Have below par Ozil and Alexis given up on Arsenal?

In what was a massive game for Arsenal and almost certainly the last chance to get back into the title race this season, we really needed every single one of the 11 players on the pitch at Stamford Bridge to perform. But we especially needed our star players to perform at something close to their best, so it was hugely disappointing to see Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil put in such below par efforts against Chelsea.

Even though the Gunners lost this game 3-1 and were hit with the early setback of a goal and losing Bellerin, we did have plenty of the match with good chances and a lot more opportunities to create them. But Ozil and Alexis were two of the poorest players out there and time after time they let us down.

In the Sky Sports report of the game the pair were awarded just 5/10 each in the player ratings and no Arsenal player fared worse. Why? One answer is that there was too much pressure on them to win us the game but I am not having that. For me it is much more likely that they may already have given up on the Gunners and will not be signing new contracts this season and if that is the case we will have to sell them in the summer if we want to get any money back.

And if they had not already made up their minds, what will this defeat and the collapse of yet another title challenge make them think about staying at Arsenal?



  1. palmer17 says:

    Read what Gary Neville says on his podcast about us I couldn’t agree more with him

  2. tweety says:

    both of them are not concentrating enough it shows that they like to leave. they also know that their places are secured no matter how they play. ozil is very lazy and once he losses the ball, it seems that nothing had happened. on the other hand Alexis knows that we depends on him. why worry. he keeps the ball too much and hope for the best. both know that in their minds they are to leave = gooner for ever

    1. imran_gunr says:

      I totally agree. They must not leave instead must be sold by us. I feel Sanchez is feeling that we depend on him. I think he and Ozil must be shown door. Enough is enough. Wenger must move now. It’s time for him to say good bye. I was feeling that this season he though of winning the league and going out on high note. But hard luck to him. It feels bad for a manager who has given us a recognition in alte 90’s and early 2000’s . But now I feel definitely there must be massive change. Massimiliano Allegri or Simeone or Koeman must be given the chance. But I feel Koeman knows about English league and culture. I doubt about Allegri and Simeone. Also, we must target massive signings early in the transfer window. We must go for LB, CB, CDM , Winger and massive striker. In my opinion following must be targeted:
      LB – Rodriguez
      CB – Alaba
      CDM – Carvalho
      Winger – Marcus Rues
      Striker – Aubomeyang/Benzema/Morata/Carassco.

      Looks like FIFA game but what can we do.. We are frustrated and whole team let us down today. We can only pray that Chelsea loses 4 matches and draw once. Hope that comes true but its difficult to predict that. They are full of confidence.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Ox just apologised for “liking” a tweet saying “Arsene Wenger needs to go”
    LOL :-D’

    Ox isn’t alone in thinking that

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      It was probably his boyfriends tweet and he liked it without even reading it first… As lovers do. lol ?

  4. HA559 says:

    Arsenal don’t even play good football anymore. It’s amazing how sometimes they can’t even make normal passes yet they look for tight fit passes, sometimes even one touch passes.

    Workrate is not good enough as well. When we play Bayern Munich we will turn into a defensive team 9-10 behind the ball watching them, and expect to take 2-3 chances we will make in 90 minutes.

  5. Godswill says:

    What are big stars for?
    Big games.
    Did they turn? No.
    Who ever wants Wenger to stay for him to stay, he should go with him.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Well, Wenger probably fed them both a load of horse? when they both signed for the club.
    You know the one,about how he was planning to bring in quality players to make this club big enough to challenge the Europeans elite, blah blah blah, you know the rest.
    At the end of the day our club is full of “One season wonders”
    “Has been’s” and “Wanna be’s”

    What gets me is how the most simplest ingredients needed in any team sport, always seems to go missing when it’s needed the most at Arsenal.

    As for Sanchez and Ozil, Players will always come and go but it’s those who win titles with the club who are remembered the most! ?

    1. jono133 says:

      It’s Ozil, SNachez at least tried. Ozil never tackles , is lazy, never chases back , no heart .he slows the pace down and for me he should never play again,the Ox is a better midfielder than Ozil

  7. Ronny331 says:

    Yes they have. They are under contract and paid to do their job but if you lose respect in your manager and have different goals/ambitions as your colleagues then it’s easy to just give up. The problem is there is still a long time left on their contracts. Will they do a payet or will Wenger leave and the new manager somehow persuade them to stay in the summer if there’s a change.
    Off topic everytime I listen to Owen Hargreaves I love his footballing mind the type of character I’d love to manage Arsenal.

