Have Arsenal really been successful in the transfer market? I don’t think so…

Arsenal won the FA Cup and then Arteta gave away all the players for nothing by Dan Smith

Because of Arsenal’s 100 percent start to the season certain business has gone under the radar.

There’s often a divide among our fanbase where you either say everything is wonderful about Arsenal no matter what, or your accused of having some kind of agenda.

Like most things the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I, for example, love the fact the Gunners are top of the table, the only side in the division to win all of their fixtures. Yet it doesn’t mean I can’t be concerned about certain aspects of our club.

It doesn’t make me any less of a supporter if I refuse, like some of my peers, to turn the other cheek.

You can do both, want the team to succeed, but critique if you think mistakes are being made.

Our pursuit of a midfielder on deadline day took attention off the fact that we allowed Bellerin to leave on a free to facilitate his return to Barcelona.

Essentially, we ripped up his contract to get him of the wage bill. At the club since 16 and having played 239 times for us, winning 3 FA Cups and doing nothing wrong apart from suffering a couple of serious injuries, the Spaniard deserved a better exit from North London.

A loan was once intended to prove to your parent club that you could still contribute something. He lifted the Copa del Rey at Real Betis and did enough for Barcelona to be interested.

Say that out loud, a player apparently not good enough for a side who finished 5th but is rated by one of Spain’s big 2.

You know, just like Aubameyang in January. The All Or Nothing Documentary sees our manager claim to have a dossier of all of his ex-captain’s indiscretions.

So bad his employers would rather release him then wait for a transfer fee.

So terrible that they rather have Eddie Nketiah as their source for goals even though they knew it most likely would cost them a place in the top 4.

Apparently giving him away was better management then working with the player and trying to get the best out of him till the end of the campaign.

Not that bad though …… enough for Xavi and now Tuchel to overlook.

Not enough to stop him scoring goals in La Liga and obviously not enough for Chelsea to look the other way.

It’s okay if it were a one off.

If Auba was simply a personality that didn’t suit our managers ethos that’s fine.

If Bellerin doesn’t suit his ethos, that can happen.

Even if those individuals go and prove him wrong, that can happen.

Yet it’s not a one off, is it?

It’s Pepe, Maitland Niles and Mari who have all been loaned out.

Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi and Kolasinac all had their contracts ripped up.

Countless loans meant Guendouzi and Torreira lost serious value.

Even if you think those names are or were not good enough for our first 11 from a purely economic point of view, are you really saying they are not worth anything?

Use Pepe as an example ……

An asset we were willing to fork out 72 million for 2 seasons ago. Now no one is willing to even pay a million for.

It’s because suitors now know that the Gunners are so desperate to slash the wage bill that they will essentially give their players away.

Why make an offer for a Pepe or Bellerin when you know you can call our bluff and eventually, we will cave?

Our boss doesn’t have a good poker face. Pepe, as an example last started in the League in October!!!!!!!!!!!

Bellerin hasn’t been included in any squad this season!

That’s essentially telling the world what you’re thinking.

If you had involved Pepe and even pretended that you were open to him staying, then maybe you would have received an offer.

Instead, he just washed his hands of the player. Again, that’s fine as a one off, but how many players has Arteta given up on? That stance has at the very least cost us a lot of money.

That’s not his fault.

That’s his employers.

They have allowed a rookie boss to think that instead of getting the best out of the resources he has, it’s fine to just stop trying.

Let use the 2020 FA Cup Final as an example.

Don’t think about whether they were good enough. Think about how they were treated and how much money was lost.

Martinez – 20 million

An example of what happens when you treat a player fairly.

Arteta was open to have two goalies competing for the number one spot and wouldn’t give assurance to either the Argentine or Leno, believing competition would bring out the best in both.

That led to Villa making an offer.

See what happens when suitors don’t know what our manager is thinking?

Bellerin – released

As already mentioned, the only thing he very did wrong was suffer injuries that robbed him of the pace that made him so good.

Fitness issues meant that even after a great loan spell last season, few would be willing to match his current salary.

The Gunners essentially released him as a favour to Barca on a condition they were included in any sell on clause.

Tierney – Still at the club

Holding – Still at the club

Luiz – Arguably best performances for the club were in FA Cup Semi Final and Final.

Contract allowed to run down which was always the intention by both parties.

Injury ended his Gunners career earlier then planned as he had to sit and watch our campaign decline

Maitland Niles– loan

In some ways is rated by Arteta, in other ways he’s not.

Deemed good enough for us to turn down a reported 20 million offer from Wolves after his man of the match display in the Cup Final.

Yet the third manager to deem him not good enough to be anything else then a makeshift full back.

Now 25, he might look back and regret not embracing the chances he got at left/right back, a position he could have made his own.

Loans at West Brom and Roma proved he’s not the midfielder that exists in his own mind.

Why would the Saints pay a fee when they know Arsenal are so open to loans

Ceballos – loan ended

As I expected at the time Ceballos was a convenient option, a chance to bring in a body into midfield without having to pay a transfer fee.

Some Gooners made him out to be better than he was.

Returned to Real Madrid after two seasons on loan.

Has only played 14 times in La Liga since.

