Have Arsenal said no thanks to Falcao AND Premier League title?

So Arsene Wenger does not think that Arsenal need the striking services of Radamerl Falcao then, it seems. The Frenchman must have seen something in the 17 goal free Premier League appearances of Yaya Sanogo that the rest of us are missing.

Because the news all over the media at the moment, including Metro, is that the Colombia international striker Radamel Falcao will be signing for our Premier League rivals Man United today. We don’t know whether it is a permanent move or the season long loan deal that has been talked about it and frankly I could not care less. I am just thoroughly cheesed off.

Apparently Falcao’s current club Monaco wanted him off the wage bill and he was offered to a few Premier League clubs, including Arsenal. And with Olivier Giroud out of action until the new year and Sanogo still learning how to use his own legs, you would think that Wenger would see that as a perfect opportunity. Apparently not, Gooners, so have we just waved goodbye to any realistic title hopes by passing up the chance to sign one of the world’s best centre forwards?

And I am starting to think that Wenger is not going to sign anyone at all, unless Kim Kallstrom is available of course….

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  1. I will say it here as well:


    Man United sign Falcao on a 1 year loan deal.

    Source: transfermarkt.co.uk (100% accurate)

      1. Heres a 45 year old update.
        Arsenal sign Charlie George for
        a pack of Silk cut cigarettes
        and 3 pints of beer.




        WENGER WHY?!!!!

          1. We don’t need a new striker. Play Podolski and Sanchez up front.

            ————Carvalho (hopefully)
            ———–Back four———-

            Wenger just needs to change his tactics. Every team knows how to beat our slow, possessive, Tikki Takka game: park the bus and then break quickly when our defence are stuck in the halfway line.

            1. What would you ‘Nay Sayers’ suggest then? You all bitch and moan about the way we play. Share your ideas…..

        1. Where have we officially been in for him?
          Maybe we should of but if we actually was is another story

          Miss information is what creates in needed anger towards Arsenal.

          On an actual note of facts, Arsene was at an airport this morning flying out to Rome…. Read into that what you will…

          1. Doesn’t Wenger always say if a top top top player comes on the market he would move for him.

            A top top top players was available and he sat around with his thumb up his ass.

    1. Normally I don’t give a damn about other teams signings but this one cracks me up (if it’s true, obviously). Manure does not need attacking players, their attack is as crowded as our midfield. What they lack is what we lack : DEFENSE ! CDM !
      There must be desperate at the trafford. Buying, o wait- loaning a striker, which they don’t really need, for 20 big ones! Ed Woodward is a football management genius! And I thought Gazidis is the worst.

    2. 200K per week + £6M initial. £16.4M for one year… He costs more than signing Balotelli costs liverpool.

    3. You didn’t actually expect a wc striker on deadline day? United are probably paying more than 300k per week on Falcao’s wages plus there is no option to buy. Where Arsene Wenger is wouldn’t matter because he doesn’t make the transfers. The club has negotiators and the board make the signings. We only have 1 more squad space for a non HG player and a striker never would have been signed unless Podolski is sold. Podolski is on 100k per week and I don’t think most teams can afford that. 3 players is very unrealistic and a holding midfielder is necessary.

      1. Sorry for using common sense lads. We need a holding midfielder and maybe a striker. We have 1 squad space plus the only player worth selling is Podolski and no team is willing to pay those wages. It would be a stupid idea to buy a striker and holding mid now then have a 70+k a week player in the reserves and not playing after January. Not only will the players value go down but no one will pay his wages. We have had a decent transfer window without more additions with 2 extra in (Campbell and Alexis). How can you say Campbell won’t get a chance? A day or 2 before the Leicester game he played in the under 21 team which would have cause injuries or tiredness for Leicester. Players aren’t commodities that can be bought and sold when you want but they are human as well. Signing 4 players and having Campbell is is a miracle and while the squad ain’t perfect we are stronger. Rant over.

      1. True story that will make you happy
        Wenger is in Rome attending a religious charity football match omg from talk sport

    1. Ssn dont even have a reporter at arsenal yet! And they havent even mentioned arsenal! Just shows you how active we are! Talk about being behind the pack, all the decent signing will be gone or clubs wont want to sell as it will be to late to get a replacement

  2. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m really looking forward to winning our coveted 4th place trophy. Who needs the premier league?

  3. I’ll wait till 11pm and see what we end up…Kim? Park?…. if its not a decent striker, a CD and a tough DM then I’m going round to Wengers to have a word….anyone wont to join me.

