Have Lyon accepted that Lacazette WILL sign for Arsenal?

The Arsenal transfer rumours concerning the Lyon and France international forward are sounding more and more positive to me, with it looking like we are only waiting for the player and his agent to agree to the terms of the transfer offered by Arsene Wenger before Arsenal can complete our second signing of the summer transfer window.

The Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has been saying the usual sort of stuff about being confident that his star player will decide to stay with his current club but just about everything else is pointing to the opposite. For one thing we have Metro reporting that the French club are on the verge of signing the Chelsea striker Bertrand Traore to replace Lacazette.

Even more telling are the words of Aulas himself reported by The Mirror. After saying earlier this week that Arsenal had made a good offer for Lacazette, he has revealed that the offer has gone to the player and that it is the only one. The Lyon president also changed his tune from being confident about the player staying to simply hoping and wishing that he would, making it clear that it was the striker’s decision to make.

Aulas said, “Today, the question of Alexandre leaving is annoying. For us, he won’t leave. He’ll be there for pre-season. Anyway, he’s under contract.

“Alexandre knows our position. If he wants to try his hand somewhere else, there must be offers, which have gone straight to him. For the moment, I have no others. I don’t know if he wants to leave. Maybe he’ll give me a call.

“The ideal scenario would be that he stays and the goals we’ve set.”

So he is coming to Arsenal then yeah?



  1. I have a feeling that the whole mbappe saga was a front to sign lacazette, trying to raise the price and interest in mbappe so we can sneak in and sign lacazette, I’m happier with the latter as it will free up more funds to strengthen other areas top.

    1. LOL…I understand the frustration.
      We have been burnt for believing such rumours.
      We can only hope for the best.

      1. Look, I am trying my best. Signing a player is not straight forward, you know?

        1. Wenger ether says it best…
          Gazidis across the belly.
          Sign a player already

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more mate as I feel exactly the same, at the end of the day we probably will end up with just Kolasinac.

  2. I think NONE highely rated European player wil sign for Arsenal until they know the future of Sanchez and Özil. The frustraton of S and Ö has been that the other players at Arsenal are mediocres much below their class so I beleive, players like Lacazette will only sign for clubs where they could have macthing mates.
    Even if Arsenal is able to keep S&Ö, I would rather see we put the amout of money for one player like Lacazette into 2-3 midfielders and defenders where we were hurt last season

    1. Pre Cazorla injury AFC had around a 50% rate of keeping clean sheets, after change in formation AFC had around 50% rate of clean sheets… Doesn’t sound like that is what cost us.

      Cazorla injury and too long in swapping tactics cost us a lot of goals.

      The swap in formation IMO has less emphasis on CM and more around them and as such we need to make sure the players ahead can do the damage quick and fast, more of a counter attack style.

      IMO this is what Wenger is best at, I like to watch possession based football and Wenger can do it with the right players but he done best at counter attacking when he 1st joined. Our unbeaten year, we had players who did not pass the ball around waiting for an opening, they sat back a bit more and hit them fast and hard when we won the ball back, meanwhile the opposition has gaps which pace and skill exploited.

      Who do we have as a CF right now that can do that?
      Theo is to inconsistent, Welbeck isn’t a predator in the box, Giroud is slow, Perez never had Wengers trust (I guess it is because he wanted Lacazette but the board didn’t make the funds available and they bought Perez as a panic buy, real bad story for Perez either way)

      So what CF would you use in counter attacking football?
      Welbeck was used more often at the end and he wasn’t good enough. Even if we keep Giroud and he keeps getting the goals, we need competition for him and the players we have are not good enough.

      This is assuming that we keep Alexis and he plays the left ACM role.

  3. Wenger should just concentrate on Monaco and cut a deal

    we need 5 players from them

    LB – Mendy – 50m

    RB – Sidibe – 50m

    DM – Bakayoko – 55m

    LW – Lemar – 30m

    CM – Fabinho – 40m

    Total – 225m (sale of players can bring the figure down)

    Lets be realistic …Mbappe will not sign for us unless we pay 150m and 250k a week

    1. We JUST got a new LB Kolasinac..he hasn’t even played yet and already you want ANOTHER one? Also, 225M really? on one transfer window? Come on man only Mancity can afford that.

