Have Arsenal risked upsetting the loyal fans with another price rise for next season?

Ticket prices are on the rise again come next season.

Arsenal have announced yesterday on their website that ticket prices for the 2024/25 season will be increased as they look to stamp out ticket touting and other problems revolving around match day tickets and memberships.

The club have come out and said that general admission season tickets and match-by-match tickets will increase as of next season by 6% in the lower tier and 4% in the upper tier. After a lot of drama with tickets this season, and with the tickets increasing last season after we had such a good run, it leaves the question as to where and when does this stop?

Arsenal made a long statement explaining all the changes on their website but here a quick run-down of what they’ve said “Our ambition is to continue competing at the highest level and investing in our teams in an environment where costs continue to rise.  We are also continuing to make investments to improve the matchday experience for our supporters at Emirates Stadium”.

“As a result of the additional fixtures and the ticket price increase, season ticket holders in the Upper Tier will pay an additional £113 on average for their season ticket, with those in the Lower Tier paying an average of £103 more than this season”.

“As General Admission season ticket holders are owed the difference between a category A and category B game following all three 2023/24 UEFA Champions League Group Stage fixtures being categorised as Bs, the actual increased outlay for renewing season ticket holders will be an additional £73.68 on Upper Tier and £72.58 on Lower Tier. These increases are based on average Upper and Lower Tier season tickets”.

“Club Level season tickets will go up by 6% for those with seats in the Halfway Line or Midfield price categories and those seated in a Behind Goal or Corner seat will increase by 8%. Seasonal Dining prices will increase by 8%”.

Which has left a lot of fans, including the AST (Arsenal’s Supporters Trust) and myself baffled by this decision. The AST had asked the club to put a freeze on ticket prices but have obviously been ignored. Not only that, but the senior citizen discount that was around has now disappeared and it’s left a lot of Arsenal fans feeling wronged and less valued, especially the older group of supporters.

Playing devil’s advocate here, the price of everything is rising in the UK and inflation is at an all-time high, everything is beginning to cost more which means it’s costing more to run things on a match day. And of course there are problems with tickets touting and such, but it does feel like if they can do it for this season and next season, what’s stopping them from continuing to rise the prices the more successful we become?

It works out to around £3 more per ticket and it doesn’t seem like much when you look at it in that way, but it’s still a massive set back in my opinion. Hopefully we as fans and the AST can come to some sort of agreement where fans are put first, as we are the backbone of this club.

I’m sure there will be plenty of opinions but for me, it’s not a good look and the club should be looking after their supporters better.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. “Whats our thoughts” asks the writer. Here are mine:
    IF, as SHOULD HAPPEN, ALL players received only one tenth of what they receive as wages, then all fans could and OUGHT to pay no more than around £20maximum for a ticket.

    That ALL players get monstrously TOO MUCH is sheer greed and is disgusting and makes a mockery of football as a sport for ordinary non wealthy fans!



    1. Clearly someone that doesn’t understand a free market economy.

      Such high demand for tickets, means it’s inevitable that prices go up. Players and their agents also know how much these clubs bring in, so of course they want a slice of pie.

      What’s great about capitalism is that we the people can make or break a company, so you’re free to not contribute.

      Unfortunately we have too many hipocrites that will constantly moan about prices, yet still pay! Disney being the best example of this. A company that is destroying IP after IP, everyone cries about it, and then still pay to watch their garbage movies 🤣.

      Make a stand Jon. Stop whining, and actually do something like refusing to pay! The more that follow your approach, the more it’ll eventually affect the club’s owners.

      1. Agree with this, Jen, except to say we don’t have a free market economy, and never have – which is probably a good thing as I think most believe a degree of regulation is necessary in many areas to ensure fairness and an appropriate degree of safety for the consumer and workers (though the degree is the key point). In any case, I completely agree with your point – if you don’t think the ticket is worth what they’re charging, don’t pay, and if enough people take that approach, the prices will come down again.
        The problem is that football has always created emotional attachments from fans. As fanbases have increased in size, they’ve found they can keep increasing prices and people will continue to pay. It’s sad really, but it’s on people to make their own choices.

    2. Just a little note. Our receipts from our homes games in total would just about cover our two top players wages. The rest comes out of sponrship and tv matey


        Our two top earners are thought to be SAKA and HAVERTZ at a combined weekly salary of around £580k. That equates to an annual cost of approx 30 mill. We play around 26 or sometimes more, home games annually and the receipts for each sold out game are way more than £1.15 mill per game , which would just about(approx) cov those two salaries. To earn £1.15 mill, each seat on average would cost well under £ 20 each.

        I presume you have AT LEAST SOME CLUE, of what our seats ACTUALLY COST.

        More unfounded, untrue nonsense then from you and from JEN who knows nothing about me at all and yet states, in her ignorance of my background, “someone(meaning me) doesnt understand a free market economy.”

        That is laughably wrong and very ignorant too.

        That young person would be well advised to start checking her so called “facts” and to get clued up about how life AND the top level game works and how it OUGHT INSTEAD to work. Sigh!

        1. According to the PL, The Arsenal make £3.1. Million at every home game
          Out of interest, united make £3.9 million and pool make £3 million.

          1. Enough in fact to pay most of our squad players annual wages. And AD Pat said it would “just about cover two top players wages”, which I have demonstrated is nonsense. Sigh!

              1. PAT.

                And you dare to question my figures, when you are completly ignorant of them yourself, as your reply to my post demonstrated, so depressingly!