Xhaka – Still at the club

Lacazette- Free agent

All parties seemed to accept for a while those negotiations over a new deal had stalled with neither interested in changing that.

Laca was allowed to run down his deal, something we were promised by Vini Venkatesham would never be allowed to happen after Ramsey did the same.

Can’t blame Arsene Wenger for this one!

Aubameyang – Contract ripped up

The previous regime were blamed for allowing Ozil to run down his contract to the point he club felt pressure to pay over the odds to keep a player who had zero re-sale value.

Most Gooners seemed to not notice that we did exactly the same with Auba.

It’s never been confirmed what was so bad that our then captain was made to train on his own with no way back.

Yet it hasn’t put off Chelsea.

Pepe – loaned

Our manager gave up on him last October, refusing to start him ever since.

Even when the team were struggling for creativity, our obvious plan B was given a few minutes to make an impact.

On the few times he did, at home to Wolves, he still wasn’t rewarded with a start.

Even when Laca was clearly not scoring goals, Pepe was never considered as an option.

If I were an owner, watching my team struggling, I would demand to know why my asset worth 72 million was not being used.

We often talk about liking or not liking Arteta and Edu.

This isn’t a popularity contest.

They get paid thousands of pounds a week to work on behalf of Arsenal

Our Technical Director has the responsibility of making choices that often involves millions of pounds.

If Arsenal are failing on the pitch and not getting maximum value on their assets, then that’s not good enough

I’m sorry beating Leicester, Palace, Villa and 2 promoted sides isn’t going to make me ignore resources and money being wasted…

Dan Smith

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    1. I do watch football though and don’t see other clubs rip up contracts , the frequency we do
      Can you name them ?

      1. That is because other clubs have discipline in their DNA. Other clubs did not keep a log to rot for 22 years. Any club once they find the manager cannot take them places up the ladder, they get released or sacked. Ask Claudio Ranieri, ask Robert De Matteo, even ask Jose M. who won the EL with Man Utd! And we stuck with someone who changed us from challengers to the title to challengers for the :Top Four Trophy” then challengers for the “Top Six Trophy” In the process we ended up having a Mustafi from a Tony Adams, Xhaka from Gilberto (until Mikel trained him and made him what he is today), an Ozil from DB, and the list goes on. He changed the DNA from title winners or challengers to some tikki takka nonsense and hired players with no morals or motivation to play for the club except the exorbitant wages. Poor Mikel had to do what was needed and flush out the toxic waste or else we would have gone down like Leeds or Forest. Mikel is a brave man for having the guts to cull the non performing assets which surprisingly Unai could not do. A very long article with one motive in mind – to bash Mikel. Why? Because he banished or put Ozil in his place.

      2. Man Utd hasn’t exactly done well with Pogba, same with lukaku. Barcelona with Dembele. Chelsea have possibly six player who have left on a free or will, it is happening everywhere, so it is not just Arsenal. Players now know they can get a bigger contract if they leave on a free. It will be more frequent in the future

      3. I agree with Dan, while our incoming have been good business under Edu n Arteta, our out goings have been abysmal. Either canceling or free transfer of 6-7 players out of club is a serious issue. Not only that the ones we sold fetched us so little. We need to learn how to sell players in same way as we buy them.

    2. @NB, don’t take cheap personal shots at others. You have no clue to what most of fans do in their real life. You talk like you are Elon musk lol!.

  1. No Summer Window is perfect but I’m satisfied with this one. I think we improved ourselves which is the most important thing

    Personally I would have loved it if we had got a backup for Partey and a winger but all in all we had a good summer window

  2. This 🤡 wrote this article to fish for readers and boost traffic please we shouldn’t take him seriously cuz his a clown

    1. I think he’s been taking some profits from this website. All football fan websites or channels require provocative articles to increase their popularities

      I know some of them have an army of writers with opposing write-ups. A clever and sneaky way to invite comments

          I would have paid Barca, if necessary, to take that idle self centred scumbag away from us.

      1. @GAI
        Well I must say I’m surprised at you. You know more than anyone that our articles are from Arsenal fans with an opinion to share.
        “Require provocative articles”…. “Army of writers”
        Which websites are you referring to GAI?

        1. If Daniel Smith is just a fan who doesn’t take any benefit from his contribution to this website, I apologize

          The website I was referring to is this website, because I have seen the same writing styles in the last two years

          1. Well,agree or disagree with Dan but one thing he has been is consistent in his views, as you just confirmed yourself(in the 2 years).

          2. I don’t think you should apologize for saying what you think especially when there’s evidence to back your statement.

    2. I wrote this article to fish for readers ?
      Most people who write , yes want people to read it
      The irony you call me a clown and write that ?
      Which by the way , I get some of the highest views and comments lol

      1. Of course not but since I’ve been here this guy (Dan smith) is known in this community for writing articles that coincides with unfortunate situations the club finds it’s self at that moment in time, also this site doesn’t have a likes to dislikes system so saying I insulted Mr Smith for attention is wrong I just think he’s a clown

    3. That is really not a nice thing to say about someone on this forum, no matter your differences in opinion you should still show some respect.

      I would strongly encourage you to stick with opinions and not try to degrade others.

