Have Spurs finally overtaken Arsenal as the Kings of North London?

In 2015 Arsenal only just pinched second place in the League by the skin of their teeth when Tottenham collapsed in the final games of the campaign, but Spurs got their revenge in style last season when they made sure of their second-place finish and ended 11 points ahead of a very disappointing Gunners side, that failed to even make the Champions League. Since then Spurs have continued their progress and even shocked Real Madrid just a few weeks ago.

RAY PARLOUR said: “It does hurt, I must admit,”
“I have lots of people ask me ‘Who is the best side, Tottenham or Arsenal?’ and I have to say the league doesn’t lie.
“Tottenham came above Arsenal last season so they are better – simple.
“It does hurt as it’s been a long time since that happened.
”They have got a really good squad, an excellent manager in Pochettino and they are great to watch.
“The Champions League has been going great for them too with great results against Dortmund and Real Madrid.”
“It had to turn around sooner or later, that’s law of averages from Spurs point of view.”

Also in the last two seasons, Arsenal have failed to beat Tottenham at home and away, so we are approaching the first North London derby this weekend with some trepidation, despite our home advantage. The Premier League legend Ryan Giggs thinks that Pochettino’s side can now claim to be the Kings of North London. He told Sky Sports: “The north London derby always tends to be an entertaining affair, with a lot of goals and a lot of talented players, and I think it has been more interesting over recent years with the teams being evenly matched.

“Form often goes out of the window with derbies but Arsenal have tended to dominate, so Tottenham are naturally relishing getting some revenge.

“Spurs are the better team right now but to really have the upper hand they have to do it consistently over the next few years, although with the talented young squad they have I don’t see why that won’t be the case.”

Giggs still believes that the EPL title will be between the two Manchester sides in this campaign, but he thinks Tottenham won’t be far behind. “Tottenham have also been impressive and I had thought they would struggle going for the title with the Wembley and playing in the Champions League but they’ve gotten over it really well, so I’d have them third in the mix.”

So if the Gunners don’t beat Tottenham this weekend, will that confirm that Giggsy is right, and Spurs have resigned St. Totteringham’s Day to the bin for the forseeable future?

Darren N


  1. Bandeedo says:

    Of course, when they win more premier league than us, more fa cup than us, more league cup than us. that’s when they can even be considered.

  2. Godswill says:

    So sad. Some people brought us down to this level.
    Let’s accept the fact so that we can wake.

  3. Wolfgang says:

    Why not? Just compare Wengers record against the top 6
    and you have the answer. Kane has an exceptional goal scoring
    record against the gunners.Why is this is so? Because Wenger
    unlike other top managers doesn’t believe in defence
    As a result Kane is isolated with time and space to shoot and score .
    Remember Rooney and Drogba had scored tons of goals against Wenger.
    The top teams have the measure of the fm and it wouldn’t surprise me
    if the gunners were to lose.
    Then it will be game over for the fm . His 2 yr or 6 month contract will have no meaning as
    managers have been cast aside even with the signing of a3 year contract.
    In the football world you are judged by results.
    Based on this criteria.the fm has been a massive disappointment despite his cup triumphs.

  4. redmau5 says:

    yeah bs aside there alot better
    we’re third in london

    doesnt bother me one bit….anyone suddenly got into netball?

    let me tell you…what a sport!!!

    1. Zaidy says:


      Is what it is.

      1. Lance says:

        OT: Argentina 2 v Nigeria 4. Iwobi scores a brace. Hope he can replicate this form against Spurs at the weekend.

  5. tatgooner says:

    they did that three years ago

  6. jon fox says:

    The truth is that Spurs are now a top, top side with a great manager, a hungry board and diligent, canny chairman in Levy. They are clearly going places and when their stadium is built will compete financially on equal terms with us. Trouble for us though is that we, or rather Wenger, consistently waste huge money on overpaying bang average players and keeping them for years while not producing results that their wages would make us expect. We have an absent , non-sporting owner who is a nasty piece of work and cares nothing for people at all, certainly not those who work in his many sports franchises. We have a Dickensian, disdainful chairman who despises the ” little people” – us fans- who love the club he chairs. We have a shameful , deceitful CEO who believes in lies and more lies to us fans, which he does every season. We have a once great manager, who has tragically declined, mentally and through an inability to see even the necessity to keep abreast of new methods, used by young , pro-active dynamic and real PROFESSIONAL managers at all our main rivals. In short we are a club in disarray, widely recognised as true by legendary ex-players from Wengers early era in charge and by ALL top pundits and respected journalists, without exception. We have a club without leadership from owner, to board and manager, which is regressing at an alarming rate, while our most “hated” rival has leapt ahead, by having ambition, youth, backbone and new ideas, ALL of which we desperately lack. For context , it is true Spurs have still to pay for their stadium which will cost them loads. But , in any walk of life, the greatest assets ANY business ever has, is honourable hard working, enthusiastic and above all, intelligent staff at the helm. In this regard Spurs are being run by true professionals , right across their club, whereas we are being disgracefully misrun by past it old buffers in all key decision makers. We have a far bigger world wide fanbase , so PROVIDED WE CAN FORCE OUT THE BAD PEOPLE IN CHARGE, we can quickly recover supremacy, with new, professional and dynamic people in charge. This has to be our overriding aim. If not , then we will end up like Leeds, Forest, Villa, etc. All these were once great clubs that refused to change with the times and now look at them!

