‘He deserves more’ – Arteta admits it is difficult not playing Martinelli

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has praised Gabriel Martinelli for his goal, before admitting that ‘he deserves’ to be playing more.

The Gunners took a while to get going, although through little fault of their own as Newcastle stacked themselves up in defence, but Bukayo Saka and substitute Gabriel Martinelli managed to find a way through in the second-half to clinch all three points.

The goals were both neat team goals, with some intricate passing and a perfectly angled run from Saka opening things up for the first, while Takehiro Tomiyasu’s clever ball over the top which Martinelli ran through to volley in capped off our second.

‘The finish and the combination from Bukayo and again the composure that he showed inside the box to place the ball in the right area – great,’ Arteta told reporters after the final whistle (via the Metro).

‘And Gabi’s run has great movement and the delivery from Tomi as well. The technique is so top, when the ball is flying over your head, to keep that ball down and have that quality to finish is impressive.’

The manager went onto talk about Gabi, who he insists remains as utmost a professional can be, and one who deserves to be playing more.

‘It is a big moment and I’m especially happy for him because how he behaves,’ he continued.

‘Some players are respectful when you make some decisions and some players are very respectful like he is – patient, but at the same time really pushy and challenging.

‘It makes every decision that you make even harder because he deserves more.

‘I’m really pleased because he really helped the team to get the points today.’

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  1. MA definitely does not find it difficult to not play Martinelli.

    We’ve been cruising in quite a few games in the last few months where he still brought him on only after 85 mins when he could’ve got 20 or 30 mins.

    1. I honestly do not know what wrong Martinelli had done Arteta because it is so glaring, even to a fool that this boy deserves to play, ahead of Auba.

  2. as per usual, actions not words matter when it comes to our “Chatty Cathy” of a manager

  3. That really was a superb finish TBH I’ve just watched it a few time again 👍
    will Arteta play him in the next match from the outset ?,I think we all know the answer .
    All you can say is just bide his time and keep taking his chances when they come like today .
    He only got on today because of sakas injury so i doubt he would have got that much time without that happening .

    1. Yes he deserves more minutes, like in the start up. He will only get better if more confidence is bestowed on him. Bit of unsure due to lack of minutes

  4. Pls where is Arteta 4rm? Cuz a real Spaniard will not play an appalling Auba over an always inform Martinelli.

  5. There have been numerous opportunities to bring him on if Arteta chose. Saka will get overplayed like last year, and currently Arteta refuses to drop Auba.

    Laca and Auba aren’t scoring lately, so why not give Martinelli a start?

    Martinelli on the wing and ESR as a 10 would be better than ESR as winger and Odegaard as the 10.

    Auba goes invisible if he doesn’t score, so why not Martinelli; his engine runs 90 minutes.

    Laca has been absent on the scoresheet also. Holdup is nice, but only if attackers are scoring, which they aren’t by our year’s goal tally.

      1. Thanks SueP, they are fair and reasonable questions to ask.

        1. If Arteta wants his strikers to press, Martinelli does that better than Auba and Laca.

        2. Is he worried Martinelli won’t score or be productive? Neither Auba or Laca are either currently.

        3. Lastly and most importantly, Martinelli is always making runs behind defenders, how often do Auba and Laca make those runs?

        4. Martinelli is hungry and desperate to prove something, I don’t see that from Auba or Laca anymore.

        Tierney has a fight for his spot, too bad Auba isn’t fighting Martinelli for his.

  6. Martinelli is both a natural finisher and an extremely hard worker. Surely the two traits you need as a CF.
    What’s difficult about finding a place in our starting X1 for a player with these qualities?
    I know our manager shows loyalty to those he favours- which is admirable to an extent- but our results in the short term, and our ability to attract and integrate younger players over the coming years must be our management’s top priority, surely? And in my opinion we are wasting Martinelli. The lads patience will only last so long….

    1. MA only favors the players he bought to the club and players he brought into the team(saka,esr). ESR, AUBA, SAKA as front three shouldn’t be untouchable, they are not worldbitters are the moment. He should rotate more MARTINELI, LACAZETTE, PEPE are more than capable to challenge them. There should be more competition in the team. He stick with underperforming WILIAN for several months last season because he was the one that sign him, despite PEPE’S form in Europe and PEPE scored 10epl goals and 6europa goals, WILLIAN has only 1goal all season. Now he is prefering the young NUNO TAVARES ahead of the ever reliable TIERNEY…. come the end of the season I am not sure we will near the top4 with decisions like this. ARTETA IS BEAN BIAS IN HIS SELECTION

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