Have Arsenal made a mistake over Nketiah’s loan at Leeds?

If we don’t want to recall Eddie Nketiah, then Arsenal must ask Leeds to play him regularly.

It was all over the news on Monday afternoon, how Arsenal had decided against ending Eddie’s loan and recalling him back to Arsenal. This news may be good to hear but then, my question is, what happens when a player on loan doesn’t get playing time? Should we allow him rot on the bench or should we recall him?

Nketiah is a player from our academy; he is a natural goal scorer and while at Arsenal, he performed brilliantly whenever he was called upon to play. He did so well playing for our junior team, that he was rewarded with a call up to the senior team; a move that was meant to slowly introduce him into topflight football. Last season, not a few Arsenal fans wanted him to be our third-choice striker, while we kept on using Auba and Laca, until they were ready to leave the club. The club probably reasoned along those lines, and that was why he was sent on loan last summer, in order for him to gain playing time and probably lead another team’s attack.

When it was announced last summer that he was being sent on loan to Leeds United, many wondered why such a move was even considered, but then later agreed because it was obvious that Eddie’s career would be helped if he was in a club where regular first team football was a guarantee.

Some months after his move to Leeds, Nketiah’s career is in a fix! It is being reported that his lack of regular playing time got the Arsenal board worried to the extent that Arsenal had to look into the matter. Well, Arsenal have considered his situation at Leeds united and come up with a decision to allow him to continue his loan spell..

I have nothing against allowing Eddie to remain at Leeds United, but please, I wish Arsenal could be firm and insist that Leeds use him regularly or risk having him recalled back to Arsenal sooner than agreed. What is the use of sending a player on loan and such a player does not play regular football? He was sent on loan in the first place so that he won’t rot away on the Arsenal bench! So why would he be sent on loan because he needs playing time, and still not play? We need to start protecting all of our players, no matter where they are playing. Leeds had better start playing our future striker more often or return him to us. Am I right, Gooners?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I disagree. Why is Eddie not playing? Clearly The manager does not feel he deserves to Be. If you’re ever coached or managed, you’d know that the biggest reason usually is effort and ability shown during training. Eddie needs to learn to fight if he ever wants to make it arsenal. Serge gnabry rotted on the west brom bench and turned out okay. Stop babying our youngsters and let them learn to fight and take responsibility for their own success!

    1. This is totally out of order and blatantly wrong.
      Do you know even follow Leeds Utd? The only reason Marco insists on using Bamford his because he said Bamford plays for the team more, while mostly Nketiah is the natural goalscorer who others hardly benefit from.
      You’d know over 90% of Leeds Utd fans keep on calling for Nketiah to be played over Bamford.
      It has nothing to do with this training Búllshît you guys love singing about. It’s just the same scenario Giroud over Lacazette keeps reflecting under Deschamps. It’s not training related, stop spreading false stories all around.
      No nobody’s spoiling Nketiah, he needs to play. Follow Bristol City and Leeds Utd for just two weeks and see how Bristol City fans keep on regretting they didn’t get Nketiah and keep wishing they can still get him, while Leeds Utd fans keep on questioning Bamford over Nketiah.

      Also, using the Gnabry at West Brom is too petty and also a wrong call. Gnabry was loaned to the wrong club under Tony Pulis. Tony Pulis never gave him game time, Everyone knew the heat between Pulis and Wenger those years and how Pulis clearly insinuated he dislikes the club and hates playing against em.
      You have no shame though, to say fans are trying to spoil our players on loan, because just two months ago, after the UCL match against Spurs, Tony Pulis clearly stated he was wrong about Serge Gnabry.
      Rather, fans like you would kill players with enough potentials.
      Jesus, I’m glad you don’t run the academy

      1. Not going to lie and say I follow Leeds and sounds like they weren’t the right choice but I’m not In favor of rescuing a kid from a tough situation. Toughen up and fight your way out of it.

        As for gnabry, how do you know that his tough/terrible experience under pullis didn’t help him become the player he is today? He needed some tough love instead of the typical arsenal coddling. He was overweight and didn’t work. Look at him now. Not every important experience in someone’s life is a good one!

        Which arsenal academy players are amounting to anything? Our problem from academy to our “stars” shares the same theme. Soft and spoiled. Hard to win with that recipe

        1. That’s because Tony Pulis didn’t help him a bit, Tony Pulis was never a coach who uses technical players, his favourite game was brute strength and over the top long balls, West Brom was the wrong club to loan him to at that pont. I recall some fans on here including myself pointing out how we’d prefer him under another coach, anybody except Tony Pulis. Under Pulis we saw a player losing himself. He was treated badly by Tony Pulis. Don’t forget he had only returned from a long term injury, instead of getting game time, Tony kept saying all sorts of negative stuffs about him and kept saying he’s overweight, he created all sorts of excuse.
          Gnabry got back from the loan, Wenger handed him a new contract, but he needed playing time and assurance which be wasn’t getting, off he went to Weder Bremen. He got his chance and Bayern came calling after seeing what he’s capable of.

