Have some Arsenal players already given up?

Aubameyang speaks about the elephant in the room. by Konstantin Mitov

Arsenals most expensive signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang missed a penalty against Manchester City, but didn’t fail to say that some of his team mates looked ‘resigned’ and I love it! Auba is a character and we’ve missed people like this in the dressing room, not afraid to call it what it is.

Aubameyang apparently told French TV station SFR: “There is a lot of disappointment. We are not happy with our displays either tonight or Sunday.

“We could not score that goal that could have pushed us on. City play very well too. The way they play, they are one of the best teams in the world.

“Obviously it is not easy when you cannot score a goal to give us extra energy. There are maybe some players who are a bit resigned.”

“I think obviously the Europa League is a good option to qualify for the Champions League. Now the route is not easy – 10 points from fourth place.

“It is going to be very hard but he will fight till the end. The championship is not finished – this is the Premier League, anything can happen.”

Imagine Tony Adams in that dressing room or Vieira or Keown. I wouldn’t wanna talk to them after a performance like this, because they would come at me. Do you think Koscielny will have a go at someone? He’s the captain and I don’t really know what this means at Arsenal.

People disliked Sanchez for the attitude he had, but the guy didn’t wanna lose and Auba being the new guy, he doesn’t know the Arsene way of failure despite the fact he’s catching up pretty quickly. This is a player who scored 20 goals for Dortmund till midseason, by being suspended three times from the squad and his confidence looks dead in the 3-4 weeks he’s been here.

The players organised a meeting between themselves without Wenger before the game and this is not the first time this has happened in recent years. There was also a board meeting recently again without him. What does this tell you? It doesn’t seem to me like he’s trusted. But he has the owner in his pocket.

Arsene is every way you look at it a dictator. If you watched the post-match Sky analysis Jamie Carragher was spot on when he said how Wenger moved on Vieira, Henry, Ljiungberg. Those people weren’t good enough for Arsenal in his opinion and nobody is talking about their loyalty, but for Wenger it’s all about turning down the entire world to stay.

Nobody wanted Wenger last summer. What he spoke of was years ago, more than 10 probably. Besides, talk about loyalty, when you earn 10 million pounds a year. If it was only about the club, what was the pay rise for? I guess the more backwards we go, the more money he will get?

People voted with their feet yesterday by having the stadium barely half-filled. If we were fighting for top spot and City were coming, few people would complain it’s cold, because we’d be chasing the title and fans would suck it up to see a performance from their favorite team.

Our attendance looks worse than what Aston Villa looked like when they got relegated. The fans do not care and this is a reflection of the team, which ultimately is a reflection of the manager. Arsene calls for unity and I completely agree. Once he is gone we can unite and back the new faces to give us an identity.

We didn’t win a trophy for 9 long years, but to be honest although I can’t believe I’m saying it, I liked that team more than this one. I do not have a favourite player right now, cause none of these players excite me or look like they care for this football club.

We used to have an exciting young squad that played some of the best football around. Although it didn’t win a trophy it still had style. Now, we’re plain garbage. Our attitude is non-existent, it’s the worst atmosphere I’ve seen and last year wasn’t pretty either.

Henry yesterday was very good at dodging questions about the manager, because he didn’t want to insult him on public television, but he had little in his defence too. Actions need to be taken, but it’s not just the team, the fans have a big role to play in this and here’s why.

Arsenal fans mood changes the moment we win a game. Then it’s all good, Wenger knows best and he probably needs to have the club renamed after him. I’m so sick of this, but the only reason people say Wenger Out for 3 weeks in a row is because we lose every game.

Until Arsenal fans stick to the Wenger Out opinion period, he’ll be here. I got a lot of abuse for saying Wenger out after we’ve won games, with people telling me I’m unable to be happy, but the reality is the only way, there will ever be a meaning to this football club again is to sack him and soon enough it will happen.

As much as I want to see us playing in the Champions league, what on earth will we do in it if we still have Wenger in, and if he by a pure miracle, reminiscent of Lazarus manages to do that, he’ll be here for another 5 years and I just cannot take this anymore.