    1. supposedly 15mil wages plus 6 mill loan fee…21 mill for the season plus option to but at around another 45mill …

    2. doubt it is 5-6 millions wage. He is on 250k-300k net without tax.
      Dont want to get any hope up. For any big deals normally we should get any strong rumours few days before deadline day. No Falcao then that’s it.
      William Carvalho is possibly the best we can hope for

  4. The way Wenger was speaking yesterday, it came across that Wenger was in talks with a striker but said he won’t comment further as it is not 100%… Could that have been Falcao? Pretty sure it was… But hey, I’m going to stay optimistic until the final minute tonight! I still have a sneaky suspicion we’re in for a surprise…

    1. The suprise was falcao and wenger f*cked it up…
      Sorry to burst your bubble but this is the part where we sign kallstrom on loan. Same thing happened when we f*cked up the draxler deal on deadline day.

      1. Yeah I suppose you’re right. I just remember that hardly anyone had a clue this time last year that we would sign Ozil… That’s why I keep thinking anything could happen and that there’s a surprise awaiting.

        But I don’t want to get my hopes up, because there is a big chance that I’ll be disappointed come 11pm…

          1. @th14: Correct! Like BBC says, unless there is a huge surprise..arsenal are not signing anyone..rumours are that Carvalho deal is also dead

  5. Bet none of can say we are surprised – but its bordering on negligence to go into season without one good striker who is fit-

    3 years to get a good striker – Man U get one in a day – and may have saved their season

    Words fail me!

    1. Whenger in Rome
      do as the Romans do ?
      Girvinho come home? 🙂
      Wenger has signed for Lazio?
      Sure its not yet another Rouma 🙂


    1. Does this officially blow Wengers champions league is fourth, you. Need champions league to attract top players rhetoric out of the water???

      If Falco scores 30 goals and Man U make fourth and we don’ t then What???? We buy another CAM and keep relying on Sanogo as backup.

      Has Wenger rally’s considered how long & what shape OG12 will be in when he returns? Sure Sanogo might score a goal or 2 by then against a weak opponent. Oooooooooooo

  7. Yeah I will come. We can
    sample some of the delights
    of Arsene’s wine cellar
    and and lecture Arsene
    on how to manage the team.

    1. reckon there might be some tasty french reds in his cellar. Maybe we will even fight a lost striker or defender down there…never know your luck.

  8. So United get Falcao, they also signed Di Maria… FOR F*UCK SAKE WENGER! Man U may be laughable at times but at least they know when f*cking money needs to be spent!! That’s it, I’m expecting nothing less than a Marco Reus, Benzema, Higuain or Cavani type signing otherwise we have absolutely no shred of a chance of the title or even the top four now United have strengthened so much. Jesus Christ I can’t believe Wenger’s let it get to this AGAIN. THE SAME C*NTING STORY EVERY YEAR. I’ve had enough. I don’t know what to say anymore, every other rival fan is laughing at us as per usual.

  9. I remember the excuse made in January that there were no strikers available. What’s the excuse now? Sometimes it hurts to be stuck behind a stubborn, indecisive man like Wenger. We’ve been waiting too patiently for too long now.

  10. It is sad seeing our purported best transfer mkt of the decade (given the early transfer business) ending in the worst transfer mkt of the decade…
    I hope Wenger prove me wrong

  11. MELT DOWN for the Gooners..

    Our manager is the most stubborn, frustrating and irritating manager ever, we are always the weakest out of the TOP 4, we have the money but are always the most laid back when it comes to strengthening..

    The other teams have been winning big trophies in the past 10 years but they look hungrier for more than us who have been a joke in that time..

    1. I know what your saying. To be told arsenal football club can compete with transfers fees and wages a lot better now, than we used to. We got alexis sanchez which I was over the moon about. But it’s the same old arsenal not taking things further. Arsene saying we have players to come back from the (permanent injury list) we have a big squad? The minute we lose two or three of our starting 11 we are down to bones again.
      Is it wenger? The board? Who knows. But to me it looks as though we are doing just enough to compete for that top 4 spot. Which is not getting any easier to finish in.

    1. Seriously id take Defoe over Sanogo at the moment, at least he knows where the goal is!
      Wenger seems to believe Sanogo will score a goal and all this unbelievable talent will come flooding through once hes broken his cherry….. cant see it.

      Its like the tiem we played Keown up front in his last season, lots of enthusiasm not much else!

  12. Why do people assume this team is good enough to finish 4th. Wake up people Liverpool, Utd, city and Chelsea are all miles stronger than us now, complacency has finally caught us up.
    Wenger must be dreaming of winning the Europa league next season its the only thing that makes any sense.

