Have Arsenal missed a trick by letting Liverpool snatch this Brazilian striker?

With the latest injury news concerning Danny Setback I honestly thought that Arsene Wenger would bring in a reasonably priced striker to give Arsenal an extra attacking dimension when Theo Walcott predictably goes back into the treatment room in February.

The best bet at a good price was the Brazilian hitman Pato, who has regained his excellent scoring form at Corinthians back in Brazil, and he had already told everyone that he fancied a move to the Premier League, so where would be better for him than Arsenal? Surely he wouldn’t need much persuasion to join a team at the top of the Premier League?

Not only that but the ex-Gunner Edu came over to London and discussed Pato’s availability with Wenger, which makes us missing out even more baffling! Edu, when asked if he was met Wenger to discuss the sale of Alexander Pato, he replied: “I wasn’t there to tout him around but if people ask about him, I’m going to answer,”

“I talked and they asked questions – not just about him, but about a few of our players. They know them well.

“I had lunch with Arsene Wenger and he asked about [Pato] and about others.”

Now it seems that Liverpool have snatched him and I am sure that they have got a top striker at a good price, and I feel pretty disappointed that Wenger didn’t take the chance to give us more attacking options….

Who else thinks this could come back to haunt us?

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  1. stop moaning about strikers
    we have
    and wenger said 4 of these are world class and one is the new coq.
    what we will get in the summer is either one of these.
    isco pogba rakitic
    arteta flamini rosicky debuchy are leaving.

    1. So you believe everything Wenger say’s? Are you sure Giroud, Theo, Joel and Welbeck are WC. Only Sanchez fits that bill unless the definition of WC has changed.

      And I can bet my house Arsenal is not going to get Pogba (80mil player +), Rakitic (mr reliable at Barca and in his 2nd season) or Isco (the Madrid darling with Zidane in charge).

      People moan for a WC ST for a good reason, WE DONT HAVE ONE SINCE VAN TRAITOR LEFT. Mind you I said ST which Sanchez is not, neither is Theo, Joel nor Welbeck to be honest. Only natural ST we have is OG and his not WC plus even he deserves proper competition and a rest.

      Not so worried for the midfield as even our academy has some good players coming through.

      1. who cares! as long as we keep winning with these players, I’m good. City have “world class ” players, but they are behind us on the table. hell! we even kicked the sh*t out of their world class asses!

  2. Theo – Giroud – Welbeck – Joel – Sanchez >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pato.

    He can go to pool as he does not improve us anyway. Only room left is for a WC striker and nothing less.

  3. This will surely haunt us

    Giroud and Walcott are inconsistent and are not far from injuries.

    The earthquake of Wenger out come may will be devastating.


  4. Sometimes it frustrates me when Arnautovic is getting 10k per week and Shaqiri getting 30k while the likes of ox and Wilshere are getting 75k+ per week. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t a hater, but imo giving them high wage at this stage will only do harm on their growth as a football player. They’re rich already they have less motivation to work hard and fight for starting places.
    And I’m really sick of these transfer rumors about wt Deeny?Pato?Ighalo? Please we’re better than that and when people moan about the lack of activity in transfer windows, please think of the likes of Balotelli, M’villa, Aurier..(much more) all those names being shouted by some of you guys but turned out to be a failure. I ain’t an AKB but I’m pretty sure Arsene knows better than all of us here.

  5. It doesn’t matter how other teams do their business. If Wenger was really about buying whoever our rivals want, then we would be stuck with misfits like, Balotelli, benteke, Jackson Martinez, Remy, etc

  6. According to the watchdogs elneny will be announced today.

    let me be the first to welcome him


  7. “when Theo Walcott
    predictably goes back into the
    treatment room in February.”

    Totally biased Line…..

    Every single match the Likes of Ox, walcott or gibbs plays uninjured, there is cause to thank the Good Lord for it!….

  8. Wellbeck 16 mill waste
    Debuchy 12 mill waste.
    Gabriel 15 mill ok… just.
    Chambers 16 mill ok… just.
    After also buying Sanchez for 35 mill
    I have a feeling Wenger is on a tight budget now.
    Arteta Rosicky Flamini Sanogo will leave for zero.
    Cazorla Mertz Giroud and Koscielny all over 30
    and unlikely to fetch any more than 7 mill a piece.
    Wilshere pretty much finished.
    So Arsenal have 10-12 players to replace
    over the next 18 months with little or no resale value.
    The club is therefor looking for cheap replacements
    like El neny and or promoting youth players
    like Adelaide Iwobi Akpom Niles.

  9. “when Theo Walcott
    predictably goes back into the
    treatment room in February.”

    Totally biased Line…..

    Every single match the Likes of Ox, walcott or gibbs plays uninjured, there is cause to thank the Good Lord for it!….

    Always wish their future well and not try to play GOD…..and Like u know what will happen next

  10. I was actually hoping Wenger will not fall for Pato. Good thing he goes to Liverpool. Pato is going to wake up painfuly in EPL. I actually don’t believe Liverpool will buy him but if they do, more than pleased.

  11. To be sincere,am kinda jealous about the Pato to liverpool rumour,bcos I remember when he was at Ac Milan he was sought after by many big clubs some of us even wanted him at Arsenal then…
    Buh seriously,I trust wenger’s judgement on whoever he signs or fail to sign…
    We cannot be blaming wenger whenever he dint sign the players we want,I could name some players that we have always wanted and they turn out to be flops…
    The Telegraph is reporting that Rabiot is on the brink of 15m move Arsenal

  12. ***OT***
    R.I.P. David Bowie
    “There’s a Starman waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds.” He did…

  13. I am seriously hoping Wenger goes in for Pato and gets him. Dude is at the right age, undoubtedly very talented, experienced and highly motivated to succeed (especially after all he’s gone through). Not even talking about how his skill set will fit into our style.

    However, I trust Arsene’s decision on the matter however it turns out to be. There are quite a few solid reasons to trust Arsene on the matter.

  14. Pato isn’t even half the player he was.
    Surprised he hasn’t become a superstar
    he was a cracking striker when he was

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