Have Tottenham now got the advantage over Arsenal for Top Four?

Football expert claims Arsenal will lose out on top four

Arsenal didn’t have much to show for in their embarrassing three-nil defeat to North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Despite making a few chances for themselves, they looked like a side short of ideas. A shadow of the image they created in the current campaign.

Everybody knew that a win would guarantee Arsenal’s entry to the Champions League. But very few would have imagined the Gunners collapsing so awfully.

Despite the result, Mikel Arteta men still have the destiny on their own hands. Win the next two games and the North London outfit will be listening to the Champions League anthem next season in their own garden.

However, former Man Utd star and current Sky Sports pundit is less optimistic of Arsenal’s chance of finishing in the top four.

Speaking on his podcast, the Sky Sports football expert said, “”You’d want Tottenham’s games – Burnley at home and Norwich away. Newcastle away [for Arsenal] on Monday Night Football, that’s going to be really tough, especially if Spurs have won on the Sunday.

“Everton at home on the last day, if Everton need points, then they’ve got two really tough games.”

He continued, “”I think Tottenham will beat Burnley and Arsenal will have to win their last two matches – but I’m not sure they will. Tonight was a really big blow – I might be wrong and I’m neutral between these two clubs – but I do feel now if I had to put money on it, it would be on Tottenham.”

Everyone is entitled to have their opinion but the former England international is overlooking a lot of stuff.

Arsenal have looked a better side in this campaign and more importantly, judging by the current form, the Gunners still have an edge over their archrivals.

But it’s true that the Gunners’ fixtures are more difficult than Spurs. Many still don’t believe that Arteta’s men have what it takes to finish in the top four this season.

Maybe it’s time to turn the doubters into believers.

Yash Bisht  


  1. We need to win by all means gunners, please don’t let us down, let’s keep the vibe up for our coming fixtures, am from Uganda Africa

  2. Again we will look back on the Palace, Brighton and Southampton games wondering a couple of draws and one win would’ve made all the difference if we fail here, even drawing all 3.

    We have bottled it a few times when having a good advantage this season and this may be another but whatever happens we give it our all against Newcastle & make sure we leave there with 3 points, same with Everton at home.

    1 point ahead, 2games left, win both and Top4 is secured. Its simple nothing else will do to accomplish this.

    These really our 2 massive cup final esq games we need to win or this season will be a complete fail but back in Europa League as a consolation.

    UCL is needed to take us to the next level with incoming players, Europa League we will get good not great players.

    1. Southampton is the worst for me then Brighton. We were well beaten by palace. Also the draw at home to Burnley

  3. I would classify Spurs as slight favourites to take 4th due to the easier fixtures and probably a higher confidence level even though we have a point advantage. Their win against us was vital and they should be buzzing.

    We obviously have to bounce back from a disappointing defeat and prove that was a blip on Monday night.

    There are so many imponderables. Spurs MAY just get the yips instead of us and surprise me with a draw or loss against Burnley who have a fight on their hands for PL survival. I am not expecting it but it is possible.

  4. After his performance in the commentary box on Thursday night I find it hard to believe his statement of neutrality…

    Having said that, his record as a prognosticator is piss poor so I’m quite comfortable with Mr Neville saying Spurs have the advantage.

    I’m backing our boys to get it done.

  5. Many pundits are supporting Spurs, so their opinion have nothing do with the two remaining matches.
    Arsenal has the advantage to finish 4th , and win the two remaining matches- case close .Let us support our team

  6. All these so-called pundits who are ex-Manchester United players have never had one single positive word to say about Arsenal Football Club. From Gary Neville to, Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes, it has always been a prediction of one disaster or another or Paint up, half baked reasons of why we’re not good enough. Their unfortunate state of mind is made worse by a horrifying Man United that has left them deaf, dumb and blind to see and appreciate the good thing that is happening at the Emirates. Champions league or not, the fact remains that Tottenham will always play catch up and history and achievements support that. If they can’t take advantage of Arsenal’s darkest days to make a “real” statement, they will soon be condemned to yet another decades of the new Arsenal domination that is coming. Great days are on the way. The invincibles may never happen again for any team given the way the great sport is evolving but I predict that Arsenal Football Club will win the Champions league with Mikel Arteta to accomplish the promises of Arsene Wenger’s failed chances. The so called pundits will hide their heads in shame. I would never understand why Arsenal is not allowed to lose a game. It is always the end of the world to many, fans or no fans. PLEASE LET US BE.

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