Imagine this squad facing Barcelona, the way we make Swansea players (with all my respect) look like Messi against our defence? What will it be? 8-0? If you have the entire Real Madrid squad put on Arsenal shirts, Wenger will have their confidence ruined in 3 weeks. It doesn’t matter who plays, Arsene is just a 10 million pound spectator of our downfall and also, he is its architect.

The best thing for this football club would be to sack Wenger now and give the last chance saloon called the Europa League to a new manager or a temporary one. This will not happen, of course, but the only way we can achieve anything with Wenger is to announce his departure is certain in May, and just try and unite as we’ll know when exactly he’ll be gone.

Last season Wenger himself said that the confusion over his future helped ruin our season. We are 30 points behind City and oh I almost forgot Brighton is coming and I don’t see us winning that, but even if we do it’s too little, too late. I hope for a Wenger Out protest. That’s quite literally the only thing important for this club right now.



  1. Enny says:

    Very positive results and I congratulate Arsenal for officially having the best season ever. We purposely lost to City twice in a row because we’ve won the most prestigious trophy in the football history, FA Community Shield. I’m a true Arsenal fan for 20 years and without any doubt I rate Wenger 10/10 this season. Sanchez made a good choice leave Arsenal because Welbeck nutmegged him in every training. I can see Wenger to developing future Ballon D’ Or stars like Ozil, Xhaka and Iwobi. Iwobi is going to single handedly win us Europa League this season because we’re too good for Bayern and Champions League. If Wenger got a new contract, I’ll be the happiest man in the world. Messi and Firmino will be desperate to leave their wives and club for Arsene Wenger. Mesut Ozil, Iwobi, Leo Messi and Firmino (M.I.L.F) will be Wenger’s biggest project and the best dream in men’s football. To those fans who says Wenger out, I’m sorry to disappoint you but I can feel Wenger is going to win us Premier League, Champions League, La Liga and Serie A next season with 5-1 against Bayern as our match of the season and Petr Cech being top scorer of all time! OMG we’re getting unstoppable! What a world Arsenal fans are living in!

  2. Innit says:

    Missing a penalty isn’t a big deal.
    Messi misses penalties.
    I won’t be harsh on Aubameyang for that
    Aubameyang is right though
    We are 10 points from 4th place. The ONLY thing we can do now is focus on Europa League and hope for a miracle.

    And sack Wenger by the summer.
    He has created a MESS. We need to sign quite a few players, some players are played too often (ie Iwobi, Eleny) Players need to play more often (Kolsanic, Lacazette) , some players should have been kept (ie Oxlade, Coquelin) some players need to leave. We have a team full of very average players. Very few of them would make it on a starting lineup on United, Spurs, Chelski, Liverpool and City. Alexis was the only one really wanted by a lot of teams.

    A new manager needs to sort out this mess before we go lower than 6th place

    1. Arnold says:

      Oxlade, Coquelin are not in Arsenal standard and those are just of few mistakes which have been repeated year in/out by wenger to think he knows better than anybody and is very good at assembling quantity not quality

    2. Okoro E Alaebi says:

      What world r u living in for crying out loud Arsenal is 6th or 7th what difference does it make cause d club is heading to relegation d u accept it d better. Do not see anything good coming out of this team has long has d Specialist in Failure is there.

    3. Tat says:

      Well, I don’t think anyone would be willing to come manage unless maybe arsenal board suddenly willing to prepare a big budget for the next guy to spend.

  3. Arnold says:

    If wenger was serious in the past, he wouldnt bother buying joel campbell, Asano, Miyaichi, silva and Botelho instead he would have improved our squad depth by brought in some quality players who could walk straight and help improve a team right away – he had his say!!

  4. Arnold says:

    The only hope i have towards next season is after Gazidis brought in Sanlehi and Sven may be that will make life miserable for wenger to work with those guys since he loves power and make him walk away on his own to avoid any interference since he thinks is Godman

  5. John Rambo says:

    Hahahaa.. M.I.L.F !!! Jolly good one Enny u just made my bloody day!

    1. Arnold says:

      “Arsenal FC Need to Strengthen in All Areas |” Alisher Usmanov Exclusive | CNBC International
      even this guy has better ideas than wenger he predicted what is happening now and that has been lacking for years now the reality are catching up

    2. Arnold says:

      Yes Rambo thats are my prediction for the guy to look for quick exit!

