that something will be different?

    Same owner, same manager and same staff (more or less). What is going on now is the annual push to fool the fans into believing we are going to strengthen the squad so we can make a push for the PL title. It is the same “show” each season. The moment Wenger signed his new contract the next 2 years were set in stone when it comes to how they will pen out.

    Better get used to it and no need to complain about it.

  7. Only thing that can change at kroenke’s Arsenal is that we can fall further down the table.
    Especially since I don’t believe Arsene is on the same level as the rest of the coaches in England, to be honest. And they’re all getting better, because of the ruthless competition.
    Also, I’m not buying into this crap of Arsenal supposedly bidding for the likes of Mbappe and Lacazette with any other intention but to bid low enough so they can say they’ve tried. The only ones they honestly bid for are cheap and free players.
    If Ox and Bellend stay, I’d be more than happy.

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