Have Arsenal REALLY improved this season?

It´s not all happy days for Arsenal by DN

While it has now been all but confirmed (after the draw with Chelsea) that the Gunners will go another year without being crowned as the Champions of England, there seems to be an awful lot of positivity going around the Arsenal fans at the minute. Arsene Wenger and the team seem pretty pleased with themselves as well, mainly because we are hoping to, and looking good, to improve on last season´s fourth place.

But hold on a minute Gooners, we have not won the FA cup yet – and even second place without that trophy would not be much of an improvement. It might not even be an improvement at all if you look at it from another way. The Gunners are currently on 67 points with five games left to play. Let´s be generous and say that we win four and draw away at Man United, that would leave us on 80 points and that would be just a single solitary point better than last year.

So to improve points-wise we have to win all five of the remaining games and lift the FA cup. Even if we did that and ended up on 82 points, Chelsea could quite easily win their remaining five games as well and that would leave us 10 points off the champions, whereas last season we finished just seven points behind Man City, so let´s not get too carried away with ourselves.

Once Arsenal can put a whole season of good form together and actually come close to the title then we can say we have improved. Yes we have had a great four months, but looked at over the whole campaign is it really that impressive compared to last season?


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  1. RSH says:

    we improved at the end of last season too. Problem was Wenger was too stubborn in the summer and didnt make a defensive signing. Once we got our defensive stability back we were good again. This season could’ve been better than it was honestly, but AW isn’t decisive enough in the transfer market. We need some signings for next season too, but doubt they are going to happen. AW just never seems to do what is 100% needed. Mourinho after not even a full season gets rid of Torres, David Luis and other useless players, brings in Matic, Costa, Felipe Luis, Remy and has a complete squad. Wenger keeps on leaving gaping holes and resigning players like Diaby & Arteta. This is why we cannot maintain a title run.

    1. RSH says:

      and we were so close to having Yaya Sanogo as our striker for the first few months instead of Welbeck, who is decent, but was a panic buy as well. Why AW had the intention of having Giroud be our only real striker at the beginning of the season just shows he’s not up for winning the title. Wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get someone upfront this summer either. Welbeck is not good enough to be backup to Giroud. He should only be upfront when absolutely necessary. Other than that, he’s a winger, even if he likes to think differently.

    2. josh37 says:

      You’re right we could’ve went out and spent 40mil for Mangala or spent on Zouma, Maybe even an experienced head like Toure and then have everyone, yourself included, label it a panic buy if they flop. From what i’ve seen of Gabriel i’d take him in a heartbeat over any of the defensive additions in the PL this season.
      Regardless of how we got there we now have brilliant depth, and maybe the patience in waiting for Gabriel will pay further dividends in the future as he looks an exceptional, young CB. Maybe over the summer the only available CB’s weren’t good enough in the scouts and Wenger’s evaluations.

      Mourinho’s a mercenary.. The guy inherited a billion dollar squad, gutted it and plays boring, insulting football. He’s won this year, but next season we’ll challenge heavily and play beautiful football that i’m proud to support in doing so. We’re also a club who gives young players opportunities, not millions of dollars to rot on the bench

    3. GoonerLad says:

      Isn’t decisive enough ? You’re probably the same guy that cried out for Mangala, Hummels, Vermalean to stay and 50m rated Cavani. Sometimes patience is the best way to approach the market, or have you forgotten Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez, Chambers, and Monreal were all bought by Wenger ? You’re also probably the same guy that says Wenger will never buy in January well guess what, he did this season, and Gabriel is proving to be top quality unlike Mangala who cost 40m last summer.

  2. Greg says:

    I must say our defense has shown some improvement!

  3. Godswill says:

    No. So far we are a team of one half. Last season we were No 1 at half the season and capitulated in the 2nd half of the season. This season we were rubbish (forget injury issue, Wenger did not play his part) in the 1st half of the season but about to end strongly but never at No.1. Well, above 4th place? Yes, maybe but we have not won the league. Don’t tell Wenger that he (or the team) has improved. It will backfire seriously. You don’t know him?

  4. Champagne Charlie says:

    As a whole not really (CL last 16, points tally about the same in the league), we were crap in the first half and better in the 2nd half which has evened us out to our usual standard.

    HOWEVER…..this 2nd half of the season has been unlike ANY of the ‘better’ halves we’ve mustered in recent years as we’ve seen almost all our squad issues addressed (a decent DM, a reliable GK) and our approach in big games is showing signs of change – the signs of encouragement are much brighter than just us picking up some form to make the CL spots.

    NEXT YEAR is the acid test, if we don’t challenge for the league then Wenger has taken us as far as he can in my eyes.

  5. fred cowardly says:


    We had a bad start due to injuries and a big mistake by Wenger not to replace Vermaelen and loaning Jenkison. But second half of season Wenger made amends by getting Gabriel and we got back Ozil, Giroud, Koscielny from injuries

    With Debuchy, Ozil, Arteta injured, Bellerin, Cazorla and Coquelin came through for us.

    Alexis was on fire the first half of the season but imagine How we would have been with Ozil, Giroud and Koscielny all healthy in the first half of the season.

    That’s another reason to improve depth in the Squad. We can’t expect Coquelin, Giroud to be fit all season long so we need another top DM and striker.

