Have Arsenal made a mistake with their Player-Of-The-Year nominations?

Have Arsenal made a boo boo over the player of the year nominations? by Martin

The nominations for the Arsenal player of the year award have been released and while the six players nominated are all deserving it is the omission of Aaron Ramsey that stands out.

These are the players n the short list as announced on Twitter by the club.

It makes sense to leave Ramsey out because you do not want your player of the year not actually playing for you, which is the case with Ramsey, but is it really justified?

I think it is, if he was a genuine contender then maybe he should be included but I personally would not pick him, not because he is leaving us but because there are players far more deserving of the award than the Welshman, so why even include him?

I have no doubts there will be some of you that think he should be included but look at it from the point of view of the club.

They use the player of the year for a whole host of events, I remember many many years back when a certain Kenny Sansom awarded trophies to my school team, he was announced as the Arsenal player of the year handing out our schools player of the year award, there are charity events, PR events and so forth, none of that can be done if you have a player that is no longer with you.

Also, how can you be deserving of the award if you are not staying with the club, surely being loyal is part of the award, I am not saying he has been disloyal but he cannot be branded loyal either.

It is interesting to know if I am in a minority here or do you think Ramsey should have been included?



  1. As long as Lacazette rightfully wins. Ramsey has been good for us, but wasn’t all there beginning of this season and then he was relegated to a non-starter for a while. The players listed for PoTY have been consistent starters throughout the entire season. Besides Leno who we had to wait month or two for him to grab the starting spot.

  2. Leno gets my vote…. I could vote for Xhaka though, just for his twitter handle tho… #GunnerGranit… nice

  3. All the players listed have done well and are deserving of the award. I will choose any of the players over Ramsey, as long as this season goes

  4. Slightly OT: Liverpool and Tottenham achieve CL semifinal with three and more British players in their starting line-ups. Admirable, yet it hurts because Arsenal used to have several world class British players as starters

    Based on my observations, the British players usually go the extra length to fight in big EPL matches. For instance, Ramsey’s hardwork in the last London derby

    Ramsey is not nominated but he always puts in extra effort in this season. That’s why Arsenal need to get more high quality British players

  5. Personally I think the list is too exhaustive.

    It should be a straight choice between auba and laca. The rest have all done OK, including Ramsey but not for the whole season. Auba has more goals, but Laca has more work rate. Of the rest I would probably put Leno third as he has come in late and basically forced a premier league legend out of the team and into retirement, he is slowly ironing out his own faults too.

    With Ramsey, Ospina, Asano and Cech being first out of the door, I am expecting quite a few more to leave. Elneny, Mustafi and Lichsteiner would be top of my hit list. If Welbeck is interested in a stay then great, give him 2 years, with a further 2 years option if we want him. Others I would seriously consider selling are Macey, iliev, Jenkinson, bramall, and to try and increase the budget and reduce the wage bill, ozil and mkhitaryan. I would even look at getting money for koscielny and monreal who are clearly past their sell by dates, whilst a cool £40m offer for Xhaka would also turn my head.
    Even Without any new signings I would happily field this team next season

    Holding Sokratis(c) Mavropanos
    Bellerin AMN Torreira Kolasinac
    Lacazette Aubameyang

    Martinez, Chambers, Guendozi, Willock, ESR, Nelson, Nketiah or Welbeck (if he were to stay)

    Obviously offloading 16 players over the age of 23 seems absurd, but look closely at that long list, it’s not exactly teaming with potential, consistency or workmate. It would take a massive amount off the wage bill and generate a tidy transfer kitty for Emery to bring in his own men, some with experience. workmate and ability that could walk into the first X1, as well as a few with outstanding potential. There is already 7 homegrown in my list of 19 as well as 5 that would still be classed as u21, so there is room to add up to 6 new foreigners over the age of 21 if need be.

    We need to look forward, we have some exciting youngsters and a whole host of deadwood. Our Manager needs to put his own mark on his team. If I were to change that starting x1 I would probably be looking at 2 centre backs a central midfielder, a left wing back and new no.10, hopefully leaving me budget for a left winger to change it when I needed too. I would certainly be looking at my u23 starting x1 of
    Ballard, Bielik, Medley,
    Osei-tutu Nwakali Olayinka Thompson
    Amaechi, John-Jules and Saka to be pushing their way into the squad too

  6. It is between Torreira, Laca and Season Sokratis for me.
    I would then give it to Torreira by the skin of his teeth only because it’s his first ever season in a completely tough league and he has done well in general. Even he he dropped off a bit for a few games.

  7. We are not a charity case. Ramsey and all the likes have fcked us over due to their greed. Run down their contracts in orderr so drain every last drop of cash from us even of they have had been inconsistent players.

    All these money grabbing girls can go and…..
    I live it like that. The resentment I have towards players is too much.

    1. “Girls?” You must be referring to our ladies team, though I realise your spiteful insult, which fell like a lead balloon, was supposed to show your frustration. All it did is make you look immature and spiteful, Goonster!

  8. For my money there are four candidates head and shoulder over all the rest. In my chosen order, leno, laca, torreira, auba. The rest nowhere, in comparison.

    1. Jon I agree completely with your list, I came up with the exact one. Leno has shown to be class and consistent in the goal, something we have lacked for a long time. Laca has shown real quality, Torreira is special (when played in his best position DM that is), and Auba is 2nd in PL goals; exactly what a striker is supposed to do.

      1. I concur ..Leno for me ,auba second because of his goal scoring,laca and Torreira next best .
        Ramsey as played well when called upon
        Ozil not really given a chance
        Players that have improved Xhaka and AMN.

  9. Auba, Laca and Xhaka are the top three candidates, in what order I can’t say yet because we’re at the business end of our season. Right now though if I had to choose then I know in what order I would choose.

    Leno is a big fan favorite and has played well in his first season, better in second half of season, but not a player of season type showing if you ask me (though he has been assuredly strong of late).

    Torriera has had a terrific first season, he’s definitely in the top five, but again, not the player of the season at this stage. He works well with Xhaka and I like the partnership and the maturity they both possess.

    I have faith that for the most part – the Arsenal fans will be completely fair and as impartial as they can be, leaving favoritism and preconceptions out of their assessment, though I believe there is a number on this site which could never do that, whether it’s knowingly or unknowingly whatever may be the case. That’s not to say that I am right with my judgement – I just know that I am not going to hold any past misgivings against anyone, nor am I going to look more favorably on a player within his first season (or because he’s a firm fav of mine). Unless he totally stands out when compared to all of his opposite numbers, then he’d deserve his extra praise.

    An example from the number I spoke of – I’d just have to say – Imagine if Iwobi and Ozil both made the cut because instead of five options – it was a top ten category. Or I could say – Look at our last winner, and how, if it was left up to some then he might not have even made the top three.

    Our fans on the large majority are very good with this stuff though. I think our fans see the game better and more clearly than most other other fan bases.

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