Have Arsenal missed a trick with Pedro transfer?

While the vast majority of Arsenal fans have our fingers and toes crossed that we will soon be seeing the France international striker Karim Benzema running out on to the Emirates stadium pitch in the famous red and white shirt, there is no guarantee that he will be leaving Real Madrid at all.

And meanwhile the other potentially available strikers are being snapped up by other clubs around Europe, including our Premier League rivals, such as Liverpool completing the transfer of Benteke, which I am not happy about. Even if we do not get Benzema this summer though, it is an out and out centre forward that most of us are looking for.

Basically a replacement for Olivier Giroud who came in for his fair share of criticism after the West Ham defeat. But I think that was unfair on the big man as he did not miss a load of chances but was starved of any decent service.

That is why I wonder whether the words of our former strike star Thierry Henry, reported by the Daily Star, on the subject of the imminent transfer of Pedro Rodriguez from Barcelona to Man United should be a concern. He thinks the move will be great for United as the Spaniard is the perfect player to have out wide.

Henry said, “Manchester United will be getting an excellent player if they can complete the signing of Pedro.

“He was the perfect team-mate for me at Barcelona because his understanding of wing play was second to none.

“No one was better at applying pressure from out wide. It is a position that is in his DNA.

“It’s been drilled into him by a lifetime at the Nou Camp and why I believe he will be such an important acquisition for United.”

So if the former Gunner is right, can someone please explain to me why Wenger did not go for Pedro? It’s not as if we are snided out with top class wingers is it? And with Giroud’s ability in the air and as a target man, would it not be a good idea to utilise the wide areas more?

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  1. we can sign 10 world class players but Wenger poor tactical decision will still destroy us

    time for a change…..

    Wenger out!!!!

    1. Agree wenger has no tactics and also screws up in transfer market every year. He spent over 120 m last 3 seasons and still he hasn’t signed a top striker, cdm and cb. It took him 10 years to realize we need top keeper cech. Now he is gonna screw again by penny pinching and signing injury prone terrible player on deadline day.
      Wenger out is justified. Fo akb’s

    2. Indeed with Wenger you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks,his tactics will always cost us against teams who defend deep like Sunderland,Swansea did because in all these years he still doesn’t know how to break them down!

  2. The question raised will only be answered in time…
    Injuries. If Theo, Sanchez and The Ox manage their fitness and find the form they’re capable of no, it won’t be a major loss.
    Relative Incoming Transfers. With our luck with injuries, we’re an established scorer short. If we can acquire a better player then I doubt fans will care.. If the window closes and our squad is still the same, yes Pedro would’ve been huge.
    LVG failed to utilize, inspire or get anywhere near the best from one of the most dangerous players in Europe last season. IMO he has shown himself to be pretty inept at integrating star names. I’ve been recently talking with a friend who followed him at Bayern, his strength was bringing through and getting the best from talented, young players (mueller, Schweini), not being afforded major funds and managing large ego’s…
    Pedro seems to be a fighter.. May be a different story, but who will be sacrificed? Depay, Young, Mata, Januzaj? Their options up front are already pretty solid… Young is a prick, but he’s a pretty huge part of LVG’s system who seems to have found form and confidence.. Integrating a new player in an established position of theirs seems risky to me.
    I’d be more worried about their CB’s who, Smalling aside, are rubbish…

    1. And that’s why we’ve missed a trick we should have been in for him,for the right wing he’s a better option than both OX or Walcott

  3. We want pedro but we need a cf and cdm! If we don’t get what we need I’ll be disappointed we don’t get what we want

    1. The real answer is because their signed the thing. I think Pedro would compliment Sanchez really well and both could feed of giroud and other players. There wing play and hardwork would notify the wide threat of any team. Forcing them to play through the middle were we have many players.

  4. we can sign Pogba, Konbabagia Benz Cavani….

    but Wenger will screw it up by playing them at the wrong position……..

  5. Why don’t we just sign EVERYBODY then we have 50 players competing for 11 spots! And you’re happy.


  6. Seriously???
    And now Arsenal must hijack every player other teams are in for???
    Pedro to join with all the CAMs we have got???

    I didnt even bothe reading the article, its title demolished it already.

    1. No you didn’t read did you. Pedro is a WINGER and not a CAM that you tightly say we have and play at the same time too many of!


  7. I wouldn’t mind Pedro, he would fit us way better than Man.U and is reportedly available for 22m? That’s a good deal, but if we are after a winger my choice would be splash big on Griezmann, him and Alexis would be danger on our wings. Reus also has to get a customary mention too lol

  8. Because RW is the one position on the pitch we already have alot of options. Natural right wingers in our team are:


    That is 3 very high standard right wingers. Granted you could add Pedro and play with any 2 of the 4 but it does not solve one problem. ALL of the above players are right footed and will be inclined to cut in from the left meaning we have NO natural left wingers. While Pedro adds quality, it is not in a position where added quality is hugely beneficial. A natural LW however is VERY useful to us. I just don’t think Wenger will want another player in the same mould as the high quality talent we have when other positions are much thinner on the ground.

  9. We have got Iwobi. Someone who understands the tactical side of the game. 19 years old. Good age to be thrust in. Let’s give him games. Chambers is someone that can audition as a ball-playing DM. Sometimes can be rash and timid in challenges…still his immense composure can fizzle out those drawbacks with games. He is a very player.

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