    1. Another CM when we were assured by Wenger and 90% of the Gooners that we did not need a CESC (CM)..

      I will tell you we will not get any CM better than Fabregas, we had the chance and missed it..

      We pinned our hopes on Ozil, a player that you can’t build a team around, he is not that type you can build a team around. Sorry Ozil fans..

      And, Ramsey, a player that had one good season, now that he is not pulling off those last seasons heroics look how ordinary looking we are..

      1. We should have got cesc just so chelsea couldnt. Also players like wilshere, ramsey and ozil would have to pull their weight or get dropped.
        He has 4 assist in 3 games and people on here were lying to them selves saying hes not the same cesc and thumbing me down when i said hes still World class lool.

  13. If united get a CB the i don’t think we can fight them for 4th place. They have no CL and their players will be rested.

  14. Who needs a striker when you have Sanogo, i’m sure he’ll win the PFA, Ballon Dor, Golden boot, every possible accolade, i’m sure he’ll be nominated for a BAFTA too for the best individual performance….. I mean, can we atleast sign a good CDM

  15. anyone got any mob connections on here? wengers in rome , send your cousin/uncle to give le prof an offer he cant refuse

    1. Guys come on. Wenger is in London using mordern technology to get players. so if the dealls fall through he will be flying where to next???

    1. We aren’t going to get a long term option now it is far too late. I heard Klose mentioned somewhere I think that would be OK for now if we also got a DM. Did someone say Wenger is in Rome….

    2. We also know that Cavani’s Salary would be a problem, similar to Falcao. Any other options??? Would you rather have Wellbeck or Sanogo?? What’s your reply guys??

  16. Wtf wenger in rome refereeing a charity match! He better come back this instant and sign someone who has a rating of above 85 in FIFA!! >.<

    Like seriously i dont think ill be able to beat united amateur on FIFA 15. #lame

      1. @rwrw
        Yo dude, your sisters waitin for you in the barn with your favorite mule. Don’t keep em waitin too long…

        1. Quick! Get back to Boston- The redsocks are playing. Stick to what you know mate, stay away from football. All the best x

          1. USA won a game at the World Cup… Just saying.

            I’m not from the USA, but you just came off a bit stupid by saying that…

  17. Anyone but ideally Cavanni, Strootman, Huntellar, Jackson Martinez, Bony, (too late), Destro?
    I’m hearing Jermain Defoe!!!

    1. That was a joke. the meaning was that united have strengthened soo much that we wont even be able to beat them in FIFA. Lame you are.

  18. Here’s a reality check: Falcao is €10m loan deal + €55m buy option and his wages are €1m a month which is €250k a week. Source: L’Equipe. I’ll let you convert those figures to £.

    Did any of you actually think we were gonna pay €65m for 28 years old and give him €250k/week? We might be richer than before but we aren’t that rich yet.

    Now throw the money on Reus.

    I cant think of any other player that will get the fans off wengers back after another shambolic transfer window. (which i must admit started quite pomising with Sanchez)

  20. I am actually bloody fed up with Wenger. Lets look at the teams we’re competing with shall we? Liverpool have Balotelli & Sturridge, Chelsea – Costa & Drogba, City – Aguero, Dzeko & Jovetic, Man U – Rooney, VP and now Falcao while we have Sanogo and Giroud. It make no sense, no matter how you look at it. He has failed to sort out the core issues in the squad and we are going to pay for it. He says we have players “able” to play up front, why is that enough for a top manager. Why not get the best available option to strengthen your chances of competing. His mediocre mentality is disgusting to watch. He has embarrassed arsenal continuously and I am honestly fed up. Today we need a striker, DM and CB and I sincerely doubt he is going to get us all three. We will be lucky to make top 4 at this rate.

    1. We dont have Giroud he is injured. And chelsea have Costa and remy now. I think the title is chelseas to loose.

  21. We were never getting Falcao with his insane tax free wages, get real.

    The best we can do is Cavani if he takes a pay cut which I also doubt. United is throwing astronomical amounts to sign players at the moment because they cannot offer ECL football and they are having a rotten start.

    Why should we destroy our wage structure and cause unrest in the team? We could have rented Falcao for the 20m+ for a year but what is the guarantee he will have more than 10 decent games in the EPL?

    There are good strikers for grabs, up to Wenger to deliver by 11pm. No excuses this time.

    And add a CDM who can cover CB too.

