Haven’t Arsenal done enough to prove that Gary Neville is wrong about the title race?

Can this Arsenal team hold on and steal a march on Man City to glory?
At the start of this, many doubted this Arsenal team to challenge for the top four positions, let alone be the EPL champions come May.
Not to mention, but former Manchester United player, Gary Neville has been at the forefront of the barrage of discouragements towards this Arsenal team. Of course, our neighbours, Spurs fans cannot be excluded here. Understandably! But nothing should deter the sheer determination of this team.
 At one point when speaking to the Sky Sports via his Podcast, Gary Neville vividly said “Manchester City will win the league and Manchester United second!”.
Despite our recent “amazing” performances by this Arsenal team against Aston Villa and Bournemouth (to mention just a few games) which came after that agonised and painful defeat against Manchester City, Neville’s stance hasn’t changed much: Neville was so critical to Arsenal’s “over-celebrations” after snatching points in added time at Villa Park on February 18. (That Martinez/Jorginho goal was a game-changer, I will write about it, next time!).
“It’s too much emotion, too early for Arsenal,” former Manchester United captain Neville told The Overlap in Focus. He then added: “The emotions are something that’s a negative, it’s not a positive for me in a title race.”  Neville might have a point or two but why always Arsenal players (and fans alike) are under the microscope in whatever they do on and off the pitch?  When will these “policing” activities against Arsenal stop?
In my opinion, these two wins against Aston Villa and Bournemouth stand out as the pinnacle of a team capable to withstand the pressure to win the EPL.
We now have only ten games before this season is concluded. For Arsenal, these are like “finals” as Manchester City is breathing down on our necks heavily. Any slight slip or blip, they will be there to capitalise, despite the 8-point gap at the moment.
The “noises” coming from the likes of Neville et al should only be taken as a catalyst for an even more determined Arsenal team to cross the finishing line as the EPL champions.
To all lovely Gooners out there, what are your thoughts coming to the last 10 games of the season?  Do you think, we can hold on to this to the end?
Aziz Senzia
A Gooners Fan in Tanzania

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    1. @Dan…..I love that choice of word “when”…..not if….. but when we win it.. it’s a matter of time.. we will win it

  1. The boys have shown their title contending mentality, but I will only believe in our title winning chance if we can get fourteen points next month

    1. The schedule for April for both teams:
      1/4 MCity – Lpool… …ARS. – Leeds
      8/4 South-MCity 9/4 Lpool-ARS
      11/4 MCity-Bayern
      15/4 MCity-Leices 16/4 W.Ham-ARS
      19/4 Bayern-MCity 21/4 ARS – South
      22/4 MCity-Sheff.U.(FA C semi final)
      26/4 MCity – ARS
      29/4 29/4 ARS – Chelsea
      30/4 Fulham-MCity
      Total games for April: MCity 8 ARS 6

      For MAY….MCity (From 5 to 8 games)
      ARS 4 games.

      1. We’d be lucky if Man City lose one EPL game in April and we get two points at Anfield/ Etihad stadiums

        1. Interestingly, I feel those teams should be the one trying to get a point off Arsenal.

          We are playing so good and I don’t see us lossing against City or Liverpool if Partey plays.

          Hopefully, we wouldn’t make those cheap mistakes anymore and Jesus will convert the chances Eddie missed in the reverse fixture with City.

          People still underestimate how good how team is…
          Jesus, Trossard, Saka, Matineli, Odegaard.

          Any 4 from above will cos problem to City and Liverpool.

          Common, I dare to say we will get 27 points at least from the remaining 30 this season.

        2. Looking at the fixture congestion for city, and from what I have seen this season, I expect a well rested arsenal to beat City. Once Party plays, it’s 3points. I believe his position is the only position we don’t have adequate cover on the bench.
          City rather than Arsenal needs to be at their best to get something from the game.

  2. Dirty tackle by rodri a leg breaker how is that not a penalty and not a red card it’s a good way of trying to end our title challenge and not be banned in the prem.

  3. This kind of repetitive article is one the reasons many people get dismissed as s’flakes.
    Just why are we getting yet another article worrying about what GN has said?