      OT: I agree that the management of assets under this regime has been nothing short of abysmal. I am not sure how long Stan will allow this to happen.

      Our incomings though the last 2 seasons have been pretty good.

  3. It isn’t exclusive to Arsenal and Arteta, based on what’s happened at other clubs

    Ronaldo, Maguire, Shaw and Wan-Bissaka are currently not well-suited to Ten Hag’s system, so I won’t be surprised if they leave in next summer. Bailly and Telles have already been shipped out

    Chelsea and Tuchel are even worse, by shipping out Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Werner, Lukaku, Palmieri, Batshuayi, Sarr and Hudson-Odoi

  4. Arsenal had a good window, only clubs like city knows perfect windows.

    My window rating is 6/10.

    If we had signed another midfielder of Partey caliber 7/10.
    If we had signed a winger like Neto 8/10
    And if we had sign another foward in Scamacca mould that would take it to 9/10

    In retrospect we haven’t had a window this good in many moons

  5. There have been lot’s of cock up’s in the recent past, but I do think the recent early transfer window was the best for years, Sadly the late transfer window was just like January, we signed nobody and are already in player deficit. We know what last January window did….it handed 4th place to Conte. Whether we can hold out till Christmas/January window, remains to be seen, but I don’t know whether it’s Arteta or Edu, but one of those two is complacent, negligent and not quite ‘on the ball’. Personally I’m starting to believe it’s Edu. Why on earth would Arteta want his team compromised at the last moment? Doesn’t make sense. At least we are top so it’s ours to lose, and maybe Fabio Viera will become a Bernardo and ESR become a De Bruyne. Nobody saw the deadline day fiasco coming. Such a shame Edu is not fully focused.

  6. Yeah as usual, the same suspect crying about the wage bill 🤦🏽‍♂️
    I love how you conveniently left out the fact that after Bellerin’s loan at Betis ended, the club wanted a fee for him and refused to let him go for free until it was obvious no team was gonna bid for him on deadline day.
    I love how you left out some of those important details. No single club was ready to bid for the player, and the Italian teams interested, Bellerin turned them down. You’re just gonna act like you can’t find all that details in the news. What would you have suggested? Keep the player and keep paying him his high wage while he’ll be of no use only to let him go free at the end of the season?

    I also love the fact that you keep talking about Auba as if leaving him out was the reason we failed to make too four. Dropping Auba was the only reason we could compete for top four.

    Nketiah – 5
    Auba -4

    EN – 1
    PEA – 1

    Big Chances scored
    EN – 4
    PEA – 3

    Big Chances missed
    EN – 3
    PEA – 6

    Big Chances created
    EN – 2
    PEA – 0

    One was the team’s skipper, highest paid player, supposedly ’world class’ at the point, and the other was a kid from the academy who the manager decided was better off getting the game time for his own growth and development, but guess who Dan constantly talks about like he was se failure? Eddie Nketiah, yes he’s always talking about the kid like Auba was any better and wasn’t messing up on high wages.

    Emery never wanted Pepe, that should’ve told you something about the player at least. Okay, no?
    Arteta came in, gave him some playing time but he clearly didn’t fit into what was happening.
    You can’t have a player on the pitch not contributing defensively and who loses the ball because he keeps trying some step overs.
    Mesut Ozil was hounded for years for his lack of defensive contribution, why should Pepe be any different?

    Just after his debut 5 days ago, this was Nice coach talking about him

    “He is lacking a bit of rhythm, intensity in his placements, his pressing and in his ball recovery, because everyone has to do that.

    “There aren’t any exceptions. If one or two players don’t do the work, the whole team is in trouble.
    Everyone has to do it at the same time, everyone has to defend to recover the ball”

    Yes, some big player Player was and is

    1. Okay let me ask simply
      Arsenal got nothing for Auba …
      Barcaa got 10.milkion for him
      Is.that good or bad business from us ?

      1. But Chelsea were desperate and also he performed in an inferior league. Might be the worst 10m Chelsea spend. They won’t be able to press with him in the team so it will be counter attacking football if he’s a starter and that doesn’t win leagues or even get them in the top four probably.

      2. One, totally different circumstances.

        We HAD to get Auba out. He wasnt buying into the new regime, had huge wages, and was bringing the whole dressing room down.
        I LOVED him as an Arsenal player–thought he was our new Henry–and hated wtchng him go.
        But he did have to go!

        Barca got the money they did because Chelsea got desperate. Nobody could have predicted they would sign Auba when we let him go! And … we would have lost more than 10 mill by keeping him an extra 6 mnths.

        You want to see poor business when it comes to strikers?
        Look at why Chels needed Auba to begin with: 100 mill Lukaku loaned to Inter, and Werner sold back to his former club at a 50% loss.

        1. Poor part of the business was not inserting any sell on clauses. In fact, I am fairly certain Arsenal recruitment team didn’t even know there to be such clauses in existence. Otherwise they would’ve put that on the Auba deal as they did just now on Bellerins deal.

