Have Bayern ‘done a Suarez’ with transfer bid for Arsenal’s Koscielny?

Well it looks like the boot is on the foot this time and that is great news for Arsenal fans who will have been seriously worried about the recent Arsenal transfer rumours linking our France international star Laurent Koscielny with the German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.

They are one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the world so there are good reasons for Gooners to be worried when they set their sights on one of our best players, especially when sources from Germany were talking about how the people at Bayern were confident that they would get their man this summer.

According to The Sun though, Koscielny will be staying where he is and that is because the German club has made the sort of error in their calculations that Arsene Wenger and Arsenal made when trying to sign the Uruguayan international striker Luis Suarez from Liverpool.

Apparently they thought that our centre back was entering the final year of his current contract so they could pretty much force us to sell unless Koscielny himself did not want to go and after the saga of us selling Robin van Persie to a direct Premier League rival in Manchester United they would probably have been right, except that they were wrong.

Wrong about his contract anyway, which actually runs until 2019 so Wenger and the board can stick two fingers up to their transfer interest and keep one of the most important members of the current Arsenal squad in north London. However, this should hopefully make Wenger realise that he could soon start to have our best players cherry picked again if we do not start to show some real title credentials.

For now though, Arsenal fans can laugh at the mistake of Bayern just as we were laughed at when we got the supposed release clause in the contract of Suarez wrong.


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  1. Just when we thought we have a perfect centre back (koss da boss) who needs a better partner (as mert is waning and gabby still acclimatizing)

    Bayern will all the riches of the world (both financially and player wise) would try an poach more players

    i’m sleeping soundly, Let the media play their naughty , lil game….. None of it is happening


  2. This one’s definitely not gonna happen!
    OT: it just dawned on me that Man U have singed two WC players in Ibrahimovic and Mkhitaryan and will probably bring in more while not even being in the CL next season. That just destroys our ”excuse” of you need to be in CL to attract big players. You just need to show ambition and the willingness to spend to attract big players. Now watch Chelsea go on a shopping spree as well while we are looking for bloody Asano.

  3. Koscielny has been
    going to a super club
    every summer for 5 years 🙂
    They bought Hummels man !!!
    No transfer season with out the Koz going somewhere rumour 🙂
    Our other CB’s are the slow Mertz the crazy Gabriel
    and the unproven Chambers so now we are going
    to sell our only decent CB. Yeah right 🙂
    Sanchez toJuventus Ozil to Bayern Bellerin to Barca
    Walcott to Liverpool Ox to Westham .
    Every striker in the universe is looking for houses in London 🙂
    If only there was a Giroud Sanogo or Wilshere going somewhere rumour.
    And Wenger for England manager please 🙂

  4. All we need now is a ST an CB!!! when we track takuma and xx yy… why dont u look at CYLE LARIN!!! he will be good for us… gamble on him

  5. Boss is at home so you just can’t leave home for the sake of it.

    OT: Vardy was never one of the strikers I was considering but when we started chasing him I wanted it to happen, because I know if it fails it might be the end for our striker pursue or at most get an unproven nobody like the so called asano.

    1. Asano is going to be loaned out straight away from all reports I read, there is nothing wrong with getting the odd player who might turn into a star… and if they get us a ton of shirt sales then bonus.

      As for blaming Wenger, why do people blindly blame Wenger? Wenger himself didn’t want Welbroke but the board spent £16mil to get him and took that transfer window cost to nearly £90mil… Any wonder we had a tight fisted window the following summer?

      Are you seriously surprised we are in the situation we are in with a CF and think it is Wengers fault?

      Wenger didn’t want to lose RvP and wanted to keep him till his contract ran out, not sell him to our rivals! That was the board, same with how the board sold Nasri when Wenger wanted to keep him. Giroud was only meant to have been back up for glass legs, RvP was always getting himself injured so we needed someone and that someone was Giroud… Giroud has had to step up as out main CF and he just isn’t good enough. I think Wenger knows this as every year since RvP left we have been trying to get a decent CF.

      Suarez was a failed attempt.
      12 months later THE BOARD bought Welbroke… Wenger is going to have to do his best with Welbroke.
      12 months later Arsenal have a tight transfer window, prob due to us spending close to £90mil the previous summer.
      12 months later and here we are…

      You want Wenger out though don’t you… Forget logic and reason, you just want Wenger out. Pathetic really.

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