Have Arsenal profited by not having fans inside stadiums? (opinion)

Arsenal have enjoyed a positive run of results since the Coronavirus pandemic forced clubs to play behind closed doors, and the lack of fans inside stadiums could have played its part.

Two positive results against Liverpool, both without fans!
One thing I have noticed since the return of football is that the pressure for our boys in the sense of having fans present and having to do well, has not been apparent as much.

Previous games where we were winning and then pegged back, we would have maybe lost or drawn, but since lockdown (and since no fans present), we have been in positions where we have found winners and have grinded out results.

Games we would have lost last year we are fighting harder to win, we are showing something that hasn’t been apparent in our team for a long time, winning mentality and ability to do so, never giving up!

I feel as though our boys are thriving without fans being present, of course they would love fans to be there to celebrate the wins and the trophies we have gained, but as we all know circumstances right now make that almost impossible.

I do often wonder how the FA Cup final and the Community Shield would have gone had there been fans. Decisions, pressure and penalties are one thing with fans present but a sense of relief is there when they are not there it seems, especially for our team.

Previous years at Anfield hasn’t fared us well in front of their fans either, so if we can go there in the space of three days and get two positive results then we know the lack of support has a better effect on Arsenal than it does on Liverpool, as we have so far beaten them twice without fans present in stadiums!

I want nothing more than to get back to normal and be able to watch our boys live both home and away, but if that cant happen for a while, and our boys keep grinding out results, then I would rather stay at home and watch them win then return and see them lose! Gooners?


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  1. It’s the same for all teams and i dont agree. Some people said our home fans were a distraction but our home form was ok. Our away support was excellent but our away form was dire. Our results had nothing to do with the fans. What is going on now has nothing to do with the fans not being there.

  2. After seeing what Westham did to Wolves, I’m glad we nicked those 3 pts…. people spoke of them like they’re a very poor side, and we’re entitled to beat them. At least going forward they won’t be perceived as walk overs…
    Anyways…. on to tomorrow, let’s grab the win against Liverpool. Make it 4 – 0 against Klopp, Arteta!…… COYG!

    1. They’ve got some decent players, AY75…that was an excellent result for them. What a gem Bowen is!
      I can’t believe we have to play at Anfield twice 😖 surely we’ll win one of them?!!

  3. Previously players were often unable to hear communications from the touchline because of crowd noise. Managers like Wenger rarely gave instructions during play.
    Today Arteta is constantly talking, even using different languages for players of different nationalities. (I hope his aim is for the whole team to communicate in English.)
    Unlike Arteta who is new to management, experienced managers possibly haven’t fully adapted to the opportunities that no crowd noise offer.
    Previously I’ve often thought that coaches were limited to demonstrating their own passion and energy in the technical area and hoping this transmitted to players and fans. I guess coaches will now increasingly attempt to direct players and play. Who knows, if it’s permitted, near silent grounds might even see developments like specialist defence and attack coaches stationed at either end of the pitch issuing instructions.

  4. I disagree with the author’s premise. Before we didn’t press like now, or show the fight and spirit for 90 minutes every game.
    No question we are a different animal under Arteta and the fans are smart enough to see it.
    If anything, the team will get more energy from the fans as they see the fight and spirit and will help the players push on with the crowd’s support.

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