      3. It was good business from Barca to get Chelsea to pay up.
        Whatever happened to Auba after leaving us has no correlation or effect on our business. Also are you leaving out the fact that Chelsea were desperate for a striker?
        That was how terrible he was.
        That was how all clubs stayed away from him.
        If he had stayed to see out his contract as a part player, the club would’ve had to pay him 25 million in wages. That would’ve been a more bigger loss for a player the manager had no use of. So was it good business to get rid of him for 7 million instead instead of 25million later? Yes it was good business.
        Barca did well getting 10 million for him, good for Barca.
        Chelsea overpaid for Fofana who’s not better than Saliba, Cucurella.
        Ajax did well getting United to overpay fora Martinez and Anthony too, good for them.
        Aston Villa wanted us to overpay for a Luiz with just few months left on his contract. Point is it’s only ever considered good business by the selling club. The clubs buying are the ones mostly being ripped off.

      4. You only single out Arsenal, but have a look at clubs here and in Europe, all are guilty of bad business, that’s life, try to focus on the future, we are building for the future, and we are learning lessons. Dragging over the past does what exactly?.. click bait is the only thing I can think of. Auba is gone, end of, Chelsea don’t exactly have a good record with strikers.

            1. @ D. Smith – Can you explain why only a few of them have been successful after leaving us, although playing in weaker leagues. Perhaps they never should have been bought at all?

          1. Man Utd Pogba , Chelsea Lukaku resulted in how much of a loss to how much? There had been suggestions that Federico Bernardeschi would commit to a new contract at Juventus before the 2021-22 campaign comes to a close. He will, however, be following Paulo Dybala and Giorgio Chiellini out of the club as a free agent, you see every club is guilty

      5. First you need to know all the facts than you can conclude.

        You are concluding without knowing all the facts which means you must be deluded. There’s obviously a reason why they just offloaded him, but we don’t know anything about it and should be very careful not being ignorant.

          1. Really Didrik, Bellerin won the Spanish cup, Auba helped Barca to CL qualification and second, Gouendouzi finished runner up, qualified for CL and got his first full cap. Martinez is Villas no 1 and no1 for his country now, Pepe was in the Afcon team of the tournament even after sitting on our bench twiddling his thumbs. No they did nothing!!!!!

            1. What about all the players you didn’t mentioning, because they don’t fit your agenda. Our recruitment policy has been wrong for many years, and we have been signing lots of players that aren’t good enough, or having issues with their discipline. We have definitely a potential to get better in this department, Reggie.

              1. That wasn’t the statement you made. I replied to your revelation that not many of the players let go did much. Well scoring 8 goals in 10 games and becoming a full international because of your performances, when totally disgarded by us is worth mentioning. Your statement im afraid was not correct. Thats what i am pointing out. They are facts, yours is opinion.

                1. Gouendouzi did not leave for free and has problems with his discipline in France as well. Pépé is still our player. What about Özil, Mustafi, Kolašinac, and Sokratis?

                  1. Who said he left for free and WHAT disciplinary issues? He plays every game and has now been pushed further forwards. Disciplinary issue’s my arm!!!!!! All in your head. He is a fighter and wants to win, he hates losing.

                    1. Sampaoli wanted to build a team around Gouendouzis and Saliba, why do people make up these disciplinary issues about Auba and Gouendouzi to cover the fact Arteta couldn’t or didn’t want to manage them.

                    2. Reggie, start to update yourself and check the history of these players. How did Auba behave when he left Dortmund, I respect your opinions but don’t make a laughing stock of yourself. The truth is out there try to find it 👍

                    3. Well, spending like Chelsea seems like chaos and panic. Paying £10 million for Auba isn’t risky business and no heads will roll if it’s not successful. I couldn’t care less what Auba is doing and I’m and I supporting the decision to get rid of him. I guess the robbery one week ago where he broke his jaw, made the decision it easy to leave Spain.

        1. 😉 Alonso was £20 million and Auba -£10 million. Without Alonso, Barca would have had to pay £10 million to get rid of the old player 😉

      6. Of course not but since I’ve been here this guy (Dan smith) is known in this community for writing articles that coincides with unfortunate situations the club finds it’s self at that moment in time, also this site doesn’t have a likes to dislikes system so saying I insulted Mr Smith for attention is wrong I just think he’s a clown

      7. Is that what you’re really all about The money?

        Whay Barca, Boo Arsenal. I don’t think you profit from arsenal’s financial dealings but you talk about it like you’re a major steakholder! Over concern yourself with matters nothing to do with you, picking fault where you clearly (beyond your own sense of understanding) don’t understand the intricacies of arsenal’s business and the many factors that come into play as a result of their business

  7. The manager is imposing himself and it’s working. We’re top of the league having shifted off on the cheap unwanted assets. Better than buying the league out of nowhere. We’re a giant club coming back to our rightful place after a painful transition with a sustainable plan. Bound to be some concessions to make, but personally I’m delighted. It’s taken a while but we’re finally back!