    1. Simon Says says:

      Couldn’t argue with any of that even if I tried, there are actually quite a few similarities with Clough and Wenger thinking about it

      1. jon fox says:

        If the truth be known, similarities in drinking habits too , I would seriously suggest. Wengers nose has long time been almost as red/purple as Fergies was and Cloughs. I am sure many have noticed this fact.

        1. Simon Says says:

          I’ve got to be honest Jon as soon as he comes on the TV I turn the channel over, he makes me very angry!

          1. jon fox says:

            Good idea Simon. Personally, I just sit , watching and hating the rubbish he spouts. For some years now I have merely been marking time until he goes, when we will again have a chance to fulfill our standing in the game.

    2. AndersS says:

      Well spoken, sir.

    3. jod says:

      “We have a far bigger world wide fanbase”, really ? based on what ?

  7. Russpurs says:

    I’m a spurs fan . Whilst we are probably playing the better football at the moment , and clearly have a more harmonious camp. I would not say there is a lot between the teams . You guys have won the fa cup 3 times recently ….. we have yet to win a trophy under pochs helm, this evens things up ?

    Expecting a very tough game Saturday , it will also be a very entertaining game . The best derby in the country. May the best team win !

  8. Sue says:

    I now know how spud’s fans have felt for the last 20 years!! It’s not a nice feeling. Yes right now they are much better than us, to put that right I think we all know what needs to happen, hey Jon Fox?

    1. arie82 says:

      You mean, y understand the spud feeling for only got a carling cup trophy in the last 20 years.
      Which y prefer, playing beautiful football, but won notting, or
      Playing like mou, a parking bus, but win something.

      1. Simon Says says:

        Do you mean we play beautiful football?

      2. Sue says:

        Arie82 the spuds are going places we’re not. We’re stuck in groundhog season

    2. Simon Says says:

      What you mean a Dean Out protest Sue?!?!

    3. jon fox says:

      We sure do, Sue!

  9. Mitch Connor says:

    I’m glad my fellow Gooners are big enough to tell the truth. They are better than us. That’s a fact now. Better central defense, better midfield and attack. Wenger will disagree but he is delusional.

    It’s very sad, but it’s true. And only one person to blame for this. Wenger doesn’t deserve to get anywhere close to the £10 per year he gets for what he has done to us.

  10. Not yet. They need to be consistent for at least 20 years like we did to them (we were above them almost those years) lol

  11. Vlad says:

    Once… ONCE they finished higher than us in the last how many years, or I should say decades, and people are up in their arms. How many/which trophies did they win in that time? So let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. They have a decent squad. They are playing attractive footy, and are currently ahead of us in the table. So what? Kane will leave, Poch will go to a bigger club, and they’ll be back to where they have always been – in our shadow.

    1. Sue says:

      Once too many!! Well Vlad I hope you’re right I really do. Yes they’ve been in our shadow for so long, but it’s now that counts. I believe they’re stronger all over the pitch, hardly conceding, they do well against the top 6 teams, they’re doing well in the champions league beating Real Madrid!! They have a top manager who motivates his team! The list goes on! Be nice on Saturday at 2.15 for me to write on here what an easy win that was for us & the spuds are crap….. but I don’t see it happening

      1. TH14-TW14 says:

        “They do well against the top 6 teams”.
        Spurs this season:

        Spurs 1 – 2 Chelsea
        Spurs 4 – 1 Liverpool
        Manchester United 1 – 0 Spurs

        played 3, lost 2 and won 1. This is 3 points out of 9. Very much below average.
        You can distort facts as you want but we know the truth.

        1. Sue says:

          Alright then I take that back ?

    2. tristan says:

      agreed. I can see pochettino and kane in spain before long. Real madrid seem to raid them like barca used to do to us (til we spiked them with vermaellen. 😉

  12. Ivan says:

    Words cannot state how much it burns when friends who are Spuds fans laugh at us. We have become a joke under Wenger. Good for a few mickey mouse cups but when it really matters lose game after game against the top sides (1 out 12 points so far this season), sometimes by embarrassingly high scores.
    Despite claims from some people on this site Wenger has 100% say on every aspect of the club and therefore takes 100% of the blame for the constant failure. Why he persists in ruining our club is beyond me.

  13. AndersS says:

    If my life depended on picking who will finish best in the PL this year, Arsenal or Spurs. I don’t think I would pick Arsenal 🙁

  14. tristan says:

    let’s see if they can win something first…

  15. tristan says:

    tottenhams dvd of last season’s pl entitled- “we made it interesting”

  16. Dif Madara says:

    Spurs finished bottom of the top six table last season
    Spurs didn’t win a trophy last season, Arsenal won a cup and a shield
    Why is Arsenal being judged on trophies while Spurs is judged based on on field performances. Use the same parameters to judge the two. As far as am concerned, they are 3 PL trophies, Champions League final and two Champions League semi finals away from us counting from 1992

    1. tristan says:

      finally… facts!

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