  6. Phil says:

    The players need to learn quickly that they play for the Club and should wear the shirt with pride.Every single player is international class and it’s about time they start acting and playing as such.
    I cannot have that these are not good players (Iwobi aside).They are not coached properly and they seem not to have the desire to perform to their abilities.
    The atmosphere was described by Gary Neville as Toxic on Thursday and that was in a half empty stadium with spectators too cold to express how they are feeling.Just wait till Watford next week if results in Brighton and Milan go against us.We want players at the moment to give their all for that shirt and if they don’t then they can F**K off with Wenger.His days are numbered and the players need to be aware that unless they start performing their number will be up as well

  7. summerbreez says:

    We dont have wingers so basically attack with ramsey ozil henric welbeck auba with the righ and left back the defense gets stretched …”.ramsy auba xaka fired at the goal keeper ” How are we going to fix it ? how are we going to get width ? its Arsenal and I need them to win

  8. Innit says:

    I Read that there was an emotional team meeting (without Wenger) after the Cup defeat. One player was close to tears while giving a pasionate speech (could have been Per). The players are miserable in this setup
    One player mentioned lack of help from coaches

    When Wenger goes (whenever that happens), so do the coaches. The new manager should bring in his own. I don”t think our coaches (esp defensive) are doing a great job.

    At the moment everything is a mess innit imo

  9. Drayton says:

    Yes, I imagine it was Per, probably our last leader on the team, that did this and had tears. I am happy he’s staying on w the club. Also, these are refreshing words to hear from Auba. Sounds like he might be ready to step in and let ppl know this is a business. It’s not about hurt feelings. It’s about accountability. If you, as my teammate, come out and play half-ass, I’m gonna let you know. Wenger clearly won’t since he doesn’t drop anyone to teach a lesson, so while we’re manager-less, I love to see this. Bravo Auba! We need the players to hold each other accountable but in a way that leaders do. Alexis throwing tantrums isn’t holding ppl accountable. I hope to see more of this from Auba and I hope it becomes infectious.

    Wenger Out
    Up Gunnas!

  10. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    Come on Steve Bould show some balls, stand up to Arsene Wenger and take over coaching this abysmal defending. If you can’t do it, you’re not the man I remember as an Arsenal player. If so walk out of this club.

  11. Nothing changed says:

    the players have not played for Wenger for quite a while now, including last season. They are simply not willing to give at least 100% effort every game.

  12. Sue says:

    It looks that way…. No fight in ANY of them. Go 1-0 down & it’s like they’re resigned to defeat.
    I am sick of these gutless performances week in week out… It’s embarrassing….. I just want this nightmare to be over. I really don’t enjoy watching my beloved gooners anymore ?

  13. Harold nwana says:

    When a manager tells you man city is above HIM and we must realise that. Then Wigan that beat city is also bigger than your team.Shame.
    Arsenal I believe is BIGGER than this shit. I can’t believe that Arsenal as a club can take all this shit for such a long time
    God help the board to help the club.
    Good bye WENGER.

  14. Had Enough says:

    In the current state of Arsenal. Even if we bring in Messi/ Ronald, they will not score more than 15 goals.

    The reason being that Arsenal don’t play to ones potential. I see most off them saying that it’s bcoz of fans protest or high demands, players are not able to perform better or lost confidence. I feel that it’s wrong beacuse there is a system which is breaking Arsenal, it’s combination of ambition, training method, tactics, desire and most important off all is that, I believe is players are not allowed to play to their potential/strengths. Below are the few examples from my observation.

    Kolasinac, a beast – His style was to feed on opponents. He used break play and opponents(Mentally/Physically), that bought the best out off him in bundesliga. Fast forward today, looks like there is an invisible system on his back which is asking him not to tackle and wait for opponent to make moves and act accordingly.

    Xhaka – Every time he receives ball with his back towards opponents. His first intention is to pass it back irrespective of an opponent is on him or he has acre of space and time to turn around and perform a move. Like I said earlier the f***up system is asking him to pass it back at any cost and his job is done. They are doing what they are told.