  8. Window not perect for example strikers last season we had Aubameyang Lacazette Nketiah and Balogun now we have Jesus and Nketiah at least last season we had some back up Im a dan of Arteta but by no.means was it a great window last season goalkeepers we had Leno Ramsdale and the awful Runarsson now we have Ramsdale the awful Turner and an untried Hein again weaker In regard fo this, season the team has matured and wouldnt have taken maximun points agInst tgd teams weve faced so far The one downer has been Saka whether hes tired or distracted about world cup or contract he hasnt performed well so far I fear for us against Manchester United im not a dan of Partey as think on whole hes flopped but if Odegaard and Ramsdale misding as well tomorrow i think we could easily lose by three or four If we get a result without Odegaard Partsy and Ramsdale this team could really go places

  9. Reality is one. The write here is perfectly right- making the right judgement.
    We’re doing good but losing much assets in financial market. that’s where the need for adjust supposed.

  10. «Your asset» wasn’t worth £72 million and have never been, he’s more likely worth £35 million.

    Raul who bought him had to leave in a hurry, and the Pépé transaction was the main reason. Why Kroenkes decide to offload their assets for free is a question for the board and owner. Arteta has to sorted out the mess in the dressing room to rebuild our club, which I believe is crucial for the future of Arsenal FC. Arteta is the man doing it, but he’s definitely not alone making the decisions.

    There are not many of the offloaded players who have had success afterwards, although playing in weaker leagues. Which underpins the fact that the quality was not good enough. That being said, I fully agree with you that we have a lot of potential for improvement in terms of player sales, in this area we have been inept for far too long.

    1. Auba given away for free, now valued £20 million, Martinez sold for 20 mil, now valued 35 mil, Gouendouzi sold for 8 mil, now valued 30 mil. Bellerin given away and will more than likely have a value of 10 mil plus. Just poor management of our players and teams know we are a soft touch. But as long as it works, who can argue.

      1. I don’t know the facts and neither do you. I’m sure there’s a reason but we don’t know, but still we have deluded opinions based on what we believe is the reality. What will you do with a player having 1,5 years left of his contract, rejecting to extend and rejecting to leave? Why leave when you can wait and leave for nothing and get a nice sign on fee😉 Chelsea paid £97,5 million for Lukaku how much will they get when they sell him?

        1. I agree and that is Chelsea, who have got some success in recent years, even though they over spent. Because of it, they are on the ffp watch list, which we will be on next year because of doing similar.

          1. @Reggie
            I bet you can’t wait until that day comes when Arsenal are put on that FFP list like chelsea. May be that will help soothe your dislike for Arteta a bit.
            You guys will keep manufacturing as many scenarios as possible in order to carry on with your anti Arteta agendas..

            We all would have loved to have made a bit of money from our deadweight players. But we could force them onto anyone. What did you want the club to do? Keep underperforming Ozil, Auba, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Laca, Sokratis, poorly behaved Guendouzi, etc for the sake of what? So we should have kept those players and bloat the squad so that we couldn’t being in the current players due to the deadweights taking up all the space. Right?

            And if the majority of the clubs don’t want to touch these players with a bargepole then what are we meant to do? Force them to take our players by force? Force them to pay us a fee on top of that?

            Smh 🤦‍♂️

            1. Ozil first on your list there buddy 😂😂😂😂
              You are never going let that one go are you
              (Mr shirtseller )

              1. @Dan Kit
                Again, I listed numerous names but like always you only focused on your princess Ozil. Isn’t it?
                “The Shirt Selling Genius”. Must be absolutely breaking assists, and chances created stats and of course selling millions of shirts at his childhood club Fenerbache.

                You have to relax, I know you are still seething about Ozil being gotten rid of hence your continued betterness towards Arteta and the club as a whole. You have got to let it go and move on sweetheart. The weasel Ozil was such a bad stench at our club causing mayhem/ a circus that was just dragging the whole club atmosphere and moral down. We had to get rid of that narcissist like Germany, Madrid, Fenerbache etc all did. That’s all.

                Again, I listed numerous names but as always you only focused on your disruptive cult hero, what it keeps highlighting is that you are more of a Ozil fanboy than an Arsenal fan nowadays.

                Anyways, as I said, you have got to fasten your seatbelt sweetie I will always mention Ozil’s name when applicable to any point I am trying to make. You have just gotta deal with it. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Stop going by your feelings and emotions towards Ozil and go by rationality and logic sweetheart.

            2. Goonster, putting words in people’s mouths, not mature!!!!! Firstly if or when Arsenal get put of the ffp watch list will have nothing to do with me and if they did would have to be addressed. Secondly, you are telling me i dislike Arteta, i have never said i hate, dislike or anything of the sort. I may doubt his ability but that is an opinion that is different to yours, maybe but it has nothing to do with dislike, i dont really know the bloke to dislike him. It is purely an ability issue and nothing else. Please grow up.

              1. @Reggie”
                Firstly if or when Arsenal get put of the ffp watch list will have nothing to do with me and if they did would have to be addressed”

                As you rightly say, if the above scenario happens, it’s got nothing to do with you, not your concern!

                Shouldn’t that stance be taken into account when condemning arsenal’s general management and business dealings. Nothing to do with you and not worthy of your disdain, dislike and criticism!

                1. Correct LT Dan it didn’t have anything to do with me. And IF it should happen, then mismanagement is the reason. And i wont try and put words into peoples mouths, that haven’t actually been said. We all hope it wont be an issue and we dont (like Barca and Real) have to sell to sort it.

