Have Chelsea and Man City stopped Lemar transfer to Arsenal?

It is being reported today that the Arsenal transfer target Thomas Lemar is set for a confrontation with his current club AS Monaco because the French Ligue 1 club are blocking his transfer to north London, where he wants to realise his dream of playing for the Gunners under his fellow Frenchman Arsene Wenger.

But just like us and the Alexis Sanchez situation, the final decision on whether the attacking star will get his wish for a move lies with his current club, so even if Lemar is fustrated and demands to be sold it does not mean it will happen.

The reason that Monaco are reluctant to sell the 21-year old to Arsenal, according to a Daily Star report, is that they are concerned that too many of last season’s title winning team are leaving. Chelsea have just signed their midfield star Timoue Bakayoko and Man City look set to add the signing of the left back Benjamin Mendy to their earlier capture of Bernardo Silva.

There is still a real chance that some big spending club will make them am offer they cannot refuse for the 18-year old striker Kylian Mbappe, so it could well be that our two Premier League rivals and their signing of players from Monaco has wrecked Arsenal transfer hopes of Lemar.



  1. Fecking hope not
    Wanted lemar more than Lacazette
    He would be a big signing

    There is an upside every supposed itk has sworn this is done
    So if it doesn’t go through they will.lose all credibility

    1. The truth is Wenger was too slow to act, Monaco stated weeks ago that they wouldn’t sell certain players during the same window, if one is sold the other would be staying (regarding Lemar & Bakayoko).

      Looks like Walcott is off to Everton, according to reports Arsenal are happy with the £30 million offer & Walcott is happy with sharing a room with Rooney ? ? just surmising that part. ?? Everton wanted Giroud but were informed that he’s off to Dortmund. ?

      Roma have had a second bid of £17 million knocked back for Mahrez, Leicester are holding out for £26 million ?? but they supposedly wanted £50 million from us ?? Must be something in those Walkers Crisps?

      1. I told you fatboy. Don’t post rumours when you have me for facts.
        Lemar deal is done. Announcement is imminent. Theo is not going anywhere as of now.
        Alexis is uncertain. Club are still adamant about selling to an english club.
        Chamberlain is set to stay. Arsenal are confident of concluding a deal with him. As far as mahrez goes, the club won’t meet leister’s asking price of 50m as of now..

        1. so an arsenal player (lemar) was risked yday playing for Monaco in a friendly while mendy was removed from the squad for Man City? What did u souce say about that?

      2. Why not bid £35 for Mahrez?Why should we miss out on such a player who wants to come to us?Look how some others are criticizing Wenger for not signing Lemar and saying he wasn’t fast enough.There’s always going to better and cheaper young players next season.It’s just about whose smarter.When Wenger bidded for Lemar neither Benjamin Mendy or Bakayoko had completed their transfers.I’d rather bid £50 for Ousmane Dembele.Lemar is not even yet currently worth the bids Wenger has even put in for him.Wenger is just looking at the future which might not even be.If Wenger bids that £50 for Lemar I hope that won’t be an excuse to not sign a CM.

    2. Now let’s look at this scenario, an interview isn’t just pitching in 2 sentences together. From what I heard Sanchez had an interview with radio Chile, yes he may have said he wants to win the CL but he also said that he has a year left in his contract. Those words I guess didn’t just come after each other but there must’ve been other things he said in between those words which the media for some reason doesn’t wanna know. They preferred stitching together the two excerpts together. Media are shiite and we don’t have to believe everything.

  2. It all has to do with their valuation of the player. They are just saying this to increase the price, just as Lyon did and succeeded

  3. Chelsea and City have done nothing!
    If we truly want Lemar, we should have intensified efforts to hasten his transfer to avoid stories that touch. If City can take 2 of their players, why can’t we take just one?

  4. Arsenal and the idiot of smartass wenger are at fault for this situation. If you jk around and tease monacco with bids they know they will refuse, you will get a situation like this.

    Monnaco are sitting on so much money now, so there are in no hurry to compliment and agree to whatever deal Arsenal is hoping to get from Lemar.

    The early bird gets the worm. Not the french clown who things the world spins around his views.

  5. We are just dragging this Lemar transfer unnecessarily. Fine we v signed LACASETTE, but either with Sanchez or without him we still need Lemar.
    Besides, i can’t understand the softmide you guys have for the likes of walkolt, geroud and welbek these players are not at Arsenal club level.

  6. Sanchez stays whether he likes it or not, he can leave next season , we can replace him with Mbappe or Lemar or Both. He will be 30, while we will get fresh blood in.

