Have England blown the chance to groom Balogun to replace Kane?

How does a striker with 16 goals in 26 games miss an international call-up? That’s a question many Gunners have been asking after their star striker Folarin Balogun failed to make it to Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions squad even after showing he is the real deal in Ligue 1.

Ian Wright is one of the Gooners who hasn’t shied away from highlighting the bad decision of not calling Balogun to England’s senior team. Wright believes there aren’t many as good as Kane, and to “build” the Kanes of the future, it is wise to have young English strikers like Balogun watch firsthand the Spurs man in the National Camp, in hopes of them moulding their game to his style, which may see them effectively replace him in the future. “If we want to talk about a No. 9, Harry Kane’s not going on forever,” Wright said on his podcast, Wrighty’s House.

“We need as many quality No. 9s coming through as we can. I think that he has to get a mention.

“He scores goals at an alarming rate. We’ve got to find the next No. 9 is going to be able to score goals to win us games in those tournaments.

“And at the moment, it’s not there. It’s not there at the moment. So I would say, Don’t say things maybe at this point to dissuade somebody from having a go.”

Balogun not being given a chance to make up the England senior squad has sparked speculation he may switch allegiance to play for the USMNT. Wright insinuates Balogun could be the next Harry Kane, so choosing to play for the US may not be the best of choices.

Hopefully those close to him can convince him to be patient and wait for the England call-up, but with the USA pulling out all the stops to get Balogun on board, how long will he wait?

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  1. Balogun should go play for USA.

    We all know Southgate will play his favourites until they are in an old age home. Just look at the England squad if you need proof.

    1. @PJ-SA
      RealTalk. Plus, the U.S. team is in dire need of a good striker and Balogun fits the mood at the moment. Jus sayin…

  2. Yes, he’s had a good season so far, but I think that it’s right that Ivan Toney was selected before him, and that Ollie Watkins is slightly ahead of him on merit too. There are many things that we may disagree about with Southgate but on this particular occasion I think it’s fair. If he continues his form next season, preferably in the Premier League (although this shouldn’t be a deal breaker), and hopefully with Arsenal, then he will definitely be considered. The question is whether he’s willing to be patient- let’s not forget that he didn’t do very much at Boro last season, so the current hype may not be justified yet.

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