Have Barcelona already handed the UCL edge to Arsenal

Do not make a fuss about this Arsenal fans, Just hope that the Spanish champions keep thinking the way they do and that they do not look into Arsenal and what we have been doing over the last two years in too much detail. Because at the minute they seem to think that all they need to do to get into the Champions League quarter-finals is to turn up.

According to a report in The Mirror, a source from the Catalan club has revealed that everyone at Barcelona was over the moon when they heard that they would be facing Arsenal in the two-legged knockout phase in a couple of months.

This source apparently said, “This is the draw we wanted.

“We did not want to play Paris Saint-Germain or Juventus – this is the more straight-forward. We feel we have dodged a bullet.”

Barcelona have got a good record against us but they have also not played us in a few years and Arsene Wenger has made some big changes in that time and forged the Gunners into a much better and harder to beat unit. Hopefully Barca are expecting the Arsenal that let complacency drift in and messed up the home match against Monaco last season and the first two group games this season.

One of the best things that Arsenal have done recently is to prove people wrong and if Luis Enrique and his players think they will have it easy I can see us doing it again. Maybe it passed them by that we were brilliant against Bayern Munich and became the first team to stop them winning never mind beat them this year. So have they dodged one bullet only to have another Arsenal shaped one hurtling in their direction?

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  1. I said this already but I’ll say it again ..am really looking forward to it. We have found a resilience for when playing the top sides and have actually done quite well when it is they who hold majority of possession. We have some great pace in this team and have the players who can take advantage of it. Alexis Ozil and the Spanish contingent will want to prove a point and of course we have the great Petr Cech. Really looking forward to the game and while we are speaking of humble ..their fans could do with a taste of it.

    1. I’m with you on this. I think Arsenal could spring a surprise in this tie. IMO Bayern are stronger than Barca. We just have to hope that MSN won’t be in that absolut top form like they were last year.

  2. To have the edge over barcelona
    the likes of ramsey wilshere koscienly walcott coquelin and cech shall be key.Barcelona should be on the look out for these players. No need to mention sanchez cazorla or ozil as barcelona are aware of their quality.But the above mentioned should make barcelona feel worried.They wouldnt want to leave the competition at this stage

    1. I know this isn’t going to be popular with some, but I think it’s going to be hardish to fit Jack into the squad. He can’t replace any of our current CAM’S, I couldn’t give up one of the forwards spaces for him, not Theo or Joel. You would need Flamini to back up Coq and Gab Gibbs Debuchy etc. He really has to perform to get there for me.

        1. Sorry I missed out the who, but the question remains. If you add too many CAM’s to the squad we go back to the same kind of problems we suffered from.

          1. @NY Gunner sorry I think I didn’t make myself clear. I don’t think Jack can walk straight back into the squad. I was asking those who just put red thumbs down against that to suggest why or who they think he can replace automatically. Too many pain killers at the mo to make sense sorry.

    2. We have to play on the counter. Playing a 4-3-2-1 will allow them to dominate posession which they will anyway but with there wingbacks pushing fwd there is lots of room for ozil walcott and sanchez to get in behind. Just keep 2 tight lines centrally ans cut of space in the middle

  3. were clutching abit now
    future justarsenal posts:

    neymar loses hair clippers…gunners to take advantage
    suarez chips tooth… barca lack bite
    pique cheats on shakira- sanchez hips ..dont lie

  4. We have nothing to lose simply because of the way we qualified for the round of 16 and more importantly everyone expects us to lose……no shame in losing to Barca so we will go out and hit them hard, a lot of people will be surprised

  5. Forged us into a much better harder to beat unit? Yeah I bet Bayern think that too. Bayern knew exactly what Wenger would do and I expect barca do too.

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