Have Arsenal REALLY upgraded this transfer window?


Dear Gooners

For a change it is good to see Arsenal has been active in the transfer market early and signing 4 new players (Sanchez, Chambers, Debuchy and Ospina) already and displaying their financial capability. But I beg to raise the question, “How much update has Arsenal done in this transfer window so far?” Let me analyze one by one.

1. Debuchy : Replacement of Sagna. Exact like for like replacement. Not an upgrade.

2. Ospina : Replacement of Fabiansky Like for like replacement. Not an upgrade.

3. Chambers : Replacement of Vermalen. Like for like replacement. Not an upgrade as of now.

4. Bellerin : Replacement of Jenkinson who was back-up of Sagna (Though Bellerin has not been signed from the market). Like for like replacement of Jenkinson. Not an upgrade.

5. Campbell : Replacement of Podolski (Guessing with probable departure of Pod). If Pod, then kind of like for like replacement.

6. Sanchez : Replacement of Lord Bendtner I guess (if played through the middle). Definitely an upgrade. If played on the wing (with probable departure of Podolsky). Definitely an upgrade in that area also.

So, the first 5 are actually a like-for like replacement and not an upgrade from last year’s Arsenal. The only upgrade we have is Sanchez. However, Arsenal needs to strengthen further in couple of areas which we all know. We need an upgrade over Arteta/Flamini in the CDM role and definitely a better striker than Giroud. Another young CB (not necessarily an upgrade but who is ready to take the challenge to be a first choice CB) will be required.

With around 10 days remaining, hopefully Arsenal will sort out these positions. Optimistic till the transfer window closes.


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  1. 1. EPL experience, check. France spot above Sagna, check. Mark as Improvement
    2. World class keeper, check. National squad keeper, check. Mark as Improvement.
    3. Not injured, check. Much younger, check, EPL experience check. Mark as Improvement.
    4.The squad is not finalized yet so you can’t compare who replaced Jenkinson
    5.We don’t know the plan yet for Campbell
    6. Sanchez is not an upgrade to Bendtner, this is the most stupid thing I heard today.

    Now let’s see : Vermaelen, injured, still out 6 weeks, sold for 12 mils BANG! Sagna, very good, close to legend status, wants more money to play, go right ahead, thank you for the memories. Bendtner, vaya con dios. You will be missed.No, not really. Fabianski, flashes of world class keeper , could have cost us FA Cup in the last second but also contributed the most to the trophy. The only one I would hang on sentimentally.

    All in all, improvements. There are only three games played, one outstanding, one decent and one bad. Still a long way to go.

    1. In all honesty Wenger has bought three replacements(Debuchy,Calum & Ospina) for departed players.Alexis was definitely needed to compete with Sh#trod.This raises the question how much has Wenger changed.Forget about title if we don’t have a good DM & CB.Don’t be in delusion that Sh#trod and Arteta can win you title.

      1. Watching Chambers and Debuchy played so far they are definitely improvements over Vermaelen (Chambers unlike Vermaelen can also play DM) and Sagna. At least we have someone able to cross from the right side. No, Giroud and Arteta will not win the title but other may do with their help. Save your anger for Everton.

    2. Budd – it boggles my mind these plastic fans. Man United are heading into a season with Smalling, Evans and Jones as their CB’s and have just recently added Rojo!!!!! If Arsenal had that back 4 we’d be crucified!!!!! Man United fans (backed entirely by the media) think United are a shoe in for a top 4 finish. Many think United will finish above Arsenal.

      This is with a midfield mind you that has Mata and Kagawa and Herrara as creative options…that’s it. And Robin Van Persie (injury risk). That’s the difference between United and Arsenal.

      At United the media and supporters get round behind the team. At Arsenal supporters move on from one crisis situation to another.

    3. Dubuchy is no way better than Sagna. Just coz the France coach chose him does not prove it. He got eaten by besiktas. Clichy had a brilliant season yet he was not chosen. Nasri was not chosen for “whatever” reason. Blanc is just an arsenal fan.
      Chambers is good no doubt, and has loads of potential. But there is no way he is an improvement on vermaelan. He barely has PL experience, and will be making and learning from mistakes. He can be better in future.
      This does not mean I have a negative view on arsenals transfers. As I am happy with Sanchez the most. He is still far of from his true form.