        2. Jon, you seriously need to do more research. Gate receipts are as you say 1.15m per game, that is easily verifiable on Google if you know how to search for Arsenal’s financial facts.. That happens every two weeks on average (FACT) so that 1.15 million will just about cover Saka and Odegaards’s wages. Please explain how my FACTS are “laughably wrong and very ignorant”????

          Jon, just go pick on someone your own size that doesn’t have my wider knowledge about Arsenal. You are wasting your time with me, who lives and breaths Arsenal every single day of my life….

          1. Are you now saying that weget just £1.15 mill per home gane then? That is only just over one third of what we ACTUALLY get, as KEN has helpfully demonstrated

            I chose my example of £1.15 mil, entirely becaUse that amount , approx, would cover our two highest earners, as you falsely claimed.

            INFACT, we collect almost THREE TIMES that figure, , ENOUGH TO COVER MOST OF OUR SQUADS WAGES, MANY OF WHOM RECEIVE far, far less than SAKA AND HAVERTZ.

            I never suggested, nor said, we earned £1.15 p game. Even though you then agreed with something I had never said!! .

            Are you feeing quite well, I HAVE TO WONDER?

            1. Sigh…. Jon
              Listen carefully for one minute as I have the actual figures.
              I do not dispute your figure of 3.1 million PER GAME
              What I dispute is the fsact that players wages are calculated in WEEKs
              Let us say a ballpard figure of 25 games a season including Cups that makes 3.1m x 25 = 77.5m (Actual accounted figure 79m).
              Now divide that 79m by 52 (weeks in year) makes just over 1.5m per week actual profit per week from Matchday (which is more than just ticket sales).
              Now from that 79m also, can you agree that that covers the players wages (Which the accounts say are 212m in 21/22) which negates your theory that Arsenal fans pay for the wage bill.
              I do admit I underestimated the amount of players wages the fans actually cover and will change it to our 4 or 5 top players covered out of match day revenue. Okay?

  2. I have a choice to make – pay the extra money or don’t pay it.
    I’m in the very fortunate position that my decision will not be a financial one, but whether I consider the increase is worth paying to follow the club I have supported for seven decades.

    The success, or otherwise, of the club doesn’t even enter the equation, as I have witnessed seasons of untold misery and seasons of unbridled joy. With a reported 90,000 names waiting for a season ticket, it seems ridiculous to suggest that fans should make a stand all that would achieve is a new audience of season ticket holders more than happy to watch their club live at the Emirates.

    My final observation is this :
    Did anyone not think that, after spending over a reported £800,000,000 in transfer fees, improving existing contracts,, issuing new grotesque contracts, buying out players contracts, paying players while devaluing their worth, sending out players on loan and paying a percentage of their salaries, paying their manager a reported £8,000,000 a year, hiring a completely new backroom staff and improving The Emirates without expecting us, the fans, to have to pay something, then you must live in cloud cuckoo land.

    Revenues have fallen dramatically over the last few years of no CL involvement and then no european involvement, no revenue from any cup runs and, to cap it all, the decrease in PL money, as we slumped to our worst league positions in over two decades.

    That’s the reality of why we are seeing prices going up – simple really!!

    1. All true and all totally avoiding my point.

      Which is that ALL top level football everywhere is far too grotesquely expensive for folk who are far less financially healthy than you, KEN, PLAINLY ARE.
      Club passion being what is it , then of course fans will still PAY those grotesque ticket prices, though very many are now financially forced to stop coming.

      I am simply trying ,although failing to make others understand , that in FAIRNESS to all AND NOT LETTING GREEDY PLAYERS AND AGENTS keep making ordinary, decent fans hard up, that ALL top level football OUGHT to totally re-assess its grossly greedy values.

      But as you say, while there are ENOUGH rich or financially comfortable fans, such as you KEN, to fill the stadiums, then who cares about the “little poor people” who still love our club, “suckers” though they be!

      1. So what your advocating Jon, is a socialist /communist type set up.
        You know very well what I think about players salaries, but you play a devious game in my opinion.
        You regularly knock the likes of Elneny, who is reported to be on about £125,000 a week and say we should get a top replacement.
        So, Jon, how much do you think it would cost to employ someone, both the signing on fee and the salary?

        For example, Rice cost, reportedly £105 million to sign and is, reportedly agsun, earning nearly £200,000 a week.

        1. Not socialism at all KEN but FAIR capitalism. I have never been a socialist, as you say you are. But I passionately believe in fairness for all.

          My wider point was that had we ought never tohave gone down the disastrously unfair road of huge salaries meaning huge ticket/ merchandise prices too, that football would be far cheaper allround with players earning far less, agents probably not bothering to get so involved through lack of personal finance for themselves and it would be fairer for EVERYONE.

          If you wish to describe that as socialism, then feel free to do so. I call it fair minded capitalism.

          Politically, I have long ago decided to spoil my general election ballot paper by writing “NONE of the above are fit to govern us!” IMO “none of the above OUGHT to be a legitimate choice”. It would be IMO a workable majority, for them! lol!

          1. But you didn’t answer my question regarding Elneny’s replacement Jon – how do you square the circle?

            As for salaries, are you advocating the way AW balanced the books, when he had a strict policy of not paying superstar salaries, but, rather, kept the wage bill down and tried to ensure that there wasn’t a difference such as we see with Havertz on a reported £300,000 with bonuses, while ESR is on a reported £40,000 a week with bonuses?

  3. I believe the Arsenal Suits see no Fans, only punters.

    So, next season the Arsenal fans in North London will have pay more to sit in a stadium that is slowly going South…..

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