Have the Arsenal players given up on Arsene Wenger?

If Arsene Wenger was looking for some sort of sign that he should stay on as the Arsenal manager and sign a new contract, he may have been heartened to see two things at the Hawthorns today and they came just a couple of minutes apart.

First we saw a great ball over the top from Granit Xhaka to find Alexis Sanchez, with the Chilean showing his class to score his 18th Premier League goal of the season and cancel out the lead taken by West Brom three minutes earlier. Then we saw a second banner of the day flown over the stadium, this time showing fan support for the beleaguered boss.

The people who arranged that second banner to disagree with the earlier one calling for Wenger to quit could hardly have been better timed, but that was as good as it got for the Frenchman because the rest of the game saw his entire team systematically fail to show anything like the sort of desire and commitment that would have strengthened their manager’s position at the club.

Both Jamie Redknapp and Thierry Henry in the TV studio suggested that this was a performance from the players that suggested they did not care whether Wenger stays or goes and if that is true, surely the end is nigh. The players let him down, that is for sure, but if it is because they have given up then surely the Arsenal board must react and do something to ensure that the players do go out with the right attitude.

But did they just signal the end of his 20 year reign?



  1. leo...fourteen says:

    Blaming a group of players for arsenals problem is the most stupid thing anyone cn do..henry read d signs of wengers deluded failing tactics thats y he left..xhaka ox mustafi bellerin n many more wernt here 6years ago or so n we were stil mediocre..i ddnt go out to watch d match cos i felt wat use was it.we were jst fighing for top four like we always do every season..pathetic

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:


  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Hahahahaha….Haven’t watched a single Arsenal game since january…. Money saved!

  4. Sam, need a striker says:

    No, I don’t think so, most of our players are wenger kids and with the weak mentality they have, they won’t hang on for long with a new ambitious manager, so why they shoud give up on him? …
    As far as wenger is concerned, I guess we need to loose the rest of our games for him not to announce his contract renewal…
    Disgusting really

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      He said that he will make an announcement Very Soon ?
      Apparently, He has made his mind up but hasn’t told anyone at the Club yet… Don’t hold your breath.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    This is not a season when we’d just win the remaining 10 games and stroll onto wenger’s 4th place elevator!
    Now Sanchez is injured and we are so old fashioned
    Mr Potato Head has dragged this team back to the old days when players wore XL extra Large Jersey ,mini pants and when footballs appeared oval….
    He knows nothing bout evolution ,and is stucked in the darkness of his ego!

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Westbrom 3 : 1 Arsene fc
    Hmm……Yummy…..Taste Like chicken!!!!


  7. Jansen says:

    Yes, the team has stopped responding to Arsene. That is the big difference with previous years. They don’t put a 90 minute shift in anymore. That was different even last season.

    As Rednap sad, as we all have been saying, the same message from the same manager gets stale if you hear it year after year. The game has changed and Wenger and his message (and press conferences) has not. The players are bored.

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Whether the players have given up on Wenger or not,
    That gives them no right to be cheating the paying fans with their dismal, diabolical,lacklustre performances. If they had any Conscience they would be to ashamed to pickup this months wages.

    Anyways, there’s fears of Sanchez having ligament damage in his ankle and with Perez being ruled out for a month, it looks like Giroud will be leading the line after the international break, well that’s if he doesn’t get injured too, of course and why not? May as well pile on more ??? while we’re in diarrhoea mode.

  9. BUR says:

    Bob the writing has been on the wall for the last 5/6 years. Muddling our way to the top 4 for the last number of years has suited the manager and the board. The lack of dynamic players has finally caught up with the club. We are the butt of jokes in the premiership and do you know what, we deserve it. The fans and board who have kept wenger at the helm are to blame for our humiliation, embarrassment and lack of feasible trophies. It is time for changes both on and off the pitch. How long more do we have to endure this mediocre football.

  10. Trudeau says:

    It’s clear as day they have stopped playing for the gaffer.

    Chelsea in 205/16. Leicester in 2016/17.

    And now Arsenal. It’s the era we live in. Makes me a bit nostalgic but maybe it was always thus.

    When the history books get written though, only one of this current set of players and coaches will go down as an Arsenal legend.

  11. goonerwineverything says:

    We will see after the city game whether the writing is truly on the wall for wenger.and team if we can’t overcome them at all could very easily lead to a massive slide down in form and confidence for an already what looks like fragile team mentality. Could lay the script for fa cup semi also depending on the score. Players look uninterested and that’s could signal the endgame if wenger. Can’t pick the squad up but I will be always behind my beloved arsenal even if they see me off to early end. Coyg

  12. frank says:

    20 years and Wenger still can’t defend set pieces.

  13. Franko says:

    That plane flying the ‘In Arsene We Trust’ banner was more frantic than all the Arsenal players put together. Pathetic performance from the players I must say and why did no one shoot the plane down? That was even more frantic effort from the Arsenal board trying to draw support for Wenger after a premature equalizer.

  14. gmv8 says:

    This has to do with the board as well, although that sentiment seems unpopular ATM. The point is AW controls everything at AFC, and it is not as simple as just replacing his managerial role. The board should’ve acted well before this time, and put in provisions for a director of football. Arsene Wenger does everything from managing the team, training and strategy to managing the stadium, public relations, sponsorship, merchandise, senior and youth recruitment etc. etc. They have watched while the house is falling down, and have been grossly negligent.

  15. capricorn57 says:

    Whether Wenger stays or goes a player clear out is needed. Too many players are mentally weak or with a poor attitude. Wenger used to be a good one for choosing players but has lost his touch.
    If he stays deciding who to buy should be taken out of his hands ,and be coupled with psychological profiling of prospective buys.

  16. luvdaguns says:


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