Having this Arsenal star back really IS like a new signing

I am surprised that there is not more excitement coming from the Arsenal fan base over the news that our England international star Danny Welbeck is finally set for a return to playing action for the Gunners after a couple of years that have seen the former Manchester United man play beset by injury problems.

I understand that Welbeck is probably not the totally world class player that most of us would like to see Arsene Wenger sign during the current January transfer window, but if he was not already at the club I think Welbeck would be an amazing addition to our already strong squad.

I remember the lukewarm reaction that greeted Welbeck’s signing in the final days of the summer transfer window of 2014, mainly because he was deemed as surplus to requirements by then United manager Louis van Gaal and had been something of a fringe player at Old Trafford.

Not long after that, however, Arsenal fans were taunting the United fans about letting him join us and van Gaal was struggling to explain why such an effective player had been sold relatively cheaply to a direct Premier League rival, especially as it was the major flop Falcao who was their replacement.

It may be easy to forget how well the England forward settled into life as an Arsenal player because the injuries have restricted him to less than 50 games in all competitions so far but I would like to remind you of the pace, power and versatility that made a lot of us prefer him to Giroud, who I personally feel is hugely underrated by Gooners everywhere.

Welbeck is a very good player and offers the Gunners all sorts of things and I believe he will be driven and determined to make up for lost time. Let’s not be flippant about him being like a new signing eh? Because I really think he is.



  1. Break-on-through says:

    Welbeck can be a right handful. Last time he came back I think he was out for a good while then too, we were expecting him to take some time before he looked up to speed. He flew out of the traps and almost solved our striker crisis, at least until we could get one in in the summer is what it looked like. I remember him coming on and scoring with his first touch or something, he eventually got injured and here we are again. Hopefully this time he stays fit, with himself, Perez, Walcott scoring again, Oxlade looking slightly more dangerous, Iwobi progressing, Alexis, Giroud. It would be great to keep them all fit til end of season.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I’m sorry, but “he’s like a new signing” is one of my most hated Arsenal related phrases! It’s almost as if Wenger enjoys the injuries, because it always gives him an excuse not to spend. That being said, I’m glad Welbeck’s back, because we do need something that hopefully will kick-start our season. Welbeck is quick, enthusiastic, and works his socks off. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get many goals, so I hope fans won’t be disappointed if he’s not banging them in. We also have to be patient, after back-to-back long-term injuries. I feel he’s more of a squad player, but hopefully he can improve.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I know. That phrase makes me sick too

  3. Wilshegz says:

    welbeck back is good but we alrdy had a player like Welbz who hardly got game time in Lucas Perez.
    Cazorla is the one who ll be like a new signing if he returned in January but sadly we ll be lucky if he returns in March. so we need an actual ‘new signing’ in that position.

    1. Simon_MrMac says:


      Even if he were fit, we need to start looking for replacement due to his age.

      We have good and lots of other DMs, but none yet are providing such creativity. His injury really may have cost us league last year, and maybe this year

      In fairness to Wenger his tried, perhaps Xhaka looking most promising – but others less so

      Unless Wiltshire can be that person – what you think?

      1. Break-on-through says:

        That’s a good point mate, about trying. I hear fans say stuff like ..failing is one thing, but if we could just see some real effort, I could take that, what I can’t take is failing to try.

  4. Jay Dee says:

    I thought I was the only one excited about Welbecj coming back. Couldn’t stop looking through the training pics from Arsenal ahead of Preston. I wouldn’t describe him as “like a new signing” but I think its monumental none the less. I think Welbeck is one of the most under rated players, not only in terms of attack but his contribution to the team. In my opinion, he contributes more than everyone except Sanchez only if he can stay fit. He is quick, creative and he can create something from nothing

    If Welbeck plays alongside Sanchez and Ozil in their current forms,we can take the league(I know its looking tricky right now). I also hope that Theo and The Ox also stay injury free and Wenger can rotate them at their peak. Loving Iwobi. I actually can see him being a direct replacement for Ozil in two years. Kid knows his stuff. I think Wenger should play him more as a 10 than as a winger. He performs better. Let’s bring back Campbell at the end of the season to set the league on fire. For now, can we keep clean sheets.

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