  2. I would argue that Debuchy, Ospina and Chambers are upgrades on the players they replaced but we really need to sign a DM and bench Giroud if we want to win a trophy this season. Enough of Giroud – he has had 2 seasons to prove himself. Either play Alexis at ST when Walcott returns or shift him out to the left and play a new ST in the middle. I’m not saying let’s get Lionel F**king Messi, but someone like Wilfried Bony who would cost no more that £20m would still be a significant improvement.

    1. And a CB. Chambers is top class but remember he is covering at RB as well so we need a CB for depth.

    1. Yes. It is fair.

      Podolski is, more often that not, a complete passenger. The fact he is a nice guy should not sway people. I agree, hes a twitter expert. What I do not agree with is the fact this guy is taking 100k a week out of our coffers.

      Now that IS NOT FAIR.

  3. I think we have made some good signings, chambers being my favourite. But i cant understand wengers way of thinking by not getting a more able bodied deep sitting midfielder. At least if we struggle to score goals (because of our non existent main striker) at least steady up the cm position so we don’t concede as many goals. As they used to say… Great teams are built from the back

  4. so much negativity on this site these days. Just remember that Ozil is coming back. With Sanchez on the wing Ozil will play defence splitting passes to him all day. When Theo returns we’ll have pace for Ozil to work with on both wings. They’ll score plenty of goals and create plenty of chances for Giroud.

    So our wide players contribute goals, create chances for Giroud to get plenty of tap-ins, Arsenal scores alot of goals, everyone is happy

    1. “create chances for Giroud”: this does not make sense for me.
      “Giroud to get plenty of tap-ins” : again, not sure he can put those away and I dont believe he’ll be getting tap-ins.

      Given that we were trying to get Higuain etc, I cant imagine Arsene has given up ?

  5. The issue last season was not quality but quantity where we struggled with injuries and a repeat of this seems to be repeating itself already, so early in the season.

    Arsenal need FOUR quality central defenders to rotate at the moment we have two established defenders and one, in Chambers who is showing promise.
    Our problems in defence will arise if Debuccy and one of Mertesacker or Koscelny are injured at the same time – we will be threadbare and relying on inexperienced youngsters.

    Upfront we have not addressed the striker issue if Sanchez is going to be playing on the wing, unless Walcott is played as a striker.

    The issues are not huge, glaring problems just little things that need addressing…

  6. @cannon, forget therest but did u see the chances giroud missed against besiktas? Wat guarantee do u have that he will score them tap ins?? There is none with them hence the complaints away from home he is non existant, like.most on here we credit his work rate and .hold up at times but bottom line is he a striker paid to score goals and he is just simpily not.good enough as a first choice striker. This is the managers fault and we all know it becuase he has “his faves” giroud,jack,arteta & now throw sanogo(who we all know is not ready) in aswell. These players can play awful game in game out and wenger for the majority will play them.

    One question I ask myself and we all probley do, would any of the above get into City,chelsea united under fergie Team??
    Think and get back to me

  7. Another thing i find strange is this… Why pay 32 million for a winger/striker in sanchez amd stil play only 1 natrual winger in the last 2 games with ox left on the bench. We play with a “target man” who likes crosses into the box, its beyond me why we stil purposely put cazorla on the left wing. We may aswel of saved 32 million n put ox on the wing if thats the way wenger wants to play…. We are no better off. He needs to put pace on BOTH wings and if that means cazorla is benched so be it

  8. I really do feel for AW he knows that Giroud’s goalscoring abilities are very limited this puts him in a very tricky situation to either go for another average striker and hope he can complement Giroud or jump into the pool (falcao,cavani and Co) and fight to spend bigtime big on either of them

  9. Having watched the last CL elimanator against the Turks, I can not believe that there can be even one Arsenal fan who will not admit that Giroud is absolutely usless..
    When the ball is played to his feet he either falls over the ball or he falls over his own clumsy feet, or simply misses to control the ball at all.
    He MUST go he waste about 80% or more of all opportunities provided by our midfield – we NEED a ball playing CF Giroud is absolutely useless with the ball at his feet – he is a slow big oof without any ball technique.
    Roll on the recovery of Theo – than we can have Sachez in the middle with Walcott out wide. Cant wait.. but this 2nd rate 3rd league Giroud must go – he is not good enough for the PL, and certainly not good enough to play in an Arsenal shirt.

