Has Baggies beating and Alexis injury ended Arsenal’s season?

The only way that Arsenal would be able to take anything positive out of a 12th season without winning or even coming close to winning the Premier League title was if we won the FA cup and finished in the top four to qualify for the Champions League.

Even those two things were not really enough for most of the increasingly frustrated and disillusioned Arsenal fans, but now it is looking like we will not even do that after we lost today at West Brom and may have lost our star man Alexis Sanchez to an ankle injury.

Arsene Wenger said after the game that it did not look good for the Chilean and we can only hope that he is not out for too long. We do have the international break coming up but on April 2nd the Gunners will be back in action with an EPL home game against Man City.

Lose that and it is very hard to see us getting a top four spot. Towards the end of April we face Pep Guardiola’s team again, this time at Wembley stadium in the FA cup semi-final. Even with Alexis in the side it is hard to be confident of Arsenal getting to the final with the form we are currently showing.

Without him, is our season done and dusted?



  1. Gavana says:

    Arsene Wenger has lost his players. I think they want him out too!

    1. Tristan says:

      Wenger keeps his faith in his players, but his players lost faith in him.
      How can Wenger give those players like Walcott, Ramsey so many chances year after year. They are simply not good enough, or at least not good for Wenger’s tactics at all. Certainly Arsene shall take responsibilities.
      I am not in Wenger Out camp, but I see him announce his departure in coming days, which is very sad considering his such 20-year service. It’s not easy to lead a team with full of average players into CL every year.
      Now the problem lie ahead is how those players can be fit into new manager’s system after the change. No matter who the manager is next season, without an complete overhaul, i don’t see us making CL football for a considerable number of years.

      1. HA559 says:

        People better shut them up on twitter when the players pay respect to Wenger once he eventually leaves.

        You’ll See players like Walshot and Ramshey say He made them the player they are today (eseentially the same players they were since they came to this club).

        Ox and Walcott fought against Bayern in 2nd leg but what did they do today? People get too high after seeing one good performance from these players.

  2. RSH says:

    How do we zonal mark and yet leave a huge space for three west brom players to score, nobody close to them? Players have given Up it’s pathetic. No leadership anywhere. Wenger is the underlying cause but these players also need to take some responsibilities because the majority of their performances are just mindblowingly terrible.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      OT (because the article is pointless): Only the Arsenal Board (or Arsene himself) could possibly have been idiotic enough to pay for the plane in support of Wenger.

  3. sanmi.marvellous says:

    We will lose to City because we don’t have plan B style of play.

    To beat Arsenal is as simple: fill up the midfield and defence with strong and physical players.
    Wait and work on set pieces and counter-attack.

    City will beat us both on EPL and FA Cup.

  4. tweety says:

    yes for me if we loose alexis all is lost. he is the only one who could create and score goals, who else aw? gooner = for ever

  5. highbury44 says:

    It was all lost after the defeat by Watford.

  6. khangunners says:

    The season can still be salvaged. This is only possible if wenger comes straight out and says he will not be here next year so that everyone can get behind the team i dont see another soln. He is gambling that we will win then get back on his side but looking at our fixture not anytime soom.

    1. Tristan says:

      The real problem is those players Wenger choose are not good enough to play the football he wants to play. So whether Wenger will announce his departure or not, it would still be difficult for this faithless team to make into CL.

  7. Jansen says:

    For me, the season was lost a long time ago when we had two weak capitulations in a row against Everton and City. Today might just open a few more eyes from the last dreamers, most of us are no longer surprised by what’s happening, just very sad.

  8. Jansen says:

    Our team is weak and an image of its manager. Wenger said Sanchez should not have played in the second half because of his ankle but Sanchez wanted to go back on so he let him!!!!!! How is that for weak???

  9. aluz says:

    Arsenal’s season was dead before it began. It was confirmed dead with the 1-2 loss to Watford. The funeral service took place at Allianz Arena and the burial was at the Emirates when the 5¹ nail sealed the coffin.

  10. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It’s the same old, same old yet many fans have already given up on the Wenger trophy this season.
    The WBA result is no real shock, I would have been more surprised if we would have actually won today, it’s Business as usual ????.
    The internationals will most definitely be a welcomed break and it couldn’t have come at a better time, we may find ourselves sinking into 6th or even 7th at some point but I still wouldn’t give up hope on finishing 4th just yet.
    This Is Arsene’s Arsenal were talking about and when the pressures on, these bottlers NEVER bottle it when the Wenger trophy is at stake.??
    Forget about the FA cup… that’s just taking the piss if you seriously think we’re going to win that ?

  11. Arsenal_Girl says:

    It’s a pity. Alexis was on his way to over 20 goals. Lukaku is yet first this season to hit 20s. He is at 21.Kane has scored 19 and Alexis 18.

    Ironic that Alexis best season is at a club having one of the worst seasons in years. I think if we had consistently played Alexis up front and not played Giroud or Welbeck up front Alexis would be over 20 right now. In the beginning of the season when he was up front he was scoring more.

    Reminds me of RVP last season with us. He scored the most goals in the premier league then left for United.

    Very sad that we couldn’t take advantage of Alexis consistent scoring.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      The only Golden Boot that most fans would appreciate at the end of the season, is the one that goes up Wenger’s backside! ???

  12. hecmanx says:

    Gunners let’s keep the heat on by keeping the protest going, the job is not done yet, it may look like its not working but am sure wenger will know what he will be expecting from fans if he decides to stay.

    Right now I know wenger w hurt by all these protest, as much as he would love to stay. Even the useless board are feeling the heat, let us not give up on the quest of restoring our club to where we want it to be

  13. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Latest news:

    Arsène Wenger now claims he has made a decision on his future but that he has yet to communicate his intentions to anyone else at Arsenal.

    “You will soon know,” he said teasingly, after a 3-1 defeat to West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns saw his team lose further ground in the battle to finish in the top four. How soon? “Very soon, but I’m not necessarily worried about my future right now, when we are in a unique bad patch where we haven’t been for 20 years.

  14. john0711 says:

    Can i ask wher is Vla, Mikedemia, Davidz

    You never see them on here after these results

    i have a question for you 3 guys, even if its not all wengers fault how can the club carry on when hes lost the players ?

    somethings going on at the club and Henry knows a little about it, his demenour was different today

    I hope Wenger states hes leaving and the players should give there all for him until the end of the year then thee can go

    that should raise 160m

    add 100m and go and get player who fight for the club

    1. bran99 says:

      True, those 3 AKBs will never show up after a shameful performance like today’s. they’ll be back after 2 or 3 days to come defend their master.. are we really sure they see the team’s name as Arsenal or Arsene Fc?

  15. hecmanx says:

    Wenger is destroying his legacy and it’s not cool, I don’t understand why he is yet to announce his future when it’s hurting the club and fans.

    If he feels announcing that he is not staying will destroy the players morale the opposite is what is happening right now.

    Luis Enrique made his announcement and the team and fans are supporting him fulltime, why is wenger hurting arsenal by delaying his announcement when the worst case scenario is what is playing out. It’s really shameful that wenger claims he loves the club but is hurting it. If he has any atom of pride and respect he should announce his retirement and leave, its becoming obvious this love story will end in tragedy.

  16. HA559 says:

    Website owner do a poll asking who should leave end of season. Put all players up there as option then we will see who fans really want out.

  17. HA559 says:

    Ox says we weren’t good enough in defending, yet he was at fault for the third one.

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