Have Arsenal secured Mahrez for £41m?

Arsenal secured their latest signing in the transfer window yesterday, in the form of English centre back Rob Holding. Holding becomes the Gunners’ latest addition to the side and whilst many feared it would be our last addition, according to Arsenal.com, Arsenal do remain actively involved in the transfer market.

It therefore weighs it up nicely to report that EuroSport broke the news this morning, that Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez, has supposedly agreed terms with the Arsenal, after his agent met with Gunners officials earlier this week. EuroSport claim that a €50 million transfer fee has been agreed, which roughly converts to £41 million. The price makes me a little skeptical based upon the fact that Wenger seems unwilling to pay such large quantities elsewhere, even on world class talents. However due to the fact that Mahrez’s agent was watching the Gunners in action last night in Lens, perhaps there is some truth behind the developments, even if the price tag isn’t right.

Mahrez would be a fantastic addition that is much needed for Arsenal. There is no doubt that Arsenal have plenty of midfielders on the books, however the only real top quality winger we have is Alexis Sanchez. After Alexis, the quality of player dramatically drops to Walcott, Chamberlain, Campbell, Iwobi and Gnabry, all of who aren’t quite at the standard that Arsenal fans would hope. Mahrez would therefore be a great addition and at 25, he would have plenty of time to leave a legacy with the Gunners.

As previously said, I am slightly concerned about the transfer fee, based on Wenger’s previous history, as well as the fact he has only had that one good standout season, much like Vardy. However the difference between vardy and Mahrez is that the latter has many more years left at the top level of competitive football.

Don’t get too carried away just yet, take it all with a pinch of salt because all too often we end up being left in a state of disappointment when it comes to Arsenal transfer rumours.



  1. If Arsenal is determined to pillage Leicster than Mahrez is a much better choice for me than Vardy but it still makes me sad for football. Leicster was a great fairy tale last season and I would have liked to have seen them given a shot to defend their title before the big boys came along splashing the cash.

    1. @Trudeau…….well unfortunately, Chelski ruined the show with the kante deal……. Now the doorway’s open!

      On the part of wanting to see the foxes defend their crown…… They now have a valid excuse in:

      “We Lost Some Of Our Best PLayers To RivaLs…..defending the crown after that , wasn’t gonna be easy!” – Claudio Ranieri (at the end of the 2016/2017 season)

      1. Don’t worry about Leicester City, they have already signed two decent players in Mendy and Musa to cover those positions And If you haven’t already heard of them? .. you soon will ?

    2. I just don’t know what’s wrong with Arsenal fans.Sure I get it as humans we all have our preferences but things start to look funny when we begin to bash and criticize a player like he’s useless.I just don’t get why Arsenal fans dont want Vardy.Oh is it because he’s not world class,he’s English,He’s not a big name,he’s a fairy tale, you feel all he does is run,he’s not got a better history in footballing until now or you feel Giroud is better or what?I really pity Arsenal fans honestly.I would’ve taken Jamie Vardy in a heartbeat.Sure he’s not the best option out there.But I’ll say this and say it again it’s not a world class striker that wins you a league but rather just increases your chances of winning the league.If you’ve watched Arsenal clearly from the time since Henry left you realized that it’s more of not being able to find a clinical striker.Eduardo was not a already a finished product when he started his career here yet he was clinical and was on world class form until injury.What Arsenal need now is a world class finisher if they can’t get a world class striker.

      1. Excuse me to say this but if a person in his or her right mind can even trust Giroud as first choice striker for us next season or even back up then Vardy is more than capable and deserving to lean the Arsenal line next season.That is a fact.I just don’t get it its the kind of qualities Vardy has which Arsenal needs though there’s one important thing he lacks which is height but trust me he would have been on fire and he made a mistake not coming.

      2. #kev
        Spot on keg the more goal creators in the midfield like Ozil, Mharez, Ramsey , and even Sanchez more chances is missed by useless Giroud. Look at statistics the goal vs chance ratio is the lowest. He may score some goals but when we don’t need them. Henry score crucial goals Goal is a Lamp Post when team needs him and Wenger is too stubborn to admit he is wrong.
        This transfer window see what MU MC LIVERPOOL CHELSEE SPURS are doing and this mad man other than Zhaka went around the globe to get cheap Japanese Bolton youngster to sell it for profit later did nothing like last 12 years.
        Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me shame on us Arsenal fans and supporters.

  2. Has Arsenal.Com confirmed the news?

    If “YES” …. Go home and celebrate
    If “NO” …. Go home and take a Long nap (with tails between ur legs) knowing its just another B.S!

