Have Chelsea already handed Arsenal EPL advantage?

Arsenal owe Chelsea a huge thank you by Sam P

Although the Premier League season has not even started yet, it already looks as though Arsenal are set for a much better year. If Arsene Wenger and the likes of Ozil, Cazorla and Koscielny do end up as champions of England next year, they will owe Chelsea a huge note of thanks for the increasingly strange seeming decision to sell us their keeper Petr Cech.

It is not just that the Czech Republic stopper is a very good keeper, which he clearly is, or that by signing him the club has fixed one of the major weaknesses in the squad in the last few years, but the extra belief and confidence Cech brings.

No wonder Jose Mourinho did not want to let him come to Arsenal, as he probably knew just what an important figure Cech could be in our dressing room. Just check out (sorry) what the 33-year old had to say om a Daily Star report on the subject of his desire to win as many trophies as possible, despite having already had one of the most successful careers possible.

Cech declared, “A lot of times, people say that if you win a major trophy you get satisfied and stop working. I think it’s the other way around.

“Once you win a big trophy, it’s such an amazing feeling of achievement and accomplishment that you want to live it again.

“This group now knows how to win trophies and they enjoy it very much.

“You can see the celebration every time we win trophies, and everybody speaks about it.

“I’m sure that everybody wants to at least repeat that this year.”

He is also the only current member of the Arsenal squad to have won the Premier League and so to have dealt with and overcome the pressure involved. It is clear he is already a big presence in the dressing room so will surely pass on his experiences.

There are a few players like Giroud and Ozil that have won other leagues, but they have enjoyed nothing like the success of Cech. So Chelsea have done us one massive favour and by not signing decent cover for Costa they have done us another. So have they already handed over the initiative in the race for the Premier League?

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  1. complacency again from Fans…..

    no one is handling any advantage …..

    we have to strive for ourselves…….

    we still need a DM and striker to complete the squad

  2. Chelsea have more than 5 players who can decide the big games, in fact all the top teams have at least five while we have only one–>sanchez..and now Czech so thats 2..the other is Walcott but mostly injured especially when we have a big matches…i know ul remind me of last weekend which was awesome but that was 1/14 so we must do it again and again…
    we must stop hit the nail on the head and stop praising our over-rated players and pressure them to perform better…

  3. DO YOU THINK THEY DID THAT AT WEMBLEY????…….. *Raised eyebrow* …….. Don’t be misguided… They still would be a force!

  4. When you have 5 world class players in your XI you stand a chance (Cech_Boss_Santi_Mesut and _Alexy). #COYG #ArsenalGotTalent

    1. Don’t forget Coquelin too. You might say he has to prove himself but I have seen nobody having such an impact that straightaway after coming from loan at Charlton, not only he established a first team place, he competed with best DMs in the league. He also proved himself against all the big teams be it Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea also. IMO, he is one of the best DMs in the league. He might not have much experience but having plenty of game time will only do him good.

      1. We changed our entire defensive system/attitude from Xmas onward last season, Coquelin played his part but he was NOT the reason for our newfound defensive solidarity. He’s certainly nowhere near ‘world class’ status.

        1. By your logic Matic and Schneiderlin are also not world class, because Chelsea and Southampton also played a lot defensively this season. They only did their jobs wonderfully.

  5. But i think we may have Learnt a trick or two on how to halt a train halfway down the terminus

  6. Ozil hasn’t won as much as cech? Let’s not forget that we have a few world cup winners in our squad. Ask cech if he would swap his CL medal or an EPL medal for a world cup winners medal, he wouldn’t think twice, he can be as hungry as he likes he won’t win one of those.

    But I’m not putting him down, I totally agree we needed cech and I am sure his influence will rub off on every player in the squad. I hope he is at arsenal for many years to come as a player lifts many trophies and then stays on as our new goalkeeping coach, that would really hurt Jose and Chelsea.

    Now let’s go shopping in Madrid – benzema, illarimendi and cheryshev £75m squad complete.


  8. The last time I checked this is not a Chelsea website… enough with the articles on Chelsea… are we that obsessed??We starting d EPL against West Ham,so I would prefer articles on their preseason performance or form n the style n their tactics

  9. Benzema has posted a picture of him scoring a goal for Real Madrid with a caption”I can’t wait…” on his Instagram.

    What do you think?

  10. wenger press conference
    Wenger: “I’ve never spoken on Benzema. You do all the thinking about that. It’s just media talk. I’m very happy with squad I have. We look to strengthen… But think it’s enough to win title if we develop, don’t stand still.”

  11. A goalkeeper is judged on how many saves he makes,how well he distributes the ball etc..

    A number 10 should also be judged on the number of assists he makes and goals scored…with that in mind I have heard people go on about how ‘World class’ Ozil is, but if you look at the stats he is no way near as good as ‘World class’ should be…atleast not since he joined arsenal.
    He doesn’t score enough goals as a number 10 should and his assists statd aren’t that great as well…
    Players like Rooney, Fabregas,De Bruyne, David Silva (during his on-form days),Cazorla (especially his first season at Arsenal when he played as a number 10) etc have atleast given us one ‘world class’ season…with Ozil I’m still waiting.
    Note that a number 10 role or otherwise/previously known as mobile striker/come-strike/support-striker is a position that was created to help the conventional number 9 by goalscoring opportunities for him and helping him score as well…Ozil has done nothing to help Giroud in the scoring charts and as much as he’s tried to assist I feel he’s not doing enough for someone we bought for 42mil to play that role.
    Players like Ramsey and Fabregas played in a deeper role for most of last season than him but still managed to score more.
    Rooney has been playing that role for the past 2-3 years and has managed better stats than him.

    I’m raising this because I feel we have a shit striker in Giroud but it doesn’t help him much to have a player playing in behind him you can’t even take a good shot…teams are never worried about ozil scoring so they just focus on marking Giroud…Giroud needs a player behind and around him who can assist but also possess some goal scoring attributes…

    While other teams normally play with 1.5 strikers and 4.5 midfielders arsenal has only 1 striker who isn’t that great and 5 midfielders who are led by someone who has a phobia for goals…

    I hope he improves this and atleast gets us 15goals in all competitions…this will help improve Giroud as well…

    VERDICT: Ozil is NOT world class,atleast not at Arsenal.

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