Have Liverpool done to Arsenal what we did to Chelsea?

It is too soon to predict the course of the current Premier League season and what part Arsenal will play in it, as Arsene Wenger alluded to in his comments after the beating of Brighton. So yes it still really just the early knocking of the latest race to the EPL title, but it has certainly improved for Arsenal over the last month.

The fact that Liverpool could only take a point away from their game at Newcastle today means that only goal difference is keeping the Gunners out of the top four and that is a massive turnaround from the end of August. After an admittedly unlucky loss away to Stoke City, Arsenal went to Anfield and could take nothing positive away from a 4-0 drubbing that had the football media writing us off for the top four, never mind the title.

How times change, though, because Jurgen Klopp’s team have become bogged down and are struggling to beat anyone, while Arsenal have quietly gone about the business of winning matches, or in the case of Chelsea away, making sure we do not lose them.

Talking of Chelsea, do you recall what everyone said was the turning point in their run to the EPL trophy last season? That’s right, getting a tonking at Arsenal. After that Antonio Conte sorted things out, the players got on board and they never looked back.

Like I say it is early days, but I get the feeling that the hammering at Anfield is behind the new found resilience of Arsenal. It hurt and it bloody well should have. Could Wenger and the players be using that pain to drive them on? Could that game prove to be the turning point for Arsenal this season?



  1. Sue says:

    Nice to see the teams that thrash us struggle. Yes we’re working our way up the table, playing well & not conceding. Hopefully we’ll carry that on after the international break against Watford
    Another great 10 minutes or so from Ox earlier ? he’s really hit the ground running at Liverpool ?

    1. COYG_CA says:

      Oh, the Ox got a couple more gifted minutes on the pitch? That has to be the best 35/40 mil we have made off of a player that is good at warming a seat on the sideline . . . I am waiting to see him loaned out from Liverspew. . .

      1. Sue says:

        To think that Klopp brought him on to win the game!!

        1. JJPawn says:

          The Wenger, he was dumb to let the Ox leave…

          1. Ivan says:

            ?? Wenger said he wanted him to stay, even getting quite angry about him going so this was no clever decision rather a (very expensive) bullet dodged as we were offering him £180k per week which shows how Gadzidis and Wenger have lost the plot.

  2. Guneal says:

    Is either you are blind or dumb to realise that there has been no significant improvement in our overall play.

    Weber only perform when he’s under pressure and once the pressure is off like right about now, the true loser will be seen.

    If after 13 years we haven’t realised this then Am very sad for we fans.

    No matter what article you put up to prove wenger got something left in him to take us forward you are only being deluded cause people who worked closely with him like fabregas, nasri, van persie, ozil, sanchez, Chamberlain etc do not see him as the man to moving the club forward So they all want out.

    OT: Do you know barca played with 4-4-2 formation today?
    That’s a manager that can take a team forward always experimenting logically not playing players out of positions and not afraid to fail.

    1. JJPawn says:

      You know that Barca is ranked first or second in the world, and what formation they deploy will matter less that the quality they have?

      1. Ivan says:

        You still need to be organised tactically and be motivated.

  3. TheGrove says:

    We haven’t played anyone decent since Liverpool, only games we should be winning. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m happy we’re winning but still have a bad taste in my mouth from Wenger’s cowardly ‘after the season ends’ contract signing and yet another shambolic transfer market. We’re going to loose Sanchez in January and I’m praying AW doesn’t drop the ball getting his replacement. Right now we’re paving over major cracks with wins over minnows.
    Let’s not forget who’s relegated our club into mediocracy for the past 12 years.
    Wenger out! COYG!

    1. Ivan says:

      So true. It is beyond me how people cannot remember how all our seasons have gone for more than 10 years.
      We start badly, then win games and people think we are going to win the league. Then the winter comes and we lose a load of games and fall out of the title race. When the weather gets better we finish the season well. That happens every season and at best will be what we get this season.
      For some reason lots of fans are happy with this and have no ambition for anything better. They are the AKB’s.

      1. Whamio says:

        Personally I think Arsenal should just take it one game at a time…so far so good…
        Ambition is an interesting word. Leeds had amibition when they played in the champions league…I don’t even know how far they have fallen right now. Liverpool could be said to have had ambition when they removed Gerrard Houllier. Remember him? He was doing alright not great just alright…regularly getting the Champion’s league..but not much trophy wise besides the occasional FA cup…so they went and brought in Rafa: the man who won the Spanish league right under the noses of the two giants of Madrid & Barcelona..Yes he won the Champion’s League that first year if I recall correctly…so ambition fulfilled? Sadly he also placed 5th…How many years since then…Liverpool have featured in the Champion’s league…was it thrice? maybe 4-6 times since 2005ish? They have not won the league even once since then by the way… Everytime you think Liverpool are going to do it but somehow they seem to be stuck in a rut…I have a strong suspicion that the day Wenger finally goes…people are definitely going to remember him! After all you don’t know what you’ve got until you don’t have it anymore…Having said that hopefully he wont leave the team full of old geezers like what Fergie did to Moyes. I have a gutt feeling that this truly is…the last contract of the Professor. EPL table after 19 games should be interesting to look at…You’ll probably be able to tell a lot about the league direction then..until then ride the good form until the next potential banana peel shows up…

        1. Ivan says:

          I do but unlike yourself cannot forget that we have virtually the same season every season. Groundhog season if you like. We started badly with the mad team selection’s by The Old Man costing us 6 points against very winnable teams.
          As for ambition well if you don’t try you can’t succeed. You have given some examples of teams failing but cannot think of any teams that are ambitious and succeed? Think a bit more. Also currently we are in the third longest period between winning the title since we got good in the 30’s.
          As for Wenger he will be employed by Kroenke for years to come as Wenger is the public face of this regime and no other manager would defend it as we’ll .

          1. Ivan says:

            BTW, interesting you recognise Liverpool just being a cup team is failure whilst not seeing the same in The Old Man’s Team.

    2. We’ve played Chelsea who are better than Liverpool. But yes we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves

    3. David Rusa says:

      I thought Chelsea was a decent team by your definition. Which decent team has Man U played so far? Didn’t Liverpool lose points to Newcastle yesterday? Does beating a decent team give you more than three points? A, win is a win and it carries three points no matter the opponent. So stop demeaning our wins and exaggerating our losses.

    4. Chen says:

      You forgot the Game at Stamford bridge

  4. Rico Nseula says:

    Man U has not played against any team that finished above its 6th position last season and are in this years Champions by default. All the teams it has faced this season are berthed from between position 12 to 20 on the EPL log table today.

  5. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    I agree. I can see this being a good season with us winning the league, FA Cup and Europa League.

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