Havertz is not a dud but his position at Arsenal needs to be evaluated

Finding Balance: Evaluating Kai Havertz’s Role at Arsenal

In the diverse sea of opinions surrounding Kai Havertz’s inclusion in the Arsenal squad, one thing is clear: every fan wants the best for the club. However, the question of Havertz’s impact on the team is a topic that stirs up varying viewpoints.

On one hand, it’s argued that the absence of losses with Havertz on the pitch suggests a level of equality among players. Yet, it’s important to acknowledge individual performances. Weekly rankings place Havertz at or near the bottom, prompting a call for a player more deserving of the opportunity.

The comparison to Ramsdale’s situation highlights the need for consistent standards across all positions. If performance is the yardstick, then it should be applied uniformly.

Arteta’s decision to thrust Havertz into the starting lineup has its merits, but critics suggest a gradual integration could have been more beneficial. Playing him later in games, allowing for a transition into a pivotal role, could be a strategic move.

Positional conflicts also arise, with Odegaard occupying Havertz’s preferred spot. This creates a dilemma: finding the best fit for both players while maintaining team balance.

Statistical arguments, such as aerial duels won, are met with the counter that another player might excel in different aspects. Productivity in terms of turnovers, key passes, assists, and goals is a factor that can’t be overlooked.

The consensus leans towards the idea that competition is essential for growth, even if it means tough decisions. ESR emerges as a viable contender, but Arteta’s reluctance to rest Odegaard presents a challenge.

The square pegs in round holes approach raises questions about playing to individual strengths. Why not build on last year’s successes and consider alternatives like Douglas Luiz, who offers quality and versatility without upsetting the team’s balance?

Ultimately, the debate surrounding Kai Havertz is a reflection of the passionate fanbase’s desire for success. While opinions vary, the common goal remains clear: finding the right formula for Arsenal’s triumph.

It’s a challenge Arteta faces, one that requires careful consideration of each player’s unique strengths and contributions to the team.

Jack Anderson


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  1. Id prefer to see him come off the bench and give ESR a go. Put him in cup matches. He can always be put back if ESR doesn’t produce.

    1. Exactly, it’s a very simple fix for the club and the player.

      Keep in mind that Viera and Havertz are MA signings and ESR isn’t…part of the issue.

      1. Well he couldn’t find his position at Chelsea for the whole season n now why the hell we bought him and still finding his position. . What a joke and excuses..

      2. Who says it’s part of the issue? Nketiah and Nelson weren’t his signings either but the same group of fans who say ESR is overlooked for this reason also complain that he “shows too much loyalty/favouritism” to Eddie and Reiss.

          1. And Smith Rowe signed his new contract in 2021, also under Arteta, so if you want to use that logic he’s also one of Arteta’s signings.

  2. I also think his best position is Odegaard’s. But his performance for his current role would likely improve if the team can utilize his physicality

    1. He gets pushed off the ball often and loses 50/50s at the moment, not sure what games you are watching where he’s physically dominant?

      I understand that you want that to be true but based on his games this season, it simply isn’t.

      Because of genetics he is tall and naturally will win more headers, that’s about it at the moment.

    2. Gai, I bet Havertz may not really succeed in Odegards position. I don’t see Havertz as a player with many assist in him though his goals tally could improve a bit. Arteta plays 4-3-3 formation may be a 4-2-3-1 could suit Havertz. At the moment Xhaka position or false9 remains his best option. Because false 9 position goals return seem to have dried up at Chelsea. Arteta needs to help the player to re-invent himself.

  3. He doesn’t add anything to the tactical aspect of the team . I would rather see smith-rowe play the xhaka role than having a languid player that instills no fear to the opposition. But sadly we are stuck with him. Arteta sees some tactical awareness from hervartz but we see a conudrum.

    1. I don’t think ESR can really play in that position and I don’t consider him much at the moment we don’t have any person in that position

  4. Playing S Rowe would effectively mean two No10’s on the pitch. Arteta wants something different for that former Xhaka role. We’d be a little lightweight with two No10s should there be a battle versus a strong midfield. I think Partey if fit is the one for me who might bench Havertz because he helps shore up our midfield and he’s a good passer of the ball, with either he or Rice moving over

    1. You are correct regarding Partey. But till the time Partey is injured S Rowe will be better that Havertz

  5. From the very start,I wanted Havertz to be slowly introduced to the team ,both for the player’s sake(not putting him in the limelight/under pressure straight away),giving him time to get used to a new team,teammates,tactics…but also as a message to the rest of the team that every player has to earn his place first.
    -as for the dilemma of playing Havertz with MØ or Havertz best position, surely MA would have thought about it all even before buying him or since then. lastly,I disagree with the people who thinks that Havertz or any underperforming players shouldn’t be dropped because the team is winning games, playing well.i don’t just get it, surely substituting him for a player in a better form would make us even better/stronger??