  4. Aziz, It seems to me , from what you write , that Nevilles opinion , a predictably biased one , actually matters to you and some others. I only ask WHY does it matter? It was always entirely predictable and from a one sided ex player.
    Almost all fans everywhere, including Gooners, are biased, just as Neville is too.

    So WHY take any notice? I DONT!

    Unless you dont realise fans and ex players are biased, but surely you DO realise that?
    At least, for your own sake and sanity, I HOPE YOU DO!

    1. Have to agree with you Jon Fox. It’s natural for people to be biased. Gary Neville is no different. Manchester United supporters most probably have the same attitude towards Martin Keown everytime he opens up his mouth. It’s only human nature. But if Arsenal do win the Premier League, out of shear curiosity, I’ll love to hear his reactions and thoughts. It would be a lame excuse to say it was because of the World Cup. Because at the end of the day, all Premier League clubs were affected. Anyway, when it’s the half time break and Gary Neville is on the panel, that’s my que to get up and make myself a cuppa coffee and a few pieces of toast with peanut paste. Yum yum yummy

      1. pj Normally, when I see GN on tele and its not about Arsenal, I can appreciate his insight, in general.

        But like so many of us , as we both agree, GN is humanly biased against us, as his biggest rival in his playing days. Perfectly normal and predictable behaviour .

        Just as on JA, most of us can see a name and know in advance what their view will be on whatever topic is discussed. Unless they are a new poster of course.


        Just the reality of any fan site!

  5. It will be a big same why is he ever hating arsenal izit because united has only to win whats the matter neville.

  6. Gary Neville reasons with his heart but all odds are on our side for 2023. Just let him alone.
    This new season for Arsenal will be the topic of the Pl for a while, so long as Arteta dwells overthere. Our collapse is a long way away.

  7. I think the team has been proving a lot of people wrong throughout the season and will continue to do so. There is definitely a determination to achieve something special. From my own personal point of view I’m awaiting out trip to Anfield, where the record is abysmal, our last PL win there being Oct 2012 (Diaby masterclass). On paper we our better than them and if we play to the standard that we have all season, no reason why we can’t get the 3 points, I feel it’s more about getting over that mental barrier of not enjoying our trips up there than ability but first we have to take care of Leeds at home.

  8. Nonsense. It’s like asking why aren’t there mosquitoes in a freezer? Why are we still pretending we don’t know who Gary Neville really is? Are we still interested in the mind of a self admitted left wing Marxist? And the desperation to get his absurd validation is equally pathetic. A person is smart. People are really stupid.

    1. So what has being a Left wing marxist got to do with anything he says. If he was a self confessed “Right wing Neo Conservative Capitalist” then that would have made his opinion on Arsenal much more valid and rational to you? As long as he agrees with your Right wing view point / personality then that should be the objective criteria for all of us to accept his opinion on anything?

      So what if a fan of a different club just outright dismisses your personal opinion on a certain fottball issue citing: “Why would anyone take @Mike Ram seriously, a self confessed Arsenal Fan and Right wing Crony Capitalist”.?

      Where does Nevilles political leanings / preference come in regarding his opinion “Arsenal will not win the league and Man United will finish above Arsenal”. ?

  9. Me as a Goober what will you expect from Jealousy & empty brain with people like Garry Neville &Rio Ferdinand only criticism.
    Yes” Man city has 11 games remaining & Arsenal has 10 mind you when they win them all Arsenal will also win theirs if they are loosing Arsenal will also loose bse the league started on the same date 14/8/2022 & City has teams like Liverpool Chelsea Arsenal which are all difficult matches too haha war is war bro.ask your self why are they trailing Arsenal by 5 points y did they drew with Nothing ham forest that is soccer Ferdinand & Garry Neville ok

  10. One season at a time, and one game at a time. After Leeds, we will possibly have nine big games to play, the business end

    1. For Arsenal to hold on, players need to focus on their footballing matters and forget other things off it. I am sure we can achieve something special, whether it’s a champions league position or winning the EPL, it’s all good for us

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