  8. Ronny331 says:

    Also isn’t about time we had a Stab at 3 at the back with wing backs? Monreal and bellerin are always pushed up anyway so why not play Gabriel mustafi and kos. Bellerin and gibbs/Monreal both have the attacking threat but are defenders at heart. I think today could have been a little different if the formations had matched up.

  9. wengerout54 says:

    Mr bean has just confirmed that arsenal have offered him a 2 year contract extension. Joke of a club

  10. Ronny331 says:


  11. Liang says:

    Lets be real here!

    Sanchez made a lot of mistakes yesterday, especially in the 2nd half. Poor pass after poor pass, a player of his quality don’t make those kind of mistakes one after another, this shows his disinterest in the game and in the club. As for Ozil, he was invisible once again, and when he is disposed he does not even try to win the ball back. People accuse him of lazy, but a lazy player cannot achieve what he achieved on the pitch, I believe this also reveal his disinterest in our game. Both will be gone in the summer.

    Seriously, did Walcott lost his pace? I cannot remember the last time he beat his marker. He is becoming the 2nd Podoski who does not contribute to the game apart from taking a shot.

    At least Welbeck looks great, fast, strong, tall and quick feet. If he can stay fit, we have a real diamond in our hand.

  12. summerbreez says:

    We lost against Watford we expect to win against Chelsea are we serious ???? I dreamed we lost 4 1 I could not watch the match after we let the second in that nightmare was on I thought >>>>>as for that first goal it should not have stood as the goal came from dangerous play >>>>>unfortunately the team fell apart the unity has gone out the window >>>>players make school errors yet they earn 100 000 a week crazy carry on >>>>>I am sick of it I have had it with this punch >>>embarrassing carry on cant defend cant attack they only thing they can do is dwell with the ball side ways I am sick of this dwelling about with the ball

  13. hide_TR07 says:

    It was make-or-break match this season, the game of most importance. But what did we see? They played as usual, as if it were just another game to play. That was sad.

    Is it really wrong for fans to expect to see our players give their 200%, knowing Chelsea are the better side with 9 points ahead of us? At least, I desperately hoped to see they ran and chase the ball. But was it wrong?

    Now, we need to rebuild the whole team. We need a new manager. I was expecting Ozil would conquer his weakness and totally control our games, but I guess he just doesn’t fit EPL. I have always admired Sanchez for his skill, hunger and workrate, but even he seemed to lose it yesterday. I can’t blame him, but it was not very professional.

    From now on, what we do is all for the future. Try new systems, play promising subs, newer signings and young players. Get ready to sell Ozil, Walcott, Ramsey, Cech and maybe Sanchez unless he wants to join the club’s future. Sign players who can fight in the summer.

    It may take a lot of time, effort and patience, because it will be an overhaul for the first time in 20 years. But it is the chage that is necessary. I just want to see Arsenal shine again.

  14. ali davidson says:

    WHere is Perez? Why he didnt play vs Chelsea? I do think if Perez play at Walcott place, things gonna be better.. he’s far better than Walcott. I rate him so much.

  15. Patrico says:

    Comrades we need to be careful the way we comment, especially against individual players. This will create negative self-defeating prophecy in them. Let’s face the reality this way, the game was tough, considering the fact that (1) we were playing with only one original defending mid-fielder who unfortunately was also substituted and (2) technically we are use a very predictable system of play.
    What is killing our game more is our predictability 4:4:1 system – the use of one striker is the one killing our once beautiful attacking game. These things need to be changed and balanced up depending on the circumstances. I strongly believe attacking more is a very good defence. We need to set ourselves on rampage in games like these. Once you do that the opponent is compelled to seat back and Chelsea is one team good at that when under heavy bombardment. This is the duty of Wenger to analyse but alas! He is programmed to be constant and he has created his own conform zone in denial and resistant to change. This so called 4:4:1 is not yielding any result, why not change then? What is our problem then: Is it the players, or the manager, or the system?

  16. Big G says:

    Everybody knows Arsenal were second best all across the park Vs Chelsea, Wenger likes to buy skillful players but they are not physically strong enough to compete against the top teams in the premier league or Champions league. I don’t neccessarily blame Wenger for the players we end up with because the board are not willing to spend the cash for the top players needed.

    If possible we should keep sanchez, sell Ozil and buy some more steel for the midfield and defence.

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