  22. It hurts to know we’re being linked with average shite like Carlos Bacca when Chelsea have a Diego Costa, Remy and Drogba, United have RVP, Rooney and Falcao, Liverpool have Balo and Sturridge and we only have Sanogo…

    1. It’s the head of legal and finance validating the offers in corporations, AW has a limited role in that respect.

  23. Love seeing people commenting saying at least United have spent money. Yeah they’ve spent money on players they don’t need. They have spent close to £100M on players that weren’t needed. We have replaced players that left and added ALEXIS SANCHEZ. I understand that you guys want Wenger to spend on a striker and he still might. Judge things after the window closes. Anything can happen between now and 11pm.
    Side note- people that are saying it’s negligent of Wenger to not sign a striker, I believe he thought he had with Sanchez. He’s realised after a few games that he’s better on the wing. It would’ve made no sense to sign Alexis to play on the wing because we are well stocked on there. I think Alexis is incredible but I don’t think he’s a striker.

  24. the board gave up when they gave wenger a 3 year contract and a pay rise for services rendered to their bank accounts!!!!

  25. Some fellow Gooners might say we are over reacting, but I don’t think we are, we have been poor for seasons. Since 2010 we have been p*ss poor, we have lost our possession type of football, no pace, we are scoring less and less goals, we get dominated by any half decent team that can rough us up and keep possession..

    Our team looks so weak mentally, physically and emotionally. Is it just me or our new look since 2010 seems so slow in possession, slow in closing down the ball, slow in pressing, our players don’t seem to know why to read the game, we get bullied off the ball, when we come up against a quick pacey team we concede for fun..

    I just don’t like this new Arsenal look, we find it hard to create clear cut chances, we score the least out of the other Top 4 teams season in season out..

    I want the old Arsenal back… This one is too slow, not invention in the team, no pace, disjointed etc…

  26. Sanchez was a good signing but as it always is with Arsenal, we don’t ever get more serious than one good signing, it’s like we don’t want to compete. We’ve signed one offensive player, two right backs and a backup goal keeper, that is not going to win us a trophy or title when rival teams have actually done what needs to be done…

  27. We need one of two options to be solved:

    Either a striker, who can score the chances we create to win games with astronomical scorelines.

    OR a CDM/CB so we can keep the slender scorelines when our midfielders score i.e good old 1-0 Arsenal…

    1. wtf r u on about- solve both ffs!!!

      highest ticket prices in europe. an we have to settle with a lacking squad

      what an embarassment

      1. Agreed, we need both options. We are never going to win the league or even come close to the top spot with a one dimensional squad and YS up front.

  28. French/English language translation…..

    French: ‘We are very active’….
    English: ‘We going round in circles because we aren’t really sure what we want’

    French: ‘We need to find top top quality’….
    English: ”When quality hits us in the face, our indecision and dithering means we will lose out’

    French: ‘Someone show me the players who are available’…
    English: ‘When they’re there (the list has been extensive!) we continue to be indecisive, penny pinching and/or simply can’t negotiate effectively’!

    Cavani and Carvalho today…..S’il vous plait!!!

  29. La la la…i can choose falcao for my fantasy football team..same old arsenal…
    Trust me..juz get rid wenger n that bold shit gazidis..owhh…sorry..maybe that’s too late..there are lots off wenger fans here…la la la…

  30. If the AFC management team had a brain between them they’d have made an offer for Negredo. Yes it would have allowed City to get Falcao but United would have been left in our dust. We could do much worse than Negredo as a Giroud replacement…

  31. I am dying already. We need 3 quality players. How are we going to do it with less than 11hrs remaining. Europa league here we come for next season. In arsene we RUST

  32. We needed a striker before Giroud got injured.people seem to forget how shit Giroud actually is coz he’s injured and the 2nd half at Everton doesn’t hide that.
    No backbone at all mertesacker is a liability,arteta wouldn’t make southamptons team and somehow wenger decides to make him captain and per vice captain.
    Sanchez is a good player but wenger will play him wide like he does with ozil,cazorla,rosicky,podolski,ox,theo,gnabry and prob campbell….so we didn’t need him.
    We needed a proven centre half,a proper defensive midfielder and at least 1 world class striker.
    If most fans can see why xxxxx can’t wenger???

  33. With all the money Man U are throwing around, it still doesn’t guarantee them any success. The team has to work, and the manager has to work. The jury is out.

    Whining about not signing Falcao won’t change anything. It really wasn’t a viable option because of wages.

    If we sign a decent striker / CB / CDM then we have cover, and can carry on as usual, or even get better…throwing money around like it’s FIFA 14 isn’t the real world. We need players who can come straight in, and it looks like our signings so far have done just that. A couple more would be about right for us. Anyone expecting more is caught up in the hype and getting carried away! 😉

    1. What these people don’t understand is that we only have 1 more squad space and 3 players can’t be signed. It’s unfair on the 2 players who won’t be registered plus who would want a 100k per week player in the reserves???? Talk about delusional.