          Again I ask, are you still blaming Gnabry even after Tony Pulis admitted he was wrong concerning Gnabry?

          1. Gnabry wasn’t living up to his potential. Something clicked in his head and the rest is history.

            What I’m telling you is maybe the reality of “I’m not even playing at brom” influenced his rapid development.

            Eddie needs to realize that he’s not on track to become the top player everyone predicted 2-3 years ago and needs to figure out why..

            I’m not telling you that the Leeds situation is good. What I’m telling you is that if Eddie is ever going to live up to his potential, he needs to be Able to displace bamford, even if the boss isn’t the sharpest.

            By the way- starting giroud over laca ended up in a wc win so maybe not that dumb of a decision..

  2. Nketiah is not playing at Leeds, will he get plenty playing time back at Arsenal? Martinelli seems to be far ahead.

  3. I will keep saying it, for us to be formidable, I still maintain we play a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 system with our quickest players. Call Nketiah back, he has the same energy levels as Martinelli. Pepe should play one twos link up game with his team mates, that’s how he will be more effective and he should stop the unproductive dribbling and be more direct like sterling.











    1. Luiz? Am I seeing correctly? Luiz? What are you smoking, Franko? And Özil on the wing? No, my friend, think again about your selection. Furthermore, after last night, I am actually glad Bellerin got injured and was replaced by AMN. If Freddie had shifted Chambers to RB and brought Luiz into the moddle, we would have lost that one too.

  4. On Thursday I reckon we will have:

    —— Martinez
    Mustafi – Luiz – Medley – Kolasinac
    —– Xhaka – Willock
    Nelson – ESR – Saka
    —– Lacazette

    Sub Kolasinac and Lacazette off. Play Holding and Mavropanos if they’re fit.

  5. Its a tough one but Nketiah needs to play regular football. Whatever the reason he isnt playing at Leeds he needs moving to a club that will play him 100%. It doesn’t matter what league it is in but he needs regular football and that it. He isnt getting any Benifit sitting on Leeds bench. Its obvious Biesla sees him as back up to Bamford regardless of what is happening. Move him for everyones benifit, well his and Arsenals.

  6. I’ve listened to Marco Biesla a few times regarding Eddie. It’s all tactical for him, I don’t understand why he hasn’t tried using both of them at the same time. Maybe it won’t work, but constantly when he sticks with Bamford and they need to chase a game, suddenly he’s always bringing Eddie from the bench.
    I understand he wants Eddie to play for the team more, but I’m sorry, Eddie is only doing what any youngster would do on loan. Do his job, which is scoring goals. I find it a bit dumb though that people would question strikers whose primary and most important duty is to score goals, people would call them out for not doing the job of a midfielder or a defender.
    For strikers, scoring goals comes first, then other all round play comes into place.
    Why TF are our coaches sticking with PEA over Lacazette every time then?
    If you listen to some fans, you’ll end up leading yourself into failure.
    PEA ain’t no all round player or team player or any of that, but the reason he can’t be dropped his that HE’S ALWAYS DOING HIS JOB!! WHICH IS TO SCORE GOALS!!
    So please pardon me if Nketiah on loan who score goals and contributed to points earned is being asked to become another Lacazette for leads, work his socks off for others and hardly scoring, because that exactly is what Bamford is.
    Sorry, I’m yet to see any of between Wenger, Emery, Freddie, drop PEA and stick with Lacazette as the no 9 just because he’s a team player.
    I think Eddie should’ve been recalled, and sent to Bristol City, those guys keep begging to have a striker like him in their starting line up.
    More game time and experience for Eddie, win win for everyone and Marco can stick to Bamford

  7. There is of course a very simple solution which would suit all parties.Loan him out to the likes of Charlton where he will play every week.

  8. Trust me even he is not playing as much as I’d like,if he trains hard and listen to he’ll back to ARSENAL s much better player trust me,
    Off topic,Quatar owners are buying shares in Leeds United and if Leeds get promoted it will be a full take over of the club via l’équipe,it will cost them 120M!

  9. He’s sitting on the bench at Leeds which is good practice for when comes back to us to sit on the bench when needed.

  10. AFC don’t seem to be very cute when it comes to player loans. I believe that most loaning clubs have a clause in the contract that the player must start a certain number of games, but this doesn’t seem to happen in our case. Martinelli also reported having a bad time on loan at one of his clubs. I think Nketiah should be sent somewhere else. Having watched him play for England recently it doesn’t seem he’s progressing in other areas of his game.

  11. Sell Auba, bring him back, rotate him with Laca, buy a top CB, get back to EL places in the League, try to win the EL and still qualify for the CL next season. Simple as. Sometimes the hardest choices are the best choices.

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