Have Arsenal’s hopes of signing Wilfried Zaha really been boosted?

Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha is fast becoming one of the most speculated players this summer, however, the huge price valuation slapped on him by his club is putting potential suitors off.

One of those suitors is our bitter rivals Tottenham but it is now being reported that they are no longer in the race to sign the Ivory Coast international because of that reported high valuation.

The media are claiming Arsenal’s hopes of signing Zaha have been boosted by Spurs dropping their interest but that is to ignore the reality of the situation.

Zaha does want to leave Palace but unless the Eagles lower their asking price it is unlikely that the 26-year-old will be leaving South London and that is the situation as it currently stands.

Even if the price was dropped by 50% to £50 Million, can we honestly see our board agreeing to such a mammoth outlay on one player? I don’t.

I cannot see how our hopes have been boosted just because Tottenham are no longer in the running. It is a simple case of economics and Zaha is not worth what Palace want and even if he was, we cannot afford him.

In fact, one can argue that Arsenal has never been in the running and that it is just the media claiming that we are.

That is the reality.


  1. I’d love for it to happen.. but I think the only place I’ll see Zaha in the red & white of Arsenal will be in my wildest dreams

  2. I would personally take Fraser over Zaha. He’ll probably cost around one fifth of what Zaha will, works harder, no ego (from what I can tell), and more creative.

    That said, I’d still be very happy with Zaha, as he’ll be a huge upgrade on what we currently have on the wings.

    1. I like Fraser too, so either way it’ll be a win win for me!!
      Fraser is more likely though, as he won’t cost as much, plus won’t demand crazy wages surely!!

      1. Great points Sue. I would prefer Fraser as well. Maybe he doesn’t make headlines as often but I’ve always liked and rated him. Zaha is also a great player but if we’re going to spend 50mill+ on a winger, I’d expect better honestly.

          1. I think a player like Leon Bailey is a great player and can become better than Zaha. If I could have my way, I’d say Nicolas Pepe, but he is closer to 65-70mill.

            1. I was going to say that’s mega bucks, but to some clubs that’s just a drop in the ocean.. is a lot to us though ? that’d be our entire budget spent!!
              Well, RSH I hope one of us gets our own way!!

  3. Front 3 of Auba ,laca,and Zaha ,is a dream front line ..
    Ozil behind supplying them would be the icing on the cake

    1. Ozil doesn’t supply anything to Auba, and Laca, anymore, would that all suddenly change with Zaha signing?

  4. Palace’s valuation of Zaha is too high, because his current stats are just okay for a high profile winger and he will hit 27 years old in this year

    If Palace are willing to drop his price tag to 50 M, I’m sure many clubs would be after him, including Arsenal

    But for that kind of money I’d prefer a young, experienced and good left-footed RW, because we don’t have one. It’s better to gamble on young winger like Malcom, which I bet would be available around 40 M

  5. Zaha is an excellent dribbler with massive strength, stamina and flair… He’s got good numbers considering the fact that he is playing for Palace…
    For 50 million, he is a good buy… But would they give him for 50 and would we buy him at all is another question

  6. Zaha is way better than Fraser in all aspects of the game apart from crossing. Zaha has proven himself over a number of seasons that he can consistently produce the goods, even while playing at a small club. He is pacy, strong, can dribble, and has got a good end club. In fact, were it not for the poor finishing of some of the forwards he has played with, he would be topping the assists chart. Just imagine a front 3 of Zaha, Laca, and Auba with Ziyech behind them. Unstoppable!!!

    1. Joe I think Ziyech is more of a right winger although can certainly play in centre mid. Interesting tweet he made last week about Ozil though:

      Justin Kluivert: Who is your idol?

      Hakim Ziyech: Yes, i actually do have one. Özil

      Justin Kluivert: Maybe you are better than Özil?

      Hakim Ziyech: No, i’m not even close to Özil’s level. pic.twitter.com/bsElOSibrU

  7. Only way Zaha is coming is if we give them a lot of players, £30M and a pair of comfy Arsenal Slippers.
    The list of shit players we can give them is more than the current squad numbers !………………..yes I know that makes no sense, but I dont like to talk any sense………………..my wife can confirm that if any proof is needed, although she hates my constant time being on Arsenal websites and will probably beat any of you to with an inch of death with my Arsenal Slippers………………… she practices reguarly on me with them, so I`m aware of her near Ozil like skill with them !

    1. Beaten black & blue by your wife, with Arsenal slippers – ? you love it, I bet!!

      Seriously, would you like Zaha?

      1. Absolutely Sue, he`s a self confessed Gooner aswell, but in reality (of which I`m not part of) we will never pay the money and for all the wingers we will be rumoured with I`d prefer the 3 we have got …………Nelson, Saka and Amaechi…….to be given a chance

        Alternatively you could always sweet talk our mate RA to kidnap Kroenke`s syrup and extorte the £50M in ransom money !

        1. He’d be a dream signing imo … shame it won’t happen!
          Like you say though – Saka is special, he’s going to be brilliant for us, Nelson will be back now.. so there’s 2 gems! Not all bad then!
          Haha, yes that’ll be worth a try.. just not tonight, he’s buggered off to Mcd’s ??

  8. Not a big Zaha fan. There’s something missing for me even if I can’t pin it down. Would rather give one of our kids a chance and blow the budget on a CB and LB.

    1. I think we need at least one reliable winger in the squad though so we put less pressure on our young players. A new signing on the left, and then Nelson/Saka on the right. I would not feel confident going into next season with just Iwobi and Miki as options (hopefully miki wont even be an option by then). There are just so many positions we need upgrades in and it’s hard to prioritize which to blow the money on. CB remains the most obvious of course.

  9. Ziyech would be my best buy as a winger for arsenal, he’s cheap, can assist, can score, he helps the defence and he loves arsenal, so ziyech over Zaha for me.

  10. Federico Chiesa could also be a decent option down the flank and his market valuation is not something the club can’t match. Nicolo Barella is also a good option to replace Ramsey. Saints’ Ryan Bertrand could also be a good option at left back with Monreal’s decline in that position

    1. Abdulkadir Omur of Tranzaspor is another that is worth looking at for the RW or LW positions.

    1. John0711, even bigger reason to play Leno then, don’t you think ?

      All these negatives going on is hardly concussive for UE and the team is it?

      The only thing that we can pray for is that Sarri resigns and Madrid announce that hazard is joining them tomorrow!

  11. I’d prefer Ziyech over Zaha. More flexible and cheaper at $25m

    Ziyech, Manolas, Fraser will be just over $60m + hopefully sign Barella or someone as new CM.

    1. Barella will have many suitors so his price will be high. New rumour is that we after palacios from river plate. Will be a great signing with fraser and manas

      1. Is £40m too much for a 22 year-old who can play anywhere in the midfield? to be the answer is NO especially when you consider the market this days. This club should take a cue from the likes of Dortmund and Napoli who don’t spend too much money on players’ purchase but still get the necessary quality needed.

  12. Of all the wingers being linked with arsenal, zaha is the best.
    Fraser and the rest are just okay
    But zaha would give us that unpredictable factor.

  13. Zaha along with Mohammed Salah are the best wingers in the country. Ryan Frazer is good but not in the same class as Zaha. We so often buy the second tier of players. If we want to challenge for the EPL the Fraser will not make that wish to come true. Zaha can. Zaha will elevate us. Buying cheaper possibilities or signing freebies will not win us the league. That must be obvious. We need to buy top players across the board if we want to compete with Liverpool, City and even the (arghhh) Spuds. My old granmother always used to say, “cheap is dear”.

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