              2. @Reggie
                I don’t think you hate Arteta but I do think you just dislike him. Hate is a very deep concept. I will only say that anyone Hates the other if: 1, That person clearly states that they hate someone.

                But I think personal dislike is or the term “Anti” is more appropriate. I do think you don’t like Arteta, you are too entrenched into that position that you have lost your sense of objectivity. You are more in the Anti Arteta camp.

                And I am not saying you can’t have or voice your personal opinion, I am not cancelling anyones opinion. You are entitled to it as I am entitled to mine. But Mine or Your opinion are there to be challenged, let’s see if they can stant up to scrutiny, can our personal opinion stand on their own merit after being challenged? And not all opinion is equal on any given issue. Some opinion can be much closer to the objective facts than others. For example you have conspiracy theorists (Trump base). They have have constructed an alternative reality for themselves where Logic, Facts, Rationality like we have come know it turned upside down. Where their personal opinion clearly states that the 2020 election was riggged and stolen away from our Dear lord Trump. While the other opinion states that the election was not stolen, so Biden was the rightful winner. You can’t tell me that in such a scenario we are fine to postulate that all Opinion is valid or equal. Clearly out of those 2 opinions one is much closer to the truth than the other. Isn’t it? The majority of the evidence favours more one side than the other.

                Apply this little logic to the topic at hand. What the club have done to force other clubs to come in and pay for our deadweights? We slapped joke price tags on these players but still I never saw any clubs tripping over themselves to get these bargains. Some of these loan clubs these players spent a season at just passed on, weren’t convinced to even make these loans permanent even with the relatively joke cash we were asking for. I did not see any serious clubs fighting like hell to sign these players some of you seem to think were attractive propositions.

                I keep asking the same question, it seems like some of you guys are more competent that the likes of Edu, Arteta Arsenal FC as a whole when it comes to working your magic in the outgoing transfer business. Why don’t you offer your expertise to the club? Send in your CV’s and decades of experience in dealing with £multi million transfers. You seem to be wasting your talents arguing anonymously in these social media platforms..

  11. Let’s agree there was a mismanagement to those mentioned players.
    My question to Dan is: most of these players went on loan and yet despite performing ‘exceptionally’ they were not valued by the clubs, and couldn’t command a single bid, why is that?

    1. Because they knew Arsenal were desperate to offload them,so why pay a fee for a player you can get for free?as seen by the number of players who had their contracts terminated, cancelled,bought out…by the club.

    2. Honestly
      I think because arsenal have shown they are willing to give players away
      So if you say want bellerain why offer a free when history shows arsenal will rip up contract…..hence bad buisness

      1. Why leave when you can stay passive and wait for a nice sign on fee in your next club. What will you do with players having 1,5 years left on their contract, rejecting to extend and rejecting to leave?

        1. Didrik:the outcome of the Bellerin saga is exactly as some of us have been predicting since the start of the window.it was just common sense.we either let him go for free and save on wages or pay a player who was not going to be playing or even registered.easy choice!

          1. I agree, in an ideal world we should sell and make reinvestments. In this world players have often a stronger position than their club. If the player is attractive it’s easy to sell, but if the players have wrong age or are less attractive it’s difficult. We can definitely do better in this department.

            1. True that.hopefully this should be the last transfer window where it happens.it is pretty much MA squad/ players now.

              1. Yes,, but the main difference is the age and their potential. I’m sure some of these players will be sold with a nice profit.

  12. The net result is that MA has the players he wants to play for him at the club, and the ones he doesn’t are not around. Yes, it could maybe have been managed and handled better in some cases. However, Arteta now has to deliver at least top 4 with these players. No doubt he would have liked two more players to come in, but even so this is now is team, let’s go.

  13. Another example of us doing bad out going business is AMN, I remember I think few transfer windows back we had the opportunity to sell him for around £30 – £40 million but Arteta kept him as part of his plan. He never played him and as a result his value went down hill. Now we can not sell him and If he goes he goes for peanuts like a others unless he puts out an incredible performance for Southampton. This is just one of many exmaple of poor out going business by club.

    1. Guendouzi sold for 10M is now worth close to 25M and that’s in the space of 3 months.he only became OM player in June/July.in the meantime Utd sold academy player Garner for 15M,who has never played in the PL.

  14. Compared to Nketiah Auba output was really bad…at that point I don’t think many teams would pay much for him and I don’t think the management would want Auba’s bad attitudes to rub off the younger players…..I also think there is more to Arsenal’s decision making than we know..

  15. I agree we could do better on outgoings, and in future I think we will. It’s a bit like turning a tanker. It takes time. Not much an incoming manager can do about contracts signed before he arrived, on inflated wages, or players overpaid for similarly.

    Arteta has now definitively put his stamp on the dressing room. He’s not really responsible for wages, contracts and all that but presumably at least has some influence there.

    The incomings have been solid. I give this window 7.5/10. We’re unlucky to have first choice, second choice and 3rd choice / covering DMs all out this early in the season. I’m not sure many if any clubs have 4 credible players for that one position. Hopefully Sambi and White are enough to get us through that bottleneck. Luiz would have been nice, but not at 30m plus.