    1. No, I do not think the gaffer thought about his best position before buying him, remember he’s still trying to find where he best fits in the team.

      The gaffer was more shock to find a 24 year old international with champions league experience available, that’s what triggered the impulsive buying of the German, having said that we must throw our full support behind him.

      1. I’d be worried if you were right, surely before any player you do you research
        What type of character he is
        Where will he fit in my systems/squad….
        I do not think that MA was surprised by the availability of Havertz,the guy was for sale from the start of the transfer window . everyone knew that he was refusing to sign a new contract and wanted to leave Chelsea.

  6. MA is waiting for it to or whatever to click with the Enigma Havertz.

    Like most, I havent been highly impressed thus far but what Havertz is really good at for such a big player is that he has this canny ability to always be in space with hardly anyone around him.

    The problem is… he doesn’t appear quick of thought when he recieves the ball in that space and it all peters out.

    I’m still reserving judgement until Christmas as I said in an earlier post. But, if he can get his head right and be a bit more proactive then I can see why MA rates him so highly.

  7. I think he’s adding something that we cannot see because we haven’t lost any game that he has started he is also seemingly doing well aerially against big teams eg Mancity (community shield), and man Utd (except for the error leading to goal),psv. Maybe he is not that bad as we thought.

  8. I don’t understand why, as Arsenal supporters, we are being asked to be patient while waiting for Havertz to demonstrate his true worth. He has played in seven games for us, not to mention a full pre-season, and has spent three seasons at Chelsea. Additionally, his recent underwhelming performances for the German national team raise questions. How much longer must we endure a player with immense talent who seldom delivers? It’s time to stop making excuses and searching for a suitable role for him. Instead, he should prove his worth by putting in the effort when wearing Arsenal’s red and white shirt.

  9. Man it’s wild that Havertz gets all this protection and Pepe or Willian never got close to it. Havertz has been no better than Willian so far either. Difference is other players are carrying Kai.

    1. Pepe wasn’t slated during first months, nor was Willian. Mainly they were “given time” until the end of season.

      Havertz will never justify his price tag, that is just plain truth and that is on MA/Edu. But he is also playing the Xhaka role now, more or less. Last season we had Partey/Xhaka, now we have Rice/Havertz. Ödegaards role is unchanged.

      Apart from his last season, Xhaka didn’t score much from his position. If my theory is right, I don’t expect any more goals from Havertz as what Xhaka could’ve scored so guess we’re talking about maximum of 10.

      Is Havertz playing his naturally best position? I don’t know. He was CAM for Leverkusen and at Chelsea he was thrown around everywhere so it would seem he’s now jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

  10. Since other players and coach are carrying Havertz, probably it’s time fans carry him as well.

  11. Havertz is constantly starting for Arsenal to prove Arteta was right to sign him. That is detrimental to the first team. Every player needs to be 100%. He should have started from the bench. Now he has got the wrong vibe. It’s clear he is lacking confidence and that missing that seamless integration. Meanwhile ESR has been left to rot. Arteta has put his need to prove his decision, in front of what is best for the team. It may cost us the EPL title. It is very hard to master the ego. But you don’t have to be a ‘Monk’ to do it. It’s a practice that everyone who wants to do benefit should undertake….including football managers….clearly Arteta has to learn humility and malleability. He is a touchline ‘control obsessive’ and needs to give players room to do their creative best.

  12. I wonder why Arteta has thrust Havertz straight into the starting lineup. He could have brought on Havertz as a late sub and started him in the Cup games. This would have allowed Havertz to gradually phase into the team and also given more deserving players like ESR to get more game time. Maybe, Arteta could also use Havertz as a false no.9, giving some rest to Jesus and see if Havertz is more effective than Nketiah.

  13. Havertz is growing increasingly into his role, particularly the unsung part for which Xhaka was hugely undervalued until his final season. I would recommend observers to watch the Bournemouth game again (available on the Arsenal App) and watch Havert’s movement and placement. He is frequently in the right defensive position annulling the options available to the attackers, particularly on the counter. This role is a fundamental piece of a team’s capacity to contain counter attacks but gains no credit because it’s not an obvious contribution. It suggests that Arteta is demanding that Havertz fulfills this function primarily, and then rely on his inherent skills of timing runs into the box as well as his capacity to find an incisive pass.

    1. so basically he is doing what Elneny and Jorginho of this world could easily do. You don’t spend 65M to get an output of a bench player

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