“He can get it right” former Gunner throws his full support behind Mikel Arteta

Robin van Persie has backed Mikel Arteta to become a successful manager at Arsenal, but he has urged the Gunners to give the Spaniard time.

Arteta became Arsenal’s manager late last year after the Gunners struggled under Unai Emery.

The team is still recovering from a bad start to the season, but there have been marked improvements since Arteta became their manager.

The Spaniard has managed to get some good performances from players that have struggled before he became the club’s new boss.

Van Persie was a teammate of Arteta during their playing days and the former striker has backed him to become a successful manager.

He, however, insisted that his former teammate will need time to turn Arsenal’s fortune around and claimed that it might take years for that to happen.

He further claimed that it is obvious that Arteta is trying to achieve something great with the current Arsenal side, however, the team isn’t just connecting yet.

“Let me start by saying that I do believe in Mikel,” Van Persie said on BT Sport as quoted by Express Sports.

“I played with Mikel for one year so I knew how he is as a person, I know how he was as a player.

“He was a good player but I do believe that he can become a great manager because you can see his hand, you can see his hand in this team.

“But you can see that as well that this team is not fully connected yet.

“If you look at the connection from defence to midfield to strikers, it’s not moving as one, so he’s still searching.

“But I do believe if you give him time, and he should get all the time he needs and not just months he should get years, I do believe that he can get it right.”

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