    It’s been a relatively kind fixture list so far, that’s true, but you can only play what’s on the pitch with you, and we definitely look more polished and dangerous than last season. CL qualification and strong runs in Europe and the cups is definitely on the table.

  16. Great article and there isnt an argument that can be made against it. Its something that has blighted the club the last few years. There are no excuses, its called management.

    1. It’s called wrong recruitment policy, not many of them have been successful after leaving us, in spite playing in weaker leagues.

  17. No twos ways about it ,our asset management side of things as been nothing short of embarrassing,every club knows we can be taken for fools .
    Not sure how Dan can actually defend it .

  18. Dan
    Your brain works in a completely different way to mine and it honestly renders it impossible to engage on this article with you. I just don’t know where to start

    1. That’s the good thing about this platform Sue. We get to engage with all kinds of opinions. At the end of the day we’re all fans

      1. Me sue or Dan smith ,if me I’m not sure what I’ve said that’s so hard to get your head around ,
        Since Arteta as been here we have spent 359 million and made back 57 million ,therein lies the problem about selling players .
        Wenger used to use money from selling players when we would get big sums ,I’m not saying it’s Artetas fault but the club as a whole.
        Like I said I’m not sure how anyone can say different tbh .

        1. Not you DK as you did not write the article
          I’m bewildered that is all
          There are definitely deals that could have been done better both in and out, but not all of them are mistakes made by Arteta and the club

  19. That’s the good thing about this platform Sue. We get to engage with all kinds of opinions. At the end of the day we’re all fans

  20. Against Man Utd tomorrow at Old Trafford in the EPL,I envisage if Ramsdale is out with injury for the march, Tunner will deputize for him. And Tierney will come in to start the match in place of the injured Zinchenko. In the midfield. Lokonga will start the match as he started the Fulham game in place of the sidelined with injuries Partey or ElNeny. And ESR will start the match if Odegaard can’t. But I thinly if Vieira is now fit to play, Arteta will start him from the bench.
    My envisaged likely Gunners XI starts for our away first away EPL big game match of the season against Manchester United is wouldn’t be a rocket science if it’s happen to happened like that.
    And I believe if it happens like that, Tierney, Lokonga and ESR will seize this rare opportunity accord to them by Arteta this season to start and start again by reposing the faith that he Arteta has in them with audacious match winning performance in the game for Arsenal.

  21. So what exactly are you advocating for?Should Arteta and Edu be sacked at a time when we are top of the League.?Time to give it a rest Dan, or alternatively, tell us all exactly how you would have handled the various errors of judgement which you have highlighted.We are where we are and if you are unable to recognise that mis management is not confined to Arsenal FC you need to get out more.

    1. This is a fundamental point. Many of the critics say this or that should not have been done. However, they rarely present reasonable, workable solutions.
      Most of those players sold on either had insufficient talent or lacked the right attitude for Arsenal at this point in the team’s evolution. Many of them are good footballers but that by itself is not enough.
      I really doubt that most of those criticising the club for “poor asset management” really have a clue what they talking about. Their short sighted, narrowly perspective fails to consider what is currently been developed at the club. We have a group of young, talented and committed players eager to do well and gradually being moulded into a top quality side. The focus on players who have now left is really unhelpful.
      Yes, we would have liked a few more high quality signings but it didn’t happen and we still have some good players to replace those with injuries. Those we have should be supported as we know they’ll give their best in every game.

      1. Very well said David.All we get is criticism but not practical solutions.The first is easy but the second requires a degree of business nous which I suspect is beyond most of the armchair Managers who use this site .

      1. I agree, but I understand that many are tired of the negativity that have surrounded our club. It’s time to lift Arsenal with a different approach. COYG

        1. How is it negativity ?
          This article as nothing to do with where we are in the league and how we are playing ,it’s aimed at the selling side of our club .
          What do you want constant brown nosing articles about Arteta ,Dan as put out a few articles in the past week praising the club .
          This one is simply showing us that our club is awful at asset management.
          Not sure how any fan could actually disagree with it TBH ,but I suppose some of us don’t have our heads in the clouds and our noses rammed up Artetas Arse .

            1. I dont think it was negative but pointing out a real failing with getting players out the door and selling at the wrong time. Its not negative but a fact.

                1. Mr David (snide poster at its finest )
                  Wouldn’t usually comment on your posts ,because you make me cringe .
                  But here goes .
                  The article is talking about selling players nothing more nothing less ,as a club we have had our shorts taken down and made out asses look as bare as is possible .
                  Obviously you have a problem commenting without bringing up posters opinions ,which goes to my first point about your constant snide and petty comments .
                  The whole article was about our pathetic attempt to sell players ,that’s not opinion that is fact .
                  I would suggest actually reading an article rather than the article writer ,which you have once again done without giving much thought to what you actually post .
                  Last time I comment on any of your posts as you cannot seem to grasp the difference between an Artice that as facts or an Article you think upsets Arteta .
                  Never have I seen you post a comment that doesn’t talk about an another trans opinion.

                  1. “Because of Arsenal’s 100 percent start to the season certain business has gone under the radar.”

