Have Bayern really given up on signing Arsenal star Alexis?

Some big reports which will please Arsenal fans have emerged last night and into this morning, surrounding the Alexis Sanchez situation. The Chilean is on the edge at Arsenal, seemingly undecided as to whether he will stay in North London or not next season. The general feeling is that he will leave the club during the summer, although there are a few considerations that he could still sit down to agree a new contract.

There were reports earlier in the week that suggested talks between Alexis’ agent and Bayern Munich had begun talks over the Chilean’s future at Arsenal. It was understood that his agent flew to Munich to speak with officials of the German side, but according to Sky Sports, Bayern were reportedly put off by Alexis’ wage demands. The initial reports of Bayern pulling out of the early negotiations were made by German media outlet, BILD, and the news quickly spread to England. Although the wage demands are not quoted in the Sky Sports report, it’s understood from other media rumours that Alexis was asking for around £330k per week, a figure few clubs will be able to match. Of course, if true then the Gunners will also have little chance in convincing him to stay.

Now as much as I would love to believe this report is true in that Bayern are no longer interested, I reckon we have to take it with a pinch of salt, as always. The factor that concerns me about the report is that I don’t think Alexis would make such high demands in terms of finances. Alexis is a true winner and is passionate for success. Alexis desires trophies, you can see that week in week out at Arsenal and he has made it clear how frustrated he is with the club that we haven’t been able to compete for major honours again this season. Money of course revolves around the game and it is very important to the players. However I don’t feel that Alexis is greedy in the sense that he would want a sum quite as high as the one being reported. Similarly to Mesut Ozil, I have no doubt that both players want to be paid on a level equal to their quality, however the reported £300k plus seems a little steep for Alexis’ demands. In my opinion the Chilean wouldn’t be too fussed about what kind of wage he was on, so long as it wasn’t a decrease from his current wage. Therefore the idea of playing for a club like Bayern Munich, where he would be pretty much guaranteed the success he craves, it seems a little strange that negotiations would break down as a result of the financial package.

If true, it means that Arsenal have one less club to fend off from trying to sign the superstar this summer. Now all the Gunners may have to deal with is the interest from other interested parties including Juventus, City and Chelsea, whilst of course trying to tie him down to a new contract.



  1. JustJoy says:

    waiting for AW decision.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Correct me if im wrong but i think Bayern’s highest wage is £160,000 per week. Lahm, Neuer, Robben, Ribery, Lewandowski all make that amount or close to it

    So they would need to almost double it for Alexis and make a lot of players jealous and increase their wages

    We just need to double Alexis wages but nobody else because nobody else on our team is worth £160,000

    But God knows what Wenger is thinking or going to do. Probably offer Alexis £270,000 + £1

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Sorry i meant to say nobody else is worth paying £300,000 per week on our team

  3. Break-on-through says:

    PSG would have no trouble paying him what he wants. Same goes for some English clubs. Arsenal are more likely to pay more than Juventus and Bayern, only slightly though. They have to consider the transfer fee, so it would be a huge investment on Bayerns part. Bayern prob want him to run his contract down, city and Che would prob want the same. Arsenal are still in the driving seat or at least still in the race, because we don’t have to pay 50m plus on top of it.

    I see no reason why Arsenal can’t just give him the three hundred, no transfer fee and he’s worth more than twice what we paid for him, he’s also worth more than any two other players in this team. They prob started at three thirty so it lands on three hundred after bargaining. There are very few genuine world class players on this market. He creates, he scores, he tackles, he goes past players for fun, he makes his own goals. Arsenal can’t afford to lose Alexis, they can afford to pay him though.

    1. funkyrith says:

      Rooney gets 300k!!! If we want to show ppl that if they are worth it, they will make money, here is our chance. Pay him 300k and sell Ozil if he does not agree to 200k.

  4. John0711 says:

    Does it matter ? even if we have the same players next season why would you think the outcome will be any different.

    WE ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE, Kronkie out Ustanov in
    Alegri in 250m spent and we have a chance
    anything less and its another 5/6/7 position and the usual lies

  5. HA559 says:

    Competing with mid table clubs to secure the signing of Onyekuru, sums up Wenger. The guy thinks he is so good he can mould anyone into top quality. We are still waiting for Walcott a decade after he came to Arsenal.

    The manager installs a poor mentality. I’m more confident in saying that than ever before. You saw those videos of them training, they don’t do much.

    1. Midkemma says:

      That is why we bought Alexis… because he wasn’t top quality and Wenger could mould him?
      I guess the same with the mature Cech?

  6. Guneal says:

    For Sanchez it isn’t all about the money. If it was why did he come to arsenal? Sanchez wants to win silverware and arsenal doesn’t have the potentials.
    Sanchez said in his arsenal album that the only time arsenal played as a team without depending on an individual player(him) was during the 3-0 win against Man United.

  7. Galen says:

    If bayern Gives Alexis £200,000 plus all their worldclass players would go demanding a wage increase. lewandowski, Rubben, vidal, ribery, Alaba Noeur, Muller Boetang, Hummels etc?

    If Arsenal gives Sanchez £300,000 nobody says a word. can u imagine danny welbeck who cant score an empty net or giroud or walcott asking why Sanchez is on 300,000?

    How are this guys even playing for Arsenal? is beyond me. Danny welbeck is a joke, i don’t have any confidence in him scoring a tap in. lol

    is all about the Money Money Money.

    1. Midkemma says:

      So how does it make you feel to hear Welbeck was only wanted on loan by Wenger?

      1. FA Cup is the new Wenger trophy says:

        That’s such a cock and bull story.
        Arsenal rarely sign loan players.
        I think Kim Kardashian is the
        only one I remember.
        Truly Wellbeck is just another expensive panic buy now deadwood.
        Wenger has so much history with deadwood buys trying to out smart the market .
        Bendtner Girvinho Park Chamakh Sanogo Perez Asano Myaichi and Wellbeck.

        1. Abel says:

          Bendtner was not bought a deadwood, he was a very promising striker in the youth ranks that was promoted to the Senior team along with Carlos Vela but was unable to fulfil his potential. Perez is not a deadwood (yet), he just hasn’t had the chances and did well when featured.

  8. MxwellSmart86 says:

    We still dont know for sure if Wenger will leave or not, if we dont know that, how can we guess which players will be brought in. Transfer market started moving weeks ago and we have little to show.

    With all this fog on the club Future, why would Alexis renew his contract? Time is running out and money wont be enough to keep him around.

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