    Ramsey – most off you might not like this, one way to analyse is I have never seen such a sloppy midfielder ever. He creates more chances to opponents than to his team. It’s like he wants give away the most off goals that he scores. Or other way to see it is he loves to flick, run in and perform few moves. But other players are not in sync with him, It’s like they are robots, they do not want to perform any other or plan than which is fed to them by system.

    Why is everyone throwing their hands around like sissy’s, every time there is a tackle or missed chance. You need to F**n head up break the opponent in next attack. They say EPL is physically demanding and yes it is, all the EPL teams understand this except for Arsenal.

    I am frustrated, dejected and jaded. I don’t have anymore strength left in me to support this Sideways FC, Mediocre F.C.

    In India, we watch Arsenal games till 3 AM(FA cup, Swansea, Carabao Cup, City) hoping that they come back with hunger to avenge the defeat. But it’s only in my dreams that could happen and not in reality.

    I’m sorry to say this RIP Arsenal. You have lost your Identity, Charishma, Purpose, Love, Your home not the emirates but fans hearts.

    Thank you for good times which were drops of water in ocean.

    I have typed all the above with a heavy heart. I might have started following 15 years back but I type this today as I have been following since ever.

  15. Waal2waal says:

    …the Arsenal i’m accustomed to played for each other, played for the shirt with absolutely no fear. quite the opposite to the current bunch of “feckless” imposters. Anyone still waving wengers flag is sadly disillusioned.

  16. Joseph says:

    Guys don’t cry cause we already knew things would go worsier than this. I just believe and happy this will completely put Wenger off our beloved club once and for all.

  17. Innit says:

    Next Article please ?
    Pretty please ??

  18. Break-on-through says:

    Aubameyang is not low on confidence it’s a settling in period that’s holding him back. Most strikers take time adjusting when first arriving from another league, that’s why I like that we got him in this window. Next season we should see the best of Auba and Lacazette. The form of our team is not helping either, he barely has time to look around and probe for soft spots as we are losing more games than we’ve ever lost under Arsene. Pity Lacazette got injured as he is a little more accustomed to Ozil Ramsey Xhaka so might have taken a couple of chances the past week.

  19. Midkemma says:

    AKB Vs AOB brings a media circus, anyone who wants views will get them with this divide in our own supporter base.

    Stop it!

    Please, for the love of AFC, stop focusing so much on Wenger and start picking at the actual faults of AFC.

    AKB claim Wenger is the reason for all faults at Arsenal, he is a dictator and Silent Stan bows to what Wenger says…

    AOB call BS on this and point to some issues which disprove it and use that to discredit everything said by the AOB individual.

    Both as bad as each other and it is embarrassing as a true supporter.

    Get out of your echo chambers and start thinking for yourself.

    K has raised a good point in asking if the players have already given up but it could have been worded with less bias against Wenger and more impartial facts, reports of the players saying they need better coaching and then another player saying that wont happen and they need to find the answer themselves…

    I personally believe it would be nice if people can replace “Wenger” with “The Manager”, remove his fame by addressing him by his title.

    If it becomes just “The Manager” then that isn’t a legend, replacing a manager happens all the time… replacing a legend doesn’t.

    But hey, Silent Stan shares have increased yet again, you guys feeding the media circus with clicks and views only adds to the attraction of talking about AFC… AFC value has increased partially due to you all being mindless idiots at times and jumping on the media bandwagon.

    You can stop jumping on that bandwagon and debate issues within AFC instead of the man, less attractive for the media as it doesn’t get the controversy.

    Me personally, I think about the issues and remove the people form the roles and think about it in the roles. I can add a name to a role afterwards for postings which is what I do. Yeah I may defend Wenger at times but I do see his faults, I am not going to think armageddon will happen when Wenger leaves.

    I would love to chat about more than Wenger to other AFC supporters but I find the AOB Vs AKB divide brings a lot of convos onto Wenger and it bugs me! AFC is more than Wenger.

    I would love to read thoughts on how our coaching is lacking other than Wengers at fault for poor coaching. Yes but do we agree on the specifics and can I learn from some of you? I can’t when it gets dumbed down to “Wenger Out”.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Midkemma, as I stated above; Steve Bould to take control of coaching Arsenal players in the techniques, structure, discipline and tactics of defending as a team. In other words earn his money!

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