                    Not at all Dan. It’s just that for some, they’re not obsessed with matters beyond their control especially when such matters are not within the remit of the average supporter. As fans we celebrate our successes and commiserate our losses honestly and earnestly. We enjoy as best we can what we can achieve, however miniscule that may be but, we always hope that fortune will be good to us in the meantime.

                    We don’t assassinate our club and highlight our shortcomings by constant demeaning and criticism. Whilst hiding behind the veil of being a “realist”, an astute thinker! Whilst at the same time. It’s the same old thing, how you’re not keen on Nketiah, how the administration should be administrating, how the board should spen it’s money. Arsenal’s money and arsenal’s affairs are just that and your constant damnation on the same old subjects you like to harp on about are not yours.

                    Instead of soapboxing on here. Why not write your list of dislikes and complaints and present them directly to Arsenal football club. Tell them directly that you think they’re are doing everything all wrong and under Dan Smith’s tutelage, it could be so much better!

                    And before you take that deep intake of breath whilst standing haughty and proud and assume that any criticisms of your criticisms points to the fact that not showing the concerns you do means we might be any lesser of a fan….it doesn’t!

                    1. I suppose DK, people are missing a point of whats being said. Maybe, if we got decent money for players that we gave away, we may have got a midfielder and or a winger, that we were after. It put pressure on us with our spending. We all hope it doesn’t impact the future.

                    2. While your whole post except your last paragraph LTDan I found very worthy of a soap opera award ,maybe you missed the point that I was trying to get across to David and his constant post’s pointing out other fan’s opinions.
                      The whole article was based on our selling side of things ,unfortunately maybe you and a few other fans have once again gone on the defensive regarding something that didn’t need defending.
                      But I appreciate your post Dan as it wasn’t condescending like the usual posters .
                      Last paragraph not so good ,but we cannot all be perfect

                    3. Maybe LT Dan and David, if these articles bother you that much you should give them a wide berth. Its just discussion, you have the problem, not us. We just discuss. It was one article out of many.

                  2. Well, I disagree with several of your points.
                    Your description of how we have handled the selling of our players is your opinion it is not “fact”.
                    For the individual players mentioned, in the view of the manager those players either did not have the required quality or attitude that Arsenal need at this time in the team’s evolution. There have been far too many of these players at Arsenal over the last few years and they needed to be moved on. Insisting or implying that those players should have been sold for more given the contexts of the last few years is unhelpful and unreasonable.
                    The constant harping about how much this or that player sold for without considering the overall impact on the team-building that has been occurring has been a regular feature of negative articles on this site. This is then seized upon by those with some kind of grievance to support their view that the team’s “assets” are being “mismanaged”. This lack of perspective is what some us have highlighted and will continue to do periodically even if it is uncomfortable for you and makes you cringe.
                    In the overall scheme of things a fundamental question is whether the current approach is enabling us to develop a better, high quality and effective team. If so, our current “assets” will have much more “value” for years to come. This is far more relevant to Arsenal’s future than being unhappy that we moved on players like Kolasinac and Mustafi.

                  3. @DK – I agree with much, but I’m not fan of your nose preferences. Where you like to put your nose isn’t my business, and I can’t understand your preferences. I like to smell the aroma from cheese and wine 🤣🤣

  22. What a thoroughly depressing thread to read. The same old negative names pushing negativity all the time and a few hardy souls trying to show them how to see the light.

    But not a single post of any substance , just back biting and one upmanship. Sigh!

    1. @JF nice saying once again.

      I agree that we should be more clever with player sales, and also to say goodbye before it’s too late. But now I want to focus on the future, our development and potential success.

  23. Now I must have to clean up this whole mess. Jon Fox for being so good and legendary at saying nothing other than trying to be the last man standing on all articles. There’s no wrong done yet against Arteta or Arsenal, until DS writes. Fans here so stuffed with for or against mentality. Hopefully, this will disappear if Arsenal can win the League this time.

    1. Danke, im not sure it is about winning the league, im sure, if we get back into the top 4 with a serious challenge, everyone will accept that a good job is being done. Once we manage to do that, success can follow. We have made a great start to the season and done some excellent things, the more we get right the better we can be. Recognising where we have gone wrong and putting it right is better than burying our heads and thinking its all roses. Truthfully i think we are a long way from winning the league but that doesn’t mean we cant have a great season.

  24. @Sue. The constant harping is tiring. At this rate I can bet Dan Smith would still complain if we won the league. He would insist we should have won the champions league too

      1. @DS – what did you expect after 22 years with Merci Wenger? I expected at least five difficult years, and the pandemic didn’t made it easier for us.

  25. I think this just goes on to show that, under any long reigning management, if the recruitment policy isn’t sound, it will take years to counter the effects of those recruitments and get to the right ways. I feel sorry for Arteta as well as Unai before him. They had to deal with a squad that was to me the worst possible squad any manager could inherit.

    And the shift in the style of football that happened when Klopp and Pep took charge of Liverpool and City respectively, our squad then was possibly the least adaptable to the kind of football that would guarantee good results. And then the cleanup began. And not all decisions were profitable but to get to the squad that we have now, I think Arteta and co did adequate.

    But agree, Arsenal should really learn selling players and keeping their market value afloat even when they aren’t a team regular. Hopefully that will improve from this season onwards.

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