    1. He is not useless, just not very well suited to playing the lone striker that Wenger is asking him to do.
      Perhaps the issue is more Wenger not recognising this fact that most strikers prefer a striking partner, it takes a bit of the pressure away…

  10. In short yes, I think we’ve upgraded. Our replacements Ospina/Debuchy/Chambers are all better than what Fabianski/Sagna/Verm offered us. So adding Alexis we have made some gains.

    BUT….there are still 3 glaring deficiencies that need to be addressed or the improvement undermines itself.

    1. We need a top tier player to play as a lone striker (Falcao/Cavani/Reus)
    2. We need a dynamic midfielder who can play DM (Khedira/Carvalho/Gustavo)
    3. We need depth in defence (least imperative but anyone of Manolas/Reid is fine)

    To make this window a resounding success we have some work to do. Without one from each category we will be a step behind City and Chelsea…and that’s not a position we’re winning the league from IMO.

  11. Ospina = Fabianski .
    Debuchi = Sagna.
    Bellerin = Jenkinson.
    Chambers = A fit Diaby.
    Campbell = Sanogo
    Sanchez – upgrade on Bendtner but not worth 35 mill.
    So basically 2 improvements and 4 like for like.

  12. Debuchy is better then Sagna. Younger, more effective on attack and more disciplined in defense. Sagna had a problem backtracking and was caught out of position several times. (Just watch highlights of the Chelsea and Liverpool games last season when they thrashed us.) Ospina is a replacement, but we have yet to see what he is really capable of. He could be better than Fab. Chambers can be used to rotate with any one of our CB’s. He is tall, quicker than Merts and for his age very disciplined and has good awareness. In my opinion, and upgrade over Mertesacker, even though the German has tremendous experience, his speed is a major issue. Chambers must be played against quicker counter attacking teams and this is why he is an upgrade because it will prevent sweaty teams from running riot to an extent. Sanchez without a doubt will be an integral part of our attack.

    Weak areas: DM and CF.

  13. Debuchy is definitely and upgrade over (backwards) Barcary Sagna and Chambers is (in practical terms) an upgrade over Vermalen who contributed nothing the past 2 seasons and can’t stay healthy.

  14. Bellerin vs. Jenkinson is basically about potential. I liked Jenkinson but absolutely love Bellerin. Bellerin over Jenkinson was an easy choice IMO.

    1. Thats all we ever hear is potential – potential does NOT win you anything. Experience and established class wins you trophies….

  15. dont be surprised if we see song back on a loan would be the easiest midfield option to get at short notice just to get him on loan for a season just to fill the gap i think wenger likes familiarity with some players knowing the arsenal way would be an ok squad filler in case we have injury pile up at Christmas or new year period as you would expect would be an upgrade on kim kalstrom i think anyways and being at barca cant have done his skill set any harm maybe he learn to more defensive responsibility

  16. I have to disagree with the article
    Debuchy is arguably better than Sagna . He is I front of him for the national team, he is fitter(quicker,stamina) better attacker (dribble, pass, cross)

    Ossian is better than fabianski he was the second best keeper at the World Cup (squawka) and had has been one of the better keepers in liege 1.

    Chambers is an improvement on not having a fourth cb /using Miquel or djourou

    Jenkinson is better than ballerin in terms of development but a loan was the right thing for him as he hardly got games last season. On the other hand ballerin is allot better on the ball and going forward.

    Sanchez is a colossus improvement on park (st/wng)who couldn’t get on the bench

    Joel Campbell is better than bendtner and more determined to do well here

    Although all the above are replacements it makes us stronger as we have more quality in depth

    We also have players like Walcott,diaby,sanogo,coqulan who are more than likely to be fit for longer this season. In coqulan case he makes a perfect third choice for left and right back

    This shows we just need to replace vermaelen as a necessity
    A dm and cf would be nice if we have time

    Manolas8m,song (loan),rues?

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