      1. Leave hafiz man
        Everytime a player scores a goal he says we should put in a 50 million bid lol

        Hafiz is.life

    2. I agree with
      But why do we need
      Mendy or
      We just signed Kolasanic and we have Monreal as well
      We also have Hector Bellerin and the Ox to play right wing back for us. If we get the 3 mentioned above with Aubameyang or Lacazette we may just have a team that even the deluded one can win the title with

  4. Lacazette isn’t a star and can’t get in the French team above Giroud, overated and not worth 50m. Same old wenger buying average at best and expecting sanchez to stay on the signing of lacazette. They bang on about having money and making wenger spend but it’s the usual old waffle and we will get the same results. He should’ve gone it’s as simple as that, no room in today’s game for sentiment. He’s past it and players know this aswell, it’s easy for players to come out and say their happy he’s staying when they are mediocre and would only be regulars under wenger. 90% of the club is underperforming but still he keeps his job and will put us through all the lies and playing abit with the handbrake on. It’s nonsense and enough is enough

    1. Have you watched Lacazette at all Sean? He is alot better than you give him credit for and Giroud gets into the French team ahead off a striker every Arsenal fan was screaming for a few years back in Benzema. I think Deschamps want a striker who hold the ball up and is excellent with his head cause off the talent France has on the wings. Lacazette or Aubamayang are exactly the type off striker we need to take us to the next level with Giroud coming off the bench late to save a game if need be

    2. Overrated player who scored 38 goals???
      Lacazette is awesome
      Deadly finisher
      Lots of pace
      He scored 38 goals in one season

      The French manager didn’t even start Greizmann in the last match let alone Lacazette. The manager doesn’t know what he’s doing

      1. Also Lacazette is a realistic signing
        Mbappe, Greizmann, Aubemeyang, Lukaku, Rodriguez, Lewandowski, Suarez, neymar are not realistic but fantasy

        1. 38 gpals in the French league and a few were penalties……Giroud starts all competitive games for France when fit. Lacazette is a realistic signing cos we can’t attract the big boys anymore. Wenger is done

          1. Giroud has a better goal ratio for France national team than he does for AFC, although this year Giroud goals per mins jumped up as he played the role of a super sub.

            Giroud needs competition and he gets more of that from Lacazette and MBappe in the national team than at AFC against WELBECK.

            Giroud wants more playtime and if that means he will fight for his spot with us then GREAT! When we have a fighting Giroud then he is a top talent!
            Giroud has never said he wants to be an unquestioned starter for us, Lacazette will take time to settle…

            Sometimes you do not need a ‘big boy’ like Stones when you find a Holding!

          1. Says the person who has no clue about the player, players name is spelt in the URL… Go watch football. Lacazette is class and underrated.

    3. “Lacazette isn’t a star and can’t get in the French team above Giroud”

      Sean, by your reasoning Sanchez wasn’t a star either then since he couldn’t get into the Barca team ahead of Pedro.

      Lacacette is a prolific and fast striker, the reason Giroud is picked ahead of him is because he suits the play style of the French Manager. Pep sent out Joe Hart on loan because he wanted a certain type of goal keeper for Man city and wanted to play from the back, that is not to say Joe Hart isn’t good, matter of fact Pep was even benching Aguero at one point and sought alternative options.

      Lacacette would suit Arsenal’s style of play better than Giroud since we don’t have the type of wingers that the French team have that can make full use of Giroud’s strengths but with Lacacette’s blistering pace we wouldn’t need to since he can stretch defences like Wellbeck and create his own goal scoring opportunities. He would be the closest we could realistically get to bring us back to the days of when we had Henry. We would have pace up front and a striker who can shoot. Giroud would be his back up for games were we need something a bit different.

      You are definitely underestimating Lacacette. In an Arsenal team with the players he would have around him you would see world class performances on a regular basis.

      The joke is we haven’t even signed Kacecette and you’re already in Wenger’s back and slating him for a “bad buy” he hasn’t even made. You guys tickle me. Wenger goes seasons without reinforcing our attack and gets slated. Now we are linked with one of the most promising strikers in Europe and you’re dissing him. Everyone was slating Wenger for not signing him last season and now he is even better, proving he was not a one season wonder. I doubt we would get Lacacette but if we did he would be a marque signing and show real intent. It would also be a big statement considering we can’t even offer champions league football next season.

  5. More news on The Ox wanting out!

    Chamberlain is set to tell the club he wants to leave this summer, according to the Times.
    The newspaper claim that the 23-year-old does not feel as though he can fulfil his potential if he were to remain at the north London club, and could request a transfer.
    The Times report that Oxlade-Chamberlain has made up his mind to quit and his “priority” is to find a new club before pre-season training starts at the beginning of July.
    An earlier report in the Times had claimed that Arsenal were set to open talks with the versatile midfielder over a fresh contract, but the latest report states the formal talks have yet to begin.

    ?? Serves Wenger right for dragging his feet, it makes it look as if he wanted to cash in on the Ox.

    1. Tbe ox is on holiday across the continent. All of these rumours are made up. None of them have a single quote in them- why?? Because they’re made up

  6. Lyon cliam they have received no offer from Arsenal for Lacazette and somehow that sounds believable to me.

    1. It might have been us telling Lyon not to give out Arsenal’s transfer plans, same way they wouldn’t like it. It can interfere with player talks at other clubs as well as your own, and it can let your rivals know how to high-jack things. We would likely have said ..that they can tell of bids all they like, but keep AFC off your lips. Mostly when someone says AFC made a bid for x, it’s trying to drum up business for x. Or else it’s a total fabrication by reporters. Now and again when it’s true, it’ll be leaks behind the scenes, ex players getting wind then gossiping. So I’d say he wanted to try and squeeze more by bringing other clubs into it, and then we would have asked them to act more professionally. I don’t think that Lyon owner cares for us too much, he’s probably sick of us trying to turn players heads over in France. I think he’s got a disliking to Arsene.

