Hayden transfer to Newcastle part of Arsenal pursuit of Sissoko?

First of all I would just like to address the recent Arsenal transfer rumours that have been saying that the Newcastle United and France international star Mamadou Sissoko would reject a move to north London with either Arsenal or our local rivals Tottenham in favour of a move to Anfield to play for Jurken Klopp’s Liverpool.

Well it was just about a month ago that Sky Sports reported the dynamic Frenchman talking about his desire to move to a club in the Champions League and going on to admit that Arsenal were always the club of his heart because we had great French players like Thierry Henry, Pires and Vieira in the team, so he has either had a very sudden and dramatic change of heart or the recent rumours are wrong.

Now onto whether Sissoko could actually be coming to Arsenal this summer or not and there are growing reasons to believe it will happen. For one thing we have Arsene Wenger praising his Euro 2016 performances highly in an Evening Standard report and when you consider that Sissoko’s best position on the right is an area where the Gunners need to strengthen then the Frenchman is certainly an option.

Then we have Sky Sports reporting that Wenger is on the verge of allowing the Arsenal academy graduate Isaac Hayden to sign for the Magpies on a permanent deal, which should put Arsenal in the good books of Rafa Benitez and the Newcastle board.

Taking all this into consideration, do you expect Arsenal to launch a transfer bid for Sissoko any day?


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  1. Sissoko is a great player far better than Wilshere and Ramsey … But striker (even two strikers) is a must …

  2. Sissoko is clearly a powerhouse who can play in every part of midfield area. But, my opinion, he better stay in the middle. The reason why he had been played wider because Deschamps probably was looking for balance a.k.a more ball possession (same reason Ramsey plays as winger). No dangerous crossing produced by him from that right flank, that’s for sure.
    It’s also mean, that we are not going to sign him because we ain’t spend big money on Xhaka for nothing, not to mention Coquelin presence.

  3. Another player that plays a deep midfielder role. I wouldn’t mind getting him to play mostly off the bench. He makes good direct runs on the ball and is a real workhorse, but I would like that off the bench as a change of strategy when we are looking to vary tactics at 60 minutes. Not as a starter.

    I’ll trade Wilshere for him though…..

  4. Sissoko was MOTM yesterday even though France lost. Zero crosses to Giroud from him. Yes with Toral send on loand and Hayden being sold, maybe Wenger is making space in the midfield. We also got to think that Cazorla is getting older and he has not much left on his contract.

    I think Liverpool need Sissoko more especially when they let Joe Allen go.

  5. When you guys are saying NO to some decent additions, remember the same old injury cause.
    Let’s be recognized as a team with best and most crowded midfield in premier league or even europe.

    I know we have priorities but what can we do??
    “When the desirable is unavailable, make the available desirable”-UNKNOWN

  6. Id be cautious with this one. He’s not only playing for one of the biggest prizes but he is also playing for a new contract. We’ve seen Walcott use his pace to good effect when angling for new deal. He deserves credit for doing it in a final but it was just dribbling skills in the end of the day. He showed no final composure, picked no great passes, had one strong effort straight up keepers alley. The reason why he outshone Pogba maybe because expectation is on Pogba, whereas there was none on Sissoko. Like when we see a club without any pressure of expectation play way above whats expected. He’d be expected to do that week in week out at a big club. Newc fans praised him and expected a certain level, he came in well under that mark. That could be the reason why he had so much left in the tank. People need to be cautious when buying a player who had a good tournament, we’ve seen so many times.

    I hope I don’t here idiots say how they believe Greizmann is a bottler. It’s not a rush of nerves associated with every shot just because it is in a final. Sometimes players just miss, it can happen in Doncaster, and it can happen in a final, they miss from time.

    Lastly, you would call the shot which led to the goal unstoppable, right. How come when the very same thing happens to P Cech all of a sudden it becomes savable. Those efforts were always called unstoppable, low and hard just inside the post. Some people eh.

    1. Excellent analysis. The attributes Wenger really wants are passing ability, good final third decision making and most importantly bring others into play all the time.

      He’s a different player, but with the incredible amount of midfielders we’ve got already I can’t see him feature much.

  7. In truth we do not need Sissoko, we actually need some one that is a goal threat, because we are heavily stock with players in that position. I actually basically said the same thing with Ozil and wenger bought him,

    But the temptation is there to buy, he provides a lot of power and directness in the wide right position which could lead to goal scoring opportunities, has good defensive qualities and would add a more physical presence to the squad.

    Definitely a move for sissoko has more positive than negative, i think also one of our wide players would have to be sold

  8. Sissoko would immediately become the econd best winger on the Arsenal squad, even if his best position may lie in the center of the pitch.

    Other than Sanchez who of the Arsenal attacking players posses the aggressive mindset to take players on in the final third and the willingness to track back if the move is unsuccessful.
    He may of been playing for a Newcastle exit but Sissoko was BY FAR the best player on the pitch Sunday and surrounding him with the likes o Ozil, Santi, Xhaka and Sanchez would certainly elevate his game on a more consistent basis.

    Honestly who wants to see Ox. Ramsey or Walcott on the right wing again this year?

    A $15M bargain in my opinion.

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