Have transfers and schedule given Arsenal Champions League chance?

While Arsenal and every other club in the Premier League, especially now that last season’s shock triumph by Leicester City has made anything seem possible, sees the domestic title as the main goal of the season, I think that Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans would be just as happy to claim a first ever victory in the elite European competition that is the Champions League.

Some rival fans and even some Gooners may mock our record of qualifying for the competition every year under Le Prof and call it the Wenger trophy, but you can bet that every club wants to achieve it and would be even happier with our record of getting out of the group stage into the knockout phase.

The big problem is that recent years have also seen Arsenal claim the unwelcome record of going out in the first round after the groups, but there is a feeling that this year might be different. Not only have we been handed a decent draw, avoiding the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, but the fixture schedule has not thrown up any of the logistical nightmares that seem to be the norm for us.

All three of the away ties fall on a Tuesday and so give the players plenty of time to rest and recover for the domestic matches and we do not even have much travelling to do. As well as that we have the added bonus of our main group rivals PSG having lost their main striker Ibrahimovic, while Arsene Wenger has strengthened the spine of Arsenal with the transfers of Xhaka, Mustafi and Lucas Perez.

So could this season be the one where we make a decent go of the Champions League?


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  1. What is wrong with these former players giving their shallow opinion a out Jack wilshere loan move to Bournemouth. They just talk and talk. If he gets more game time consistently, it is for his own good. Now it is down to game tactics, luck and few injuries. We must top the group to have a chance of getting g into the quarter finals. Wenger should use his strongest 11 in the group stages and not underrate the other opponents. Play all games with determination. we should aim for a semi final this season. Chelsea won it, Liverpool won it, Man United won it, Man City got to the semis last season, Arsenal must aim for the semi final this season. Yes we can do it.

  2. Semifinals or bust for me….we got a swad capable of challenging for anors i think..lets just hope perez heat up the front line with some goals…i haven’t been this excited about my team in a while…really loving this feeling…come on ARSENAL!!!

  3. Finishing 2nd and drawing Bayern/Barca just seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy under Wenger. How about we see if Arsene can get this team to play well first.

  4. Another false hope generated. This season is very crucial for arsenal fc. Ozil/Sanchez have just 2 years left in their con tract and if we do not finish top 4 and both refuse to sign any contract extension this season then we run a risk of losing them on free or for very less.

  5. It’s hard to say because we do not have a notion of who we might get after we win the group. If we’ve learned anything it is we have to win the group, it annoys me that Arsene doesn’t seem to see it that way. How can he not see it that way with us getting Bayern and Barca every year, if you’re gonna beat them you need to get them in the final when it’s a one off game. If we win the group then yes we have a chance, if we don’t it’s very hard to say. There is that Monaco game though, a perfect example of us keeping with tradition, it became the norm so the players played it out.

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