    We have depth in other positions
    striker: Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom
    CAM: Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Alexis
    Wings: Alexis, Walcott, Welbeck, Oxlade, Ozil
    box to box: Ramsey, Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta
    DM: Coquelin, Flamini, Chambers
    RB: Debuchy, Bellerin, chambers, Jenkison
    LB: Monreal, Gibbs (Flamini played a few matches)
    CB: Koscielny, Mertsacker, Gabriel, Chambers
    GK: Ospina, Szczesny, Martinez

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      we need more than a DM and striker

      we need a GK, CB and a LW as well…

      King Henry has spoken…the same old thing every pundits, media, fans and etc…have been crying out season after season…

    2. Budd says:

      Jenkinson was not a first squad player. I am sure you meant Sagna. Which we replaced with Debuchy while Jenko was replaced with Bellerin

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Now Casillas wants Arsenal move….

    we got 3 top class Gk to make a move on 34yo Casillas, 34yo Cech and 28yo Illoris….

    would prefer Illoris….young and experience and hes French….will team up and coordinate well with Debuchy and Kos

  7. josh37 says:

    Quite right in your criticisms.
    You’re correct in that points wise there really hasn’t been a drastic improvement, or even a minor one. It’s more been the changes over the course of the season which have pushed me towards excitement for next season. Our start to the season was horrible, though there was glimmers of hope over the course of the season, we were always, realistically, a long-shot for the title.

    But my reasons for confidence next season:
    Defensive stability and depth. Ospina, Gabriel, Coquelin, Bellerin and Monreal. Five players we wouldn’t have picked start of the season to have as big of an impact as they have had and are now integral parts in the first-team/squad. The more negative fans will pass it off as luck, or a ‘panic buy’ in Gabriel’s case but I’m sure all fans will agree (bar maybe Hafiz and his Fifa ratings) that those are five welcome names we wouldn’t have expected to have been as important as they have been in our resurgence this season. With Chambers as a very able utility and Debuchy returning and likely to give Bellerin a lot of pressure for the starting role we’re pretty stacked.
    Midfield – Ozil, Cazorla and Coquelin.. Three names who had spent only staggered times in the centre of the park a lot of the time being preferred on the wing, or not even in strong consideration for the first team in Coquelin’s case. The fact that IMO the second best B2B in the league last season (behind Toure) is being kept from his preferred position by the tiny spaniard speaks volumes about his performances. Coquelin’s defensive stability has had an immense impact and the other two have worked their asses off to keep shape and press and the results have been amazing. Ozil’s confidence has also grown and his performances are gradually becoming more influential as a result. We bought a player who has proven moments of immense quality, but IMO his consistency and output has improved beyond sight this season. Arteta, Wilshere and Ramsey have been unfortunate with injuries but fingers crossed will have more luck next season and push competition for places.
    Attack – Giroud… Giroud, Giroud, Giroud. Four months you say?.. Coincidence? Haha seriously though, the guys been amazing. For those who watched him closely he always brought a lot to the forward line even when the goals were nowhere near as frequent. The fact that he’s added consistent scoring to his name he’s now a pretty complete, selfless target man. Sanchez has been Sanchez, no need to say more. Pretty much two of the three forwards names set in stone. But RW we’ve had three unfortunate injuries to Ox, Theo and Gnabry. Three direct players who would’ve added a much needed third scoring threat. Welbeck has shown promise, but his game needs a few things ironed out before he unlocks what he’s capable of. His touch, decisions and finishing needs drastic work.. But he’s a physical beast with pretty decent technique. Not next season but the following I personally think he’ll be immense. If not he’ll have a very hard time fending off Akpom.

    In short.. Ospina, Gabriel, Coquelin, Bellerin, Monreal, Giroud – Have either emerged or improved out of sight!
    Coquelin, Ozil and Cazorla have made the midfield their own.
    Debuchy, Arteta, Wilshere, Walcott, Gnabry, Ox – Players with a lot to offer inhibited by injury, how you personally rate the players is up to you.. But as we’ve seen this season, given a chance players can surprise and come from nowhere to being immense. I’d personally back four of them to have a strong impact next season, though that’s just me.

  8. hossyAfc says:

    Some comments are longer than the original post, just saying though xx

  9. westa says:

    well well same old same old. last year de same arguments abt improvement n hope fr de nxt season n wat happened. I needn’t say more. dis season same story ain’t yu tired of these false hopes fr de past 11 yrs or so. oh n de worst part yu envy others success by calling dem boring.oh pathetic n pitiful. gooners n false hope r twins

  10. FFFanatic says:

    Have we lost by more then 3 goals at any point this season? No? Then there is an improvement.

    We don’t get spanked anymore. Since the rise of Coq we have not conceded more than 2 goals in any game except the ridiculous Monaco match and have looked securer at the back consistently. This is an improvement.

    This year we SHOULD be languishing in fourth of fifth. The fact we’re not shows the sudden improvement after Christmas. As a whole season – no improvement. BUT the squad has clearly improved (along with our tactics) in the second half and if we carry this into next season you can say there is an improvement. Basically we took a big step back and then a giant leap forward, or at least it seems that way. Ask at Christmas if there is a clear improvement – until then a second place finish and a FA Cup would be improvement so lets hope we do get that.

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