  3. Mahrez would be a good addition if he joined Arsenal…but as you said, TAKE THE NEWS WITH A PINCH OF SALT.

  4. Mahrez is highly needed with what I saw yesterday at Lens. We need a scoring midfielder as we are yet to upgrade our Cf department. 41m is not too much now for a 25 yrs old PL star. Am only afraid of Wenger. But since when did Eurosport start telling lies? Am tending to believe.

    1. 41m is peanuts for the player of the year how many of the last 5 players of the year would u pay 41m for a few id say without checking it up.
      Well these days it is.

    1. @Uzi …Hahahaha………. U should try watching that in Dreamcast as well! Or the un-invented 7D

  5. Its funny that the article says “After Alexis, the quality of player dramatically drops to Walcott…” if you consider Walcott makes £140,000 per week.
    Walcott’s pay rise could be one of Arsenal’s worst decisions

    Mahrez, Ozil and Alexis would be a sick attacking midield
    I hope these rumours come true

    1. yes Walcott looked just like the rest of the youth yesterday,
      but i still think he can turn it around but he needs some work as hes gone backwards last 2 yrs.

      1. Turn what around … The guy is a whippet so I guess if he learnt how to run fast backwards that would be a turnaround of sorts … Mahrez for Walcott is a massive upgrade IF it happens .. But anyway need to sell Walcott to Chinese ASAP …still would like to see draxler on board or if not bring in Rodriguez as he is one of best crossers from left back around and could link with a roving Sanchez ..

  6. Would be wrapt if Wenger signs Mahrez.
    He is as good as any striker we want
    and cheaper so a good deal indeed.
    But please do not tell me it’s
    because Sanchez is leaving.
    Fingers toes eyes crossed.

  7. Lol gooners…lets be optimistic – this would be a brilliant signing for AFC. Guess all will be clear in the next 72 hours but there is something about this that makes me think it could be on.

    As for the LCFC fairytale and the big boys splashing the cash, that’s us in the past decade…some irony in any sympathy that is never applied to our own club.

    Mahrez and any decent option to Giroud will make us serious PL contenders.

    @Konstantin, wherever you are out there, if this happens I hope you start to get behind the team instead of the constant derision of all things AFC.

  8. @Arsenal_Girl I just saw a funny comment you made in saying that Giroud would score 20 goals if he has Alexis,Ozil and Mahrez behind him.That right there is delusion.Who says Giroud can’t score 20 goals if even he has none of those players behind him.The fact is that Giroud is an average player.The problem is Giroud is scoring crucial goals.He hardly does that and trust me if even Mahrez comes as long as Giroud is our main striker I still see us not winning the EPL. I would even have more hope if Welbeck or Akpom was going to be our main striker because they might just step up to the plate but with Giroud you always know what to expect.He’s gonna be on a pretty okay run,then go blank in several games,start missing several chances and showing he’s truly average at the end of season.

    1. One more player offering the numbers Alexis and Giroud gave us would have, or could have, made a massive difference. Whether it be Marhez or Ramsey or whoever, of course it would have went some way to us winning more games.

      1. its just the rumour of the week. Before it was Higuain, then Lacazette, etc. etc. All these players were close to coming but then they don’t. At least fans are renewing their season tickets. The rumor is from some B-grade french newspaper and now it just happens to be spreading around. Why do us fans keep falling for the same tricks year after year?

        1. RSH
          SPOT ON
          Arsenal fans are the most gullible fans in the world. Been fooled by French mad man and American greedy business man for 12 years, and the circus in north London again and the drums are beatting by stupid AKBs.
          The show is so on my friend.

    1. I also think its absolute BS. Wenger is looking to spend huge on a top striker. Any of Auber, Lukaku or Lacazette I think. So I dont think Arsenal are going for Mahrez for that kind of fee even if Mahrez personally calls up Wenger and begs him to do the transfer, I know he wont. That`s how terrible and cold Wenger is on the transfer front . Its a pity we support a club that feel they dont owe the fans anything. The day Wenger leaves this club will be the day the truth will come out. I await patiently for that day `cause I`m sick of mediocrity and lies

  9. I think the price in which Kante went for should be where we begin (or slightly under), then expecting to go a little higher, finally meeting in between our first offer, and Lei’s fifty mil, which they’ll likely start off with. Just under forty mil would be reasonable. So Id say the forty mark is about right, just depends whether we get it slightly under, or whether lei get it slightly over. The fact he has one season of a top standard, at 25, should mean we get the benefit of doubt, making slightly under 40 the correct price . If we have to give in order to get him, and we really want him, well then we should give in to their haggling demands.

  10. I don’t like to add to speculation, however watching the Leicester vs Celtic game today, Mahrez started the game for Leicester,, the announcers both mentioned the report that he has agreed to move to Arsenal. They said that the source is normally a very reliable source. However, until I see it on Arsenal.com, I would be skeptical.

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