What has Alexis Sanchez done to upset Arsenal players?

I am not saying that the Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez is nailed on to have a second season with his new club that is as good or even better than his debut campaign in the Premier League, but I do think that it is very doubtful that his standards will slip that much.

So surely the former Barcelona striker is a decent bet to be very close when the Arsenal fans start voting for our Player of the season some time next year, wouldn´t you say? Strangely enough, though, among the Arsenal players that spend all week training with the talented and highly driven Chilean player, only one has put the name of Alexis Sanchez forward for who he thinks will be our star man this time around.

The France international defender Laurent Koscielny went for Alexis, but as revealed in a Metro report, the others went for a variety of Arsenal stars. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was the main man with four players; Kieran Gibbs, Hector Bellerin, Aaron Ramsey and Chuba Akpom selecting the Englishman, perhaps with his stunning strike against Chelsea in the Community Shield fresh on their minds.

The Ox himself, along with Olivier Giroud, went for our summer signing Petr Cech. The keeper joined Francis Coquelin in thinking the skills of Mesut Ozil would be the key and there was one vote each for Santi Cazorla (picked by Alex Iwobi), Aaron Ramsey (Walcott), Francis Coquelin (Wilshere) and Theo Walcott (Gnabry). The club captain and vice-captain sat on the fence and gave the diplomatic answer of saying the whole Arsenal team.

So do the Gunners know something about Alexis that we don´t or have they simply forgotten how awesome he is while he has not been there? And who do you think will be the main man this time?

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  1. Right now cech will be the difference maker, his experience, leadership and hunger for winning will be massive for the club. It’s already widely reported that he keeps drilling into the team that he wants clean sheets every game they play lol i mean come on now. He’s also won everything you can win at club level so to have a player like that it is no doubt he’s the chosen one for the player of the year.

    If we get benzema then there will be a PL trophy at arsenal this season, i’m telling you, if benzema can score 22 playing with ronaldo/bale, could you imagine what he’ll do if he was the main man up front?

    1. Everything you’ve said is on point… but Wenger is still wondering who came up with Benzema’s name! Doubt that will happen!

    2. Agree on Cech.

      Benzema had a similar goal rate at Lyon without Bale/Ronaldo. Ronaldo had 19 assists in 2014-15 and Real scored 100 goals on top of Ronaldo’s tally so Benzema’s modest total not entirely explainable by Ronaldo’s presence. His goal rate for France is less than 1 in 3, OK but not spectacular. And why will he be the main man if we play a system that encourages Alexis/Walcott to score from wide? Will they be playing to serve him?

      1. Someone in the Reus, Draxler, Lewandoski mold. Quick athletic and technically sound is what we need imo.

  2. We must increase our goal differential by 15 in the league and we’ll hold the title. Where that 15 comes from I’m not sure. Maybe 5 from Cech and the new defensive cohesion, the other 10 is going to require the exisiting core players to score near their career highs.

    1. Though I agree with what you’re saying somewhat I think it’s a little bit over-simplified.
      The goal difference means absolutely nothing if you’re flat track bullies throughout the season…
      a 6-0 vs newcastle is cancelled out by 6x 0-1’s so it’s not really a telling sign.

      ‘Existing players to score near their career highs’ I disagree..
      We have at the bare minimum five players on the pitch capable of scoring, and scoring from a variety of situations as well. We share the scoring load around a lot.
      Personal accolades are great.. And so are the beautiful goals we score. But i’m not fussed whether it’s Giroud’s shoulder or Sanchez scoring something godly when he has absolutely no right to! As long as we have one more goal than our opponent, it’s the job done for the day.

      1. When I checked the avg goal diff for champs during the last 10 years was 52. Ours was 35 last year. sanchez high epl is 16, giroud 19, walcott 14, Ozil 7,welbeck 9, ramsey 10, cazorla 12…you get my point. 7 goals are also gone courtesy of yanogoals and poldi. Other than ox where do you see a realistic chance of substantial improvement on their career high? I dont care where they come from but another versatile attacker would definitely help.

        1. Sorry I didn’t mean to disregard what you were saying, reading over it it sounded more dismissive than my intention.
          City’s goal diff was 45 I believe last year and Chelsea’s 41? sorry i should look it up, but my obvious point is that it doesn’t tell the whole story. They had a lot of games where they scored 6 and 7 and then there were games they were outscored by a much lesser opponent. I know goals are extremely important, but decimating a team means bugger all if you don’t back it up the next week.
          I think if we can find more of the solidarity we did last season, the 13 goals we conceded second half is the pillar to build upon. The fact that the entire pre-season we conceded once is very promising!!!
          But to answer your question it’s not just Ox, we’re adding Theo back as well who is IMO a very dangerous threat.. A bit more threat on the flanks will increase Giroud’s production as he thrives when making space for himself for cut-backs and in the air, obviously. Santi was the constant victim of woodwork and world-class saves 🙁 Ozil’s runs and decisions pre-season leads me to believe he wants to get on the scoresheet a bit as well.
          Ramsey’s an X-factor. It could be 5, 10 or 15 who knows?

          1. Excellent points. I’d just like a little more bite. A team hasnt won it with less than 41. I was just throwing a idea out and hoping for some intelligent feedback. Hope justified. COYG!

  3. All i can say is im looking forward to another “awesome” season from alexis for arsenal. Coyg!

  4. Thanks for saying maybe as that is not guaranteed.Goal dfiferential increasing is far from guaranteed.The best thing a team can do is to possibly win every match then we can talk about goal differential which is of secondary importance.Anyway i still hope Gabriel is given his chance to shine so that we can see what he can do.He is going to be the star of next season if given the chance mark my words.

  5. Gabriel deserves his chance and he will be next years star.When he comes to the party and acclamatizes he will be our best defender mark my words.He will be next season break out star i tell you.

  6. The question was not “who had the best season” or “who is the best”, it was “who do you think could be the star in this coming season”.

    And you don’t need to quote “Metro”, its on Arsenal dot com

  7. I must say that when I first watched the video on Arsenal*com on the players’ choices, I was as surprised as you are that Sánchez & Cazorla were barely mentioned… but in retrospect, I realized that these players already know what these guys can do. They talked about Alexis & Cazorla all year last year, and I’m sure they haven’t forgotten. I get a feeling that some players took the question as asking about players who are expected to bring their game up to the level of these two. The Ox looks more likely to hit the heights he was meant to get to!

  8. It’s simple, out of sight, out of mind (Pre-season games). Many will remember with shame and shyness

  9. Cech and Coquelin have made us very solid defensively. Last season we didnt have a top keeper and top CDM at the start of the season. We also didnt have striker with Giroud injured in August
    and Alexis adapting to EPL. Now we have fit Giroud, Walcott and Ox in great form. We also didnt have backup CB, Now we have Gabriel and Chambers much more experienced. Our fullbacks
    Bellerin and Monreal have earned their right to bench Debuchy and Gibbs respectively.
    Ozil must surely deliver this season. Alexis is beast no matter what. Just add CDM and ST now and the squad is complete.

    1. You’re right. Our start last season was just ordinary. We were hoping for a win rather than going into the game knowing that we will win.

  10. And I think the question the players were asked wasn’t ‘who will be our best player’ i think it was ‘who will shine?’
    The majority of the players went for the Ox, I think it was clearly to put faith and confidence into one of our young players most likely to step up.

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