Havertz admits Arsenal was not at their best but they got the job done

Arsenal’s key player, Kai Havertz, admits they were not at their usual best in their game against Manchester United, but they still managed to get the job done.

Havertz has been in fantastic form for the Gunners and would have been eager to score for the team in the game.

However, the match was not as easy as some of their other fixtures have been this season.

This was not because Manchester United was a much better team, but because Arsenal just did not perform as well as they should have.

Despite this, the Gunners still managed to win and temporarily reclaim the top spot in the Premier League table.

Now, Arsenal will hope Manchester City drops points to Tottenham midweek, which would give them a chance to win the title against Everton.

But after the game, Havertz admitted to Premier League Productions:

“Very important. I think to play here is always tough. We prepared the game very well, I think we didn’t have our best game but in the end we needed that three points and we have it now. We can be very happy with that.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

We had an off day and still won the game, which shows that this team has truly evolved into a winning machine.

We have one more game to go, and we need the boys to stay focused on winning that fixture as well.


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  1. How Havertz managed to get 12 league goals when Gabriel Jesus has 4 and Martinelli has 6 is one of the Shocks of this season.🙂

  2. the eroding goal difference is more or less irrelevant now, but I am super pleaseed we built it when we had the dchance because it were the other way round we are gone

    probalbly gone anyway butr at least done evrything possible to give over selves the best chance

    for goal difference to come on to it we need to finish on equal points, to do so Man C need to draw, which by defineition is neutral on goal difference

    even if that happens we still need to win our last game, the smallest winning margin possible is 1 goal

    so worst case a goal difference of +4

    so to equal our goal difference Man C would need to win by a margin of 4 goals

    if equal then we win oh head to head (4 points to 1)

    so they would need a margin of 5 goals better than us on the last day

    all irrelevant of course if Spur continue to be all Spursy on Tuesday!

    1. I think goals scored would come before head to head and City have scored more currently despite our goal difference

      Whatever happens two 2nd place finishes back to back are a great improvement..

      Timber back to fitness …a new DM instead of Partey perhaps and a young striker could be ideal for next season

      Still games to go this season …very exciting for the neutral ! And have to sya hats off to the team who have beaten Spuds and Man Utd away and Chelsea at home in the last few matches…

    2. NOT “almost irrelevant now” ! Not at all!

      If Spuds draw with City, it WILL come down to goal difference, so it is quite possible, I say very possible, that goal difference WILL be the ultimate decider.

  3. City is chipping away at the GD, and I think it will most likely come down to this next Sunday , and just knowing that they will score at least five against West Ham gives me the shivers.

  4. I wouldn’t be too worried if it comes to GD because we would have +3 advantage. Anything City can do against Westham, we can match against Everton. It helps that the games are played at the same time so the team can keep updated. If we go 1 up, City would need a 4 goal margin. If we go 2 nill up,they’ll need 5, etc. However good City are,it’s more unrealistic for them if it comes down to GD because we’ll score too. Worth noting that Everton have nothing to play for whereas Westham still have something to play for so they just won’t roll over to concede five or six. City will be under more pressure too because of our +3 head start.

    1. You should be worried. City will beat Spurs with four or five goals – and beat WHU with at least as many. That means 10+ to the 58 they already have. If Arsenal win vs Everton at all they do it with 1, 2 or at the most 3 goals. Result: City +68; Arsenal +64.

    2. What I ment was – it will never be a question of GD. City is going to win their to last matches in style. When Arsenal lost the grip vs Aston Villa they gave the title away – and Pep Guardiola is not the guy who say “thank you”.

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