    1. After what Sanches said about “he wants champions league footbal next season” that’s defenaitly saying he wants to leave and just put the price up of every player we are after and worst deferred from joining us, he should of kept his mouth shut until we finished our deal, so let’s do what clubs like Man-U do with players, don’t sell him to rivals teams let them train with youth team, players are becoming bigger then clubs they need reminding who pays their wages, if you want to leave do it like a gentelman and not some ungrateful shi7 no one is against you if you go to Bayern who have more chance of wining the CL then City any day of the week

  7. Not really! At the end of it all there is always a price on a player. If it meets Arsenal valuation and falls within there budget they will push the envelop to get him at the emirates next season. They could always lighten the blow by selling Walcott to a club who is reportedly willing to pay 30m for a player that doesn’t fit into the team current system and clearly can do so much less than Lemar.

    With his IQ and the tactical side where Lemar can slot in as a RW, #10 or even the Santi role. At the end of the day, Lemar has already won something big with Monaco and they could arguably do more this year where he to stay there. That being said linking up with his pal Lacazette at his dream club Arsenal trying to push us back into UCL could be as enticing. Will have to wait and see

    1. If Lemar not available-

      Mahrez looks like a good option. With surprisingly few people bidding for him it seems

      Let’s put a deadline in. Or we’ll miss out on both!

    2. Leicester City will probably wont sell him to us at this price, this is probably the price for non-PL-teams

    3. 26mil? Is this a joke? Roma are willing to pay 35mil, and they’ll sell to us for 26?! We won’t get him for anything less than 40mil, and frankly I’m not sure he’s worth that much.

  8. There is something called “moving fast” Wenger is always waiting for the cheapest deal while others move ahead of him.

  9. Honestly. We should not get worried. A lot depends on the players we already have. Lemar is not worth 50m pounds. Some of us are critical of Walcott. Baloteli failed at Liverpool. But he got Nice into the Champions league. No need to show desperation in signing Lemar. If Monaco play hard ball, we should sign Mahrez. 35m pound bid for Mahrez. Sort out Sanchez issue first.

  10. I can’t wait for Wenger to leave. 2yrs? Weew!
    Y whynin? U need a player, go for him.
    Y is almost all top EPL teams are hovering around Monaco players. Do they want to disband d team cos dey had good season.
    I doubt arsenal still has good scout. It’s been long we had good relatively unknown player come him to improve d team and become superstar

    1. AdaJim, comments like yours just never cease to baffle me. I thought Arsene moved very quickly this summer, sealing two good players even before the official opening of the transfer window (which only really opened July 1st, by the way). Besides, take a look at the other rivals, even across Europe and you’ll see that maybe about 3 clubs have brought in more than 2 players. Even Barca struck their second deal last week.

      There is need for calm and some perspective, please.

  11. Are there no good unknown players somewhere better than Lemar? I think the guys responsible for scouting should go watch other leagues and come up with new names.

  12. Not Chelsea or Man City, it’s Arsene Wenger because of him we will lose out,.stop blaming others for wengers mistakes.

    1. What mistake? Arsenal has put in a bid, increased it twice, even. If the club wishes to sell, Arsenal will get him. If not, then we look elsewhere.

      The story about what other clubs do, influencing Monaco is mere opinion. The player wants Arsenal; I think he will have his way.

  13. lets go for Osman dembele £60m…let’s forget about Sanchez if he stays or go… trust me Osman dembele is gonna be the real deal for us …

  14. Monaco have already bought replacements for all the players, they have sold or plan to sell, even Mbappe has a replacement if they plan to sell. Youri Tielemans (m), Soualiho Meiti (dm), Alian Saint Maximim (f), and two loanees from Barca. So i do not think they have an issue in selling any one.

    Hoping we can agree a price

  15. You have to ask what the hell is going on. Arsene should have the advantage here as he’s respected in France and Monaco is his old stomping ground.

    They say that he’s not getting anywhere because they don’t want to lose too many players, this is false.

    For one, we tried for Lemar before Bakayoko moved to Chelsea. Two, Mendy is mooted for being the next one to move. So whats going on. They are still selling players.

    I think it’s because Arsene spotted Thierry Henry and got credit for it, credit that Monaco never got. Then he goes for Mbappe directly before Mbappe becomes the most hotly chased striker in the world. Now Wenger wants Lemar.

    They don’t want us to have him maybe because Mbappe and Lemar are their best two forwards, their most highly rated players. I thought Bakayoko would be up there too but he went for the same amount we were said to have offered for Lemar.

    Fabinho could be in talks with Manu. So why isn’t Wenger getting anywhere. They cant have a fire-sale and then deny Lemar a dream move. I don’t see that happening. It’s a wonder though as I would have thought Arsene to be best placed for getting some of these players before all others.

    1. Lemar is not a done deal otherwise he wouldn’t be playing for Monaco now in case he broke a leg Jensen why Mendy ain’t playing! Resource didn’t think of that one

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