  34. Can we please just go in for Bony. Strong, scores goals in EPL. Cost £25M ish. I’m kinda wishing Sanogo hadn’t scored those 4 goals at the Emirates Cup now. Wenger’s blind spot hath returned.

    1. Bony doesn’t have a release clause and Swansea say he’s not for sale. That’s bs plus we have 1 squad space which must be used wisely.

  35. Jackson Martinez or Huntelar would be perfect but could these teams replace on the last day?
    Kondogbia/Matuidi/Carvalho/Gustavo please.

    If Arsene is reffing in Rome, surely deals are done and being finalised, would he be that naïve to rub our faces in it if they weren’t ?

  36. Last day and we still only have 2 CB’s in the squad.. Koss looked concussed after a clash of heads but had to stay on till 1/2 time before asking to be subbed.. with new rules regarding head injures he’s probly got grounds for a claim!
    We only sign people who are available, Mario was available and we was his first choice, the same with Remy.. We go after Kadhera when we have a buy back clause for Cesc.. 3 players turned away who could of been vital for us, allowed to strengthen rivals..
    It’s Looking like the window will close and we’ll still only have 2 CB, no CDM and 1 trainee Striker. Just can’t grasp Wenger logic

  37. We should of:not let Fabianski go,get Valdez,sell or give away Mert,buy 2 CFs,sell Wilshere and Arteta,get Cesc and Khedeira,sell Ozil,get Reus.

  38. Okay, so now I am gonna have a seizure.. For God sake who wouldn’t wenger say “NO” to maybe Ronaldo, Messi prolly bale if they were offered to us.. This is too much to take.. “Same s*!t different air freshner” .. Suck a d!*k wenger!!!

  39. Falcao loan deal is bad biz…shite load of cash for 1 year on a player who is just getting over a bad injury (28 yr old…extensive knee injury)…so what when he breaks down again…£20m on the injury table??? too risky…bad biz. That money is GONE! There is no sell-on…
    I don’t get what Manure took it other than to APPEASE their fans….it’s not going to fix their defensive and systematic problems. Good luck to them for that.

    Anyone know where Dicky Law is at the moment? Not in Rome I’m guessing 🙂 The Lisbon boys are meeting Wenger et all there in Rome to finalise the Carvalho deal. You want to know what’s really going on…find out :WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DICKY LAW!

  40. I was on Youtube earlier reading up about the latest transfer news on the ARSENAL CHANNEL. 10 MINUTES later MANURE FANS take over the channel posting comments about their FALCAO loan we’re all hearing about. I asked them what the hell they were doing on our channel and they just laughed at me and said “SANOGO! or SA-NO-GOAL!” That’s right Wenger, they’re all laughing at us because you think we’ve got a goal threat in SA-NO-GOAL. I don’t know whether you believe in SANOGO just because he scored 4 goals against a crap Benfica side or whether it’s just because he’s French. Yesterday’s result against Leicester could prove costly later on in the season and that result never look like changing with SA-NO-GOAL on the field.

    Top Gooner!. Agree or Not:

  41. is it just me or are the rest of you gooners in disbelief that we are once again going to suffer mediocrity this season when it is abundantly clear that we have the funds too strengthen were we need too ?? now wenger may have been able to blame lack of funds for the previous few years even though he had still spent a fair amount of money and most gooners cut him some slack on that .. the fact that now our financial situation has changed why on earth are we not singling out our problems and addressing them asap in the market … this is not a fan saying i want us too buy our way too success with 6 new players as i believe the core of our squad is very promising and i think a strong fast intelligent dm is a must and an ACTUAL WORLD CLASS STRIKER is essential … and i thought that regardless of wether giroud was injured as much as i love him for the work rate passion and determination he is not nor will ever be the talisman striker to win us titles …. if yet again wenger doesnt address these problems i dont no how much longer my faith support and trust in him will remain

  42. This is the one that infuriates me the most. Falcao has been available all summer and we have the money and the connections (Monaco, Henry, Wenger) but we didn’t move for him.

    We’ve been conned again.

    Meanwhile Wenger is going to referee a flippin charity match.

  43. “No thanks to the title?”. How about no thanks to the top 4? We are not a title contending team. Not even close. 5 games, we yet to play even a solid half of quality football. If we don’t get at least 2 quality players (striker and CDM) we will struggle to finish in the top 4, especially if United strengthen. Falcao to United is our worst nightmare.

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