Have Arsenal left it too late to keep Jack Wilshere next season?

You can’t blame Jck Wilshere for not yet signing any contract extension at Arsenal, especially as has only been offered a pay cut but linked to performance bonuses. The midfielder was practically begging Wenger to sit down with him to discuss a new deal before Christmas, as promised by the Boss, but Arsenal didn’t actually disclose their offer until last month.

But now Jack has the luxury of finding out what other clubs could offer him if he DOESN’T accept Arsenal’s offer, and it could simply be ‘too little too late’ again from Wenger. When Le Prof was asked by the media today about how the talks with Jack were progressing, he told reporters: “That decision doesn’t depend only on me. But I want him to sign very quickly.

“He is still to make a decision and to find a pen somewhere, I am happy to give him one.”

But the fact is that now it is approaching the end of February, and Jack not only has not signed, but he is also aware that he is not going to be an automatic starter for Arsenal when Aaron Ramsey is fit enough to fight him for his place. Jack has always admitted that he just wants to play for the Gunners, but he has also stated many times that he wants to be playing every week as well.

If another premier league club came in and offered him more money plus a guaranteed starting spot, not to mention a massive signing on fee as a free transfer, who thinks he could turn it down?

Darren N


  1. Me says:

    Who cares?
    Honestly, what has Jack Wilshere offered for the last four seasons?
    Lots of promise amounts to nothing when you cannot deliver or you are long term injured.
    I would not be overly bothered if he left..

  2. Daniel Sutherland says:

    Honestly not too bothered about Jack potentially leaving. His goal tally for a midfielder is crap anyway. Even though he’s been fit this season we’ve never been able to fully trust that he’d been injury free throughout his Arsenal tenure. He’d always get bullied by top PL strong midfielders like Yaya Toure. But it doesn’t help when you have sh*te like Xhaka next to you.

    1. Dean says:

      Goal tally is not everything. Jack’s a playmaker unlike Aaron – box-to-box. Check Iniesta’s stats – literaly shit compared to Paulinho, but who would you rather have??

      Agree with the rest. Jack suddenly play well JUST when he wants a new contract. Could be coincidence, though.

      70.000 plus bonuses seems fair for a player with his injury record. If I were a gooner playing for our team, I’d take it. Maybe Jack is not really fully invested in Arsenal…

  3. Shortboygooner says:

    Jack is arsenal through and through but yeah. Tbh either sign already or leave. Happy to keep you happy to see a better player take your place mate. If he wasnt a gooner would we care that much. Nope

  4. Freddy bart says:

    Jack is still better than xaka Eleny
    Should stay shame he’s injury prone

  5. Innit says:

    Wenger good at waiting till the last minute. Very good at procrastinating. Either sign late, losing a signing late, losing a current player late.
    Sometimes it works out ala Ozil on last day or Ozil re-signing or signing Arteta, Mertsacker
    Sometimes not ie. Losing Alexis in Jan (which wasn’t his fault but should have sold him in Summer) Signing Welbeck on last day, signing Kim Kallstrom on last day and of course losing Lemar on last day

    Just one of Wengers flaws

  6. AndersS says:

    From what I have read, Wilshere has received a decent offer for a new contract with Arsenal, although it does mean pay cut. That sounds fair to me, as his injury history has meant he really hasn’t been worth, what he has been paid so far.
    If he doesn’t want to sign, then so be it. I am behind Wenger on this one.

  7. Avenger says:

    well well well whats going on Wenger your team is loosing
    0-2 where is the authority in Arssenal ? I am nor surprise
    the way you are planing and give the players incentive and confidence
    Arsenal is playing to nothing Wenger Out

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