Have Foxes given Arsenal blueprint on facing Liverpool?

Next up for Arsenal is the Premier League clash away to Liverpool on Saturday and although any chance of the Premier League title is gone for us (do not let Arsene Wenger tell you any different) it is still a massive game for the Gunners.

Because our EPL match with Southampton was postponed due to the EFL cup final and because Man United play AFC Bournemouth in an earlier kick-off, we could arrive at Anfield outside the top four and a loss could see us drop to sixth in the table, while a draw would ensure we stay in the top four spots no matter what else happens.

So you can see that this is no time for another lacklustre display from the Arsenal team and the fact that our players will not have played for almost two weeks means there will be no excuse for it. If we needed any encouragement, though, or a pointer on how to approach the game then we only have to look at Leicester City and their comprehensive win over Liverpool last night.

It was achieved through hard work, pressure, closing down and all those aspects of the game which have been lacking a few timers from us this season. It is vital that we do not do it again or it could be a very unhappy return from Anfield.



  1. Durand says:

    Good idea but “blueprint” only works if Klopp refuses to make tactical adjustments. “Blueprints” generally work against Arsenal, not for us.
    Check Jose’s record against Wenger, Sir Alex against Wenger, etc… no need to name others, I think point is made.

    I expect Liverfool to be up for it big time after that Leicester embarrassment, I hope Arsenal is up for it as well. I think this is a must game for us. IMO it’s just as much about willpower and fighting mentality as it is 3 points.

    I’m thinking 2-1 to the Arsenal because Liverfool defense is their Achilles heel.*

    *Assuming Ramsey doesn’t start on the wing, midfield, or anywhere except the bench. It’s not that I don’t like the guy, it’s just that I don’t like the guy. Bored with watching him stall out and under perform AGAIN. Walcott too for that matter.

    4-4-2 with Ospina in goal, Gibbs LB, Ox in midfield with Xhaka, Welbeck and Perez on wings, Giroud and Sanchez up top.

    No Monreal, Iwobi, Walcott, or Ozil. Give them a rocket instead

    1. Budd says:

      Cech-Mustafi-Kos-Monreal-Bellerin-Xhaka-Coquelin-Gibbs-Perez-Sanchez-Welbeck (3-4-3)
      But again, I don’t give a damn because i know exactly the formation and the tactics Wenger will put in place. So does Klopp. Couldn’t care less.

  2. hecmanx says:

    Wenger just can’t motivate his players for this kind of match

    1. stubill says:

      These are professional players, earning an obscene amount of money, they shouldn’t need to be motivated by a manager.

      1. bran99 says:

        still, managers play a far important role in that, even Barca with all their stars were humiliated due to the manager enforcing a different tactic that was well read by PSG, but they had MSN and everybody else, they are well paid superstars, what happened then? this shows players alone are not enough, that’s why managers get sucked every now and then. why not sack the players for playing rubbish then?

      2. Jansen says:

        @Stubil that is not how it works in practice. Unfortunately, managers add value (or not) and when you earn £8,000,000 per year you can not tell the fans that the players should be self-motivated. It is your job to field a motivated squad and when you lose the squad you have no one to blame. If a manager is not responsible for motivating his squad who is?

        Chelsea could have blamed the players last season and kept Mourinho instead they chose to be realists and will likely win another trophy with a manager who actually managed to motivate his squad.

        This is sports and managers should add value, and motivation and preparation are a big part of that. If a manager thinks a player is not earning his salary he should do something about it and not continue to select that player. If a manager can not find 11 players in his squad who are worth their salary and he has personally selected the entire squad it is time he looks in the mirror.

  3. otunba_007 says:

    Well all of a sudden i am not excited about this match, we all know the story and i think most of us can predict the formation mr Wenger will play and so does Klopp, I really HOPE the boys are up for it, but yet we all know at the back of our minds that this could be the final blow to our season as i really can’t see Liverpool loosing that match and anything apart from a win for us is FAILURE..Well i just hope i am wrong

  4. frank says:

    Hahaha blueprint. Wenger only has one blueprint, the same one he has used for the last 12 years.

  5. Vlad says:

    Anyone and their grandma knows that 4-2-3-1 is how Wenger will set up the team. You can also predict which players will start the game down to a T. So if anyone is gonna have a blueprint it’s Klopp and Liverpool.

  6. Vlad says:

    “It was achieved through hard work, pressure, closing down and all those aspects of the game which have been lacking a few timers from us this season” – LOL. All the things our spineless team doesn’t have.

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