“He brings people into the game, he gives you touches.” Wright defends Arsenal man

Martin Odegaard joined Arsenal in the last transfer window as the Gunners looked to strengthen their midfield.

The Norwegian had struggled for chances to play at Real Madrid even though he was one of the best La Liga midfielders on loan at Real Sociedad last season.

Arsenal had just brought Emile Smith Rowe into their team and the Englishman was doing very well.

They then introduced Odegaard and it was a decision that not all the club’s fans trusted.

Martin Keown and Tony Adams questioned the wisdom in it, particularly because they have Smith Rowe coming through and this is also not the time for them to experiment.

But Ian Wright has now supported his signing and hailed the youngster for being the type of player who brings others into the game.

The Arsenal legend even went as far as comparing him to England legend, Paul Gascoigne, adding that Odegaard is a generous player like the Englishman.

He said on the Wrighty’s House podcast: “People like Odegaard, he brings people into the game, he gives you touches.

“I remember when I played with Gazza, Gazza was amazing for that. He gives you the ball, you get touches of the ball.

“I remember playing for England the first time. He said: ‘Wrighty, whenever I’m gonna get it, be behind me, let me know where you are, I’ll turn it round the corner for you, you give it back to me, I’ll pass it out, get yourself some touches early doors and get your confidence up.’

“That’s what he’s like, a generous player.”

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  1. I’ve been very outspoken about my skepticism regarding our manager’s move for Ode…not because I don’t rate the young Norwegian, as I do, but because I feared exactly what happened, would happen…we would pay Ode’s wage, provide Real and his agent promises regarding his minutes and preferred position, shoehorn the only real revelation of our season so far, ESR, into a wider position, which doesn’t really make sense for his development or for a team who already have a plethora of options to play that position, and then he will likely leave us high and dry come season’s end…furthermore, if Ode has a great loan period, it only helps Real, in that even if we wanted to sign him, we would have helped to raise the very purchase price that would be demanded from us…the whole thing rubs me the wrong way and not because I don’t think he can’t contribute, I just don’t like us making short-sighted decisions, like Willian and Ode, when we’re supposedly playing the long-game…to me it’s like when Wenger let Flamini come back to the club, it’s not like he couldn’t do a job, it’s that he wasn’t helping the club to progress; in fact it was providing Wenger with an excuse to not properly address a positional need

    1. there are not many quality playmakers out there to create chances….

      especially in the Winter window…limited stock

      ode is a very good player with some experience

      if Esr gets injured, there will be no one else to cover

      getting Ode is better than nothing

      they probably have some deal with Real behind the scenes

      if Ode plays and settle well, we may have a chance to sign him

      by that time he would have settle down and integrate with the squad

      it could be a gamble as well

      1. John, agree completely. ESR’s injury record shows that he needs to be protected in a physical league, while his young body develops.
        Odegaard allows options of playing instead of, or with to relieve the playing pressure on ESR to play every game or the full 90 minutes per game.

  2. Ødegaard is doing exactly what he was brought in to do, cover for ESR, and that’s what he’s doing because ESR is out for the foreseeable. ESR is the man, Ødegaard is the cover. I don’t understand why others can’t see this!

    1. nice revisionist history Declan…sorry about until ESR got injured, which just happened, Ode was starting in ESR’s normal position and ESR was shoehorned into a wider position…not sure where you get the notion of Ode being cover? Ode was simply rested once, so ESR went back to his normal position…there’s no way Ode would have agreed to come to Arsenal as ESR’s cover, likewise Real would have sought a different loan option if that was the case

  3. Imagine a 4-2-3-1 midfield of partey , bissouma , odegard, Smith. Tactically equivalent to city

    1. 👍 I haven’t given up on this line up. Very achievable, if Odegaard performs, is happy at the Emirates and sees a future with the young players at Arsenal.
      Financial losses will affect all clubs in Europe, with Arsenal better placed than most, even with the £120 million loan. Real Madrid and Brighton will have to sell.

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