  7. It would be good if Arsenal signs an established striker like Lacazette . If we are realistic after Lacazette we might sign only two more players. It is not just signing players. There are a lot of other considerations to be borne in mind such as wages, bedding into the team, acclimatisation into EPL etc. If we are objective the Arsenal squad as it is today is not a bad one. With a few quality additions it can compete on all fronts. Let us not forget that this is a squad which won 6 games in a row beating Man U, Everton, our bogey teams Southampton and Stoke and defeating Man City and Chelsea to lift the FA trophy for the third time in 4 years. This is no mean achievement. What is needed now is consistency throughout a whole season and Arsenal will be crowned Champions again. In order to achieve this Wenger needs to change a few things. He must discard soft spot for some players, be ruthless with under-perfoming players, instill a winning mentality in the boys as he did for FA, make substitutions early in a game where we are not performing well and bench the weak willed and those with no motivation to fight to the end. He should also tolerate no laxity from any player. Furthermore he should stick with the current system of three players in central defence. Since this system enabled us to win, 6 games in a row there is no reason why we should discard it. We should also avoid a slow start because it leads to playing catchup to our rivals. With good organisation and determination this is achievable. Let the boys resolve to do it this season. Remember Leicester did it against all odds. Why can’t Arsenal? $

  8. Everton has gotten 2 players over the line paying a hefty some for each Wenger has only snatched Kolasinac on a free, probably looking for another player out of contract then he will bring back Takuma Asano & Carzola like new signings in August.

    1. Lol
      John Terry, Gael Clichy, Sagna, Zabeleta are all free transfers. I wonder if Wenger signs one of them

  9. Wenger should pay 60m if he is interested in AL, or he should concentrate elsewhere,he should not waste time on one player.
    Add lemar and Mendy to the team and one more striker.

  10. Lacazette is not an upgrade on Giroud. He shoots at goal more and is faster but not sure he is intelligent enough against top quality premier league defenders. Everything should be done to get Mbappe.

    There is a vast gulf in class between Mbappe and Lacazette. Mbappe is still developing but looks more equipped to deal with premier league defenders and there’s more to work with and shape. There are too many similarities between Lacazette and strikers like Kenwyne Jones (ex Sunderland). Strong, athletic and pacy but struggle against better defenders and organised teams.

    I would rather Aubameyang than Lacazette

    1. Aubameyang may be good but he looks a bit weak for the EPL. Why is it that no big team has expressed a strong desire to get him? Let us get Lacazette and see how he performs.
      I don’t know if there is such a big gulf in class between Mbappe and Lacazette. Mbappe is still a very young boy who is just beginning his career while Lacazette has been consistent for a number of seasons. We should be careful about judging people based on only one season. Look at Man u forward Martial and Arsenal former forward Reyes who came when they were very hot but later on got a burn out. Lacazette is a proven striker.

    2. “Lacazette is not an upgrade on Giroud. He shoots at goal more and is faster but not sure he is intelligent enough against top quality premier league defenders. Everything should be done to get Mbappe.”

      Ignasi M Get off the bandwagon. You probably didn’t even know Mbappe this time last year, now all of a sudden Lacacette isn’t good enough or isn’t better than Giroud. Behave! If Wellbeck makes our attack more threatening for premier league defences than Giroud and he isn’t even prolific, how much more dangerous would Lacacette be in front of goal?

  11. Lacazette is a CF who will get us the goals, he will take us forward and if we can keep Alexis and Ozil along with add in a couple more fast attackers then I honestly think we have a chance at the EPL title.

    Too many times we have hit a team fast but then someone other then Alexis holds up the attack, Giroud is prob our best CF and his problem here is pace and unfortunately adds towards the game getting held up.

    From what I have read, Henry is in love with MBappes intelligence on the pitch and if Henry s right then he could be the ideal man for a long term CF and someone to build around. Would be ideal for fast attacks and Monaco have hurt people with his pace… I know EPL is different but an intelligent player will do better.

    For me, I do not know if it is a case of Lacazette or MBappe or if MBappe is only a smokescreen for Lacazette, I do think though that either one of them will help us compete again. If we can get them both along with Lemar than I will put money on AFC winning the title.

    We could do with a stronger CM to partner Xhaka but no team is perfect, with the right signings (motivation and belief) then I think even the CM we got could step up enough to win the EPL.

  12. We could have got Vidal before he went to bayern….he’s the closest to the ideal man we need for